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Opening of a new Japanese message boardinfo05-23-05  10:53 pm
I really need help with a tattoo, please help meAngel05-25-05  07:09 am
Translation to RomajiJenni117 05-25-05  01:29 am
How do you write the japanese word angel in english?JENNIFER FIELDS27 05-24-05  04:53 pm
Need kanji from these pictures!Ken05-24-05  04:41 pm
Searching for kanji symbolsAnonymous87 05-24-05  04:19 pm
Japanese alphabet bisTymeup469152 05-24-05  04:07 pm
Sorry, but I need some help.0o05-23-05  11:18 pm
Please translate this romaji to english.Drew M.15 05-23-05  10:33 pm
Romanji to English song translationMaya05-23-05  03:40 pm
Another Translation RequestAnonymous05-23-05  01:03 pm
Help deciphering Japanese charactersPeter S21 05-23-05  10:55 am
Japanese Chat Roomsinuyasha_ fan54 05-23-05  02:10 am
Help with verbs please!Anonymous05-23-05  02:07 am
Need help!!! to translate a word somone help me....inuyasha kagome05-23-05  01:58 am
Help with JapaneseAnonymous05-22-05  09:06 pm
Love symbolsAnonymous142 05-22-05  08:29 pm
Juste a beginnerJ5 Student hint~133705-22-05  12:54 am
Imasu arimasu desuJ5 Student hint~133705-22-05  12:46 am
What is..J5 Student hint~133705-22-05  12:33 am
Two word translations, won't take long please please helpnoooooooooobody05-22-05  12:14 am
How to write my name in JapaneseAnonymous107 05-21-05  07:59 pm
Happy birthday? please help!Jeanette Schofield28 05-21-05  02:23 pm
Japanese symbols???? bisRobyn Flowers161 05-20-05  10:42 am
Help me please, finding the japanese characterscharlenepeters22 05-19-05  06:52 pm
Need japanese symbols for "goodbye and goodluck"chad60 05-19-05  06:37 am
How say "i love you" ?? bisAnonymous59 05-18-05  09:19 pm
Use of "issen" and "jut" in large numbersHoward Bartel05-18-05  03:39 pm
Writing Japanese name in Japaneseelysia louise49 05-18-05  03:01 pm
Need to know what my name means!!!qefdg05-18-05  02:28 pm
Online mock test web site, www.emanabu.comAnonymous05-18-05  04:19 am
Simpsons or somethingAnonymous05-17-05  07:23 am
What is the translation for "slipknot"Anonymous05-16-05  10:42 pm
My nickname in japaneseCassia Croce77 05-16-05  05:23 pm
Kimi o ai shiteru - translate this pls!!!heba wageih60 05-16-05  02:49 pm
Help about some words in the book "hagakure"batu05-16-05  03:49 am
How can "Usagi" mean two different things?Anonymous05-15-05  08:51 pm
TATOO, Are you sure you want Tatoo in Japanese?Meg14 05-15-05  03:19 pm
I need Help LearningAnonymous05-14-05  07:29 am
How to write my name in Japanese bisnaomij0353 05-13-05  11:20 am
"Ichigo ichie": Japanese characters for "one life, one encounter?"...Craig M.16 05-13-05  07:21 am
Translation for "kigen" Zone05-13-05  05:24 am
"Love Me" translation + symbolsLevi05-12-05  12:34 pm
Need Help Translating a Songmiki05-12-05  07:27 am
A little help?:-)...RobDsG05-12-05  04:18 am
English to romanji RobDsG05-12-05  02:47 am
Looking for particular kanjiRobDsG05-12-05  02:08 am
In DIRE need of translations or two phrases (Eng->Kanji)eutopia83 05-12-05  12:23 am
Please help me with a Romanji to English translation: the song "Kaz...Anonymous38 05-11-05  09:22 pm
Two Words -Need Symbols! =Dkllschulze05-11-05  04:24 am
Welcomemiyumi tamoto120 05-10-05  01:12 pm
Symbols bisAnonymous121 05-08-05  11:33 pm
How do you say...ANGELA31 05-08-05  01:19 pm
Traduction for words pleaseAnonymous111 05-07-05  05:14 pm
Translation of my nameKimberly Hasley05-07-05  08:26 am
Symboljenny05-06-05  11:49 am
Traduction for two words bisnathalie30 05-06-05  06:22 am
Babies namesDoug West65 05-04-05  10:20 pm
Tattoo plz help bisAnonymous140 05-04-05  01:10 pm
Japanese translationRich05-02-05  10:31 am
Wedding bands Chaos and orderdarkpineapple05-01-05  08:32 pm
English to romanji/hiraganamiki04-29-05  08:21 pm
Could somebody please translate these lyrics?~swtc8k04-29-05  07:43 pm
Haya-kuchi kotobajonathon marlow12 04-29-05  03:59 pm
I need a symbol pleaseJessica32 04-27-05  04:48 pm
Help with a clip in Japanese from 2046T04-27-05  05:59 am
Symbol for Child or Son Or BoyCollin04-27-05  12:41 am
Translation of names - Chinese to RomanjiKaede-chan04-26-05  07:38 pm
PLEASE !!!! REALLY REALLY NEED THIS PLEASE!!!! bisjim lamarche34 04-26-05  02:41 pm
Japanese Charactersblah blah blah10226 04-26-05  11:05 am
KaligraphyAnonymous13 04-26-05  06:36 am
HELP HELP HELP HELP PLEASEmiki04-26-05  04:40 am
MATJLAV!!!!!Anonymous04-25-05  07:34 pm
Symbol for "harmony" and "eternity"heknowswatyouknow21 04-25-05  03:50 pm
Paid express translation service (English<->Japanese)Thesmithsgirl0904-25-05  03:38 pm
LEARN JAPANESE ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE!LanguageBug04-25-05  03:06 pm
Help meSig04-25-05  12:33 pm
I need to know the Japanese character for wind or breezeJanet quan10 04-25-05  02:38 am
Power and Energy SymbolsAnonymous04-24-05  11:23 am
I need the character for "sexy"!!!!! bisAnonymous16 04-24-05  06:10 am
"MishohLyonne" - can you translate the characters ASAP???wingwing^^04-23-05  03:03 pm
Symbol for "torii"mike rodriguez04-23-05  09:49 am
My site might be helpful for you to learn basic Japanese.gumi04-23-05  03:34 am
Plastic TreeSarah_Died04-21-05  10:48 pm
Learn Japanese through RPGsmyopia04-21-05  05:10 pm
Help translateapples04-21-05  03:49 pm
Help with translation please miki04-21-05  06:24 am
Watashi or Boku?mizer04-21-05  02:41 am
Question on writing a word bissonia 50 04-20-05  06:09 am
Can someone show me how to write my name in characters?SarahDied04-19-05  05:16 pm
How to say my name in japaneseDuCkI3 Diethel10 04-19-05  04:26 pm
Translate lyrics to english..^^;DuCkI3 Diethel04-19-05  04:19 pm
Characters for "Ice" and "Fire"miki04-18-05  01:16 am
Help with this notemiki04-18-05  01:06 am
So Nice place to get what you wantosamu xiii04-16-05  08:35 pm
Hello...PLEASE click linkAnonymous04-16-05  02:12 pm
Hmm... Not a "translation" question.miki04-15-05  10:28 pm
Need a translationMichaela63 04-14-05  07:53 pm
Japanese nameAnonymous04-14-05  08:29 am
Grammer checkAnonymous04-14-05  01:11 am
A new free japanese learning website.Anonymous04-13-05  08:12 pm
What are the characters for hate, good, evil, power, sex, ultimate,...Anonymous04-12-05  02:27 pm
Translation bisAnonymous69 04-12-05  11:47 am
Someone sent me a msg in japanese and i don't understand...hope its...Anonymous04-12-05  08:33 am
Would you help?Anonymous04-12-05  02:49 am
Romanji to english ; ;lost04-11-05  09:08 pm
English to Romanji translation needed!Anonymous66 04-11-05  03:12 pm
Translation to romanji ^^Anonymous04-08-05  08:32 pm
Name translation and symbol for tattoonatashajones20 04-06-05  09:32 am
Japanes Characters for "Erotic"Mike04-06-05  05:59 am
I would like to know how to say my name in Japanese.rachel shaw19 04-05-05  08:55 am
School assignmentAnonymous04-04-05  09:40 pm
Need a translationAnonymous04-04-05  07:43 pm
Could someone translate this for me?Siya04-04-05  03:02 am
Please can you translate for me ...........Temrin04-02-05  02:54 pm
"No More Regrets" translatedAnonymous04-02-05  12:41 pm
Translation...Anonymous03-31-05  01:29 pm
Can someone tell me how to write, 'the final' plz?Anonymous03-30-05  09:37 pm
Need a correct translationAnonymous03-30-05  08:35 pm
Weird Kanji, didn't find itdin03-30-05  08:05 pm
Need help with a few words/phrases bisdante72 03-30-05  04:52 am
I would like to see a picture of the character 'dance'Anonymous12 03-28-05  10:06 pm
Someone help plzTorin03-28-05  08:20 pm
Need Japanese symbols BAD!!!Rashad Eaglin03-27-05  03:03 pm
Need translator recommendationDave T.03-26-05  10:18 am
Looking for translation for a tattoonathan03-26-05  12:33 am
Helpth03-23-05  04:00 pm
"Abe-no;" what does it mean?Nightmare03-23-05  06:51 am
How to use chan, kun, and san?Cameron Fenner03-23-05  12:49 am
I NEED SERIOUS HELP!Andreas &Aring;kerho34 03-22-05  08:10 am
Jimmy Neutron's Intellectual AdventureDerek a.03-21-05  07:55 pm
Okidoki????Kohikari03-21-05  02:11 am
TranslationKohikari03-21-05  02:05 am
Romanji to english Help! ;(Kohikari03-21-05  02:02 am
Translationmissy1930 03-20-05  06:50 pm
Can some one tell me what the words for all the elements in Japanes...Anonymous03-20-05  12:45 pm
Scroll for Reiki HealingAmandaC03-20-05  09:58 am
Can someone translate my name into KanjiLuka Yelnia03-20-05  01:04 am
Please Help-translate to romanjiRivikaNK84 03-19-05  10:25 pm
Translating "Minamoto Yoritomo"Anonymous03-19-05  07:55 pm
Japanese Name? bisJennifer10 03-19-05  03:20 pm
How to say my name in japanesekeshi head03-19-05  12:51 pm
Looking for characters....Jono28 03-19-05  01:09 am
Wedding, union.Taylor23 03-18-05  04:52 pm
Looking for 2 charatersShain Mayer03-18-05  02:03 pm
Help English to Japanese Romaji Anonymous03-18-05  01:48 pm
symbol for Samurai chu23 03-18-05  09:55 am
2 symbol translation neededRoDnSuE03-17-05  08:30 pm
Please! I really need the japanese symbol for strum / playing an in...Samantha03-17-05  06:34 am
Eternal LoveKaya03-16-05  05:24 pm
Japanese charactersConnie Willaims03-16-05  03:29 pm
Anybody up late?Anonymous03-16-05  11:10 am
Japanese Name help : KibouAnonymous03-16-05  07:20 am
Need Helpyamsham03-15-05  08:40 am
Translate this bisPhoenixJB03-15-05  12:27 am
HELP ME ! I NEED TO KNOW HOW WE CAN SAY IN JAPANESEHamel Malde16 03-14-05  12:38 pm
Question (not translations)Chisama Osaki03-14-05  11:54 am
Learning Japanesesame as above03-14-05  11:52 am
I NEED A TRANSLATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anonymous03-14-05  03:37 am
*sighs*Donavin03-13-05  02:10 pm
Need translation@_@ghost10 03-13-05  01:01 pm
Could anyone translate this Kanji name into Romaji please?Tobias Pettersson03-13-05  08:40 am
Something I heard, wonder what it might mean.Nordic Mom03-12-05  01:23 pm
Sword inscription...help!Anonymous03-12-05  08:44 am
How do i sayAnonymous03-12-05  02:09 am
Need Symbols + Tattoo QuestionSheri Delise03-12-05  01:57 am
Need help with kanjijamie03-11-05  01:45 pm
Symbols for the Elements.Anonymous36 03-11-05  01:33 am
I really need to know the symbols and charecters!!! asapJASON BOST15 03-10-05  05:58 pm
Kanji character for hopeAnonymous03-10-05  01:47 pm
Need to know what this saysCandi Harper03-09-05  03:03 pm
Please, how do you write my name in japanese Anonymous03-09-05  12:21 pm
Calligraphic Symbol for "Desu"Der Skrpion03-08-05  01:20 pm
Symbol for StrengthAnonymous12 03-08-05  08:09 am
HELP!!!Anonymous03-08-05  07:03 am
Kanji translationC.J.03-07-05  11:26 am
New Tattoo...Anonymous03-07-05  06:32 am
Romaji helpAnonymous03-06-05  09:48 pm
My IME won't do what I want it to do...Anonymous03-06-05  07:16 am
Symbol for eternity PLZ?watashi14 03-05-05  09:03 am
Traduct 1 word please : kurotoAlexandre Mercier03-04-05  09:01 am
Help, please!Willa Glesener03-03-05  01:51 pm
What does this symbol mean....Anonymous03-03-05  10:49 am
"beautiful soul"Rachel03-02-05  07:38 pm
I'm in despirate need of the Characters (Kanji and Hiragana) for "M...Rose M.03-02-05  03:35 pm
Japanese to Romanji (and English) translation for Happy End album "...Sarai03-02-05  07:28 am
Can someone tell me what this means?johnathanloh03-02-05  06:03 am
Roomanji EquivelentSteve03-01-05  04:46 pm
English sentence to HiraganaLLum03-01-05  12:14 pm
Double language barrier: help with romaji->englishjap stude02-28-05  10:30 pm
NEED THE TRANSLATION ON THIS!!!!!giesha-girl-9124 02-24-05  09:54 pm
Help to translate. Please and thank you.Anonymous02-24-05  12:37 pm
Hiragana-romaji translation/translatorAnonymous02-21-05  07:26 pm
DonorAnonymous02-20-05  01:01 pm
Name TranslationAnonymous02-20-05  11:33 am
To those looking to learn the Japanese alphabetsKnuckles02-19-05  06:45 pm
What are the japanese symbols for...cheryl kay02-19-05  08:12 am
Help TranslateAnonymous02-19-05  08:02 am
Phrase translation and FFX translation...alistayre02-18-05  11:24 pm
Help me talk in japanesebrandyduran20 02-18-05  10:35 pm
Daikenkai translationConrad02-18-05  06:27 am
Onna heiki?Tracy02-16-05  11:39 pm
How is "metal gear solid" written in japanese?din02-16-05  07:39 pm
Konbanwa, watashi wa Dan.din02-16-05  07:27 pm
Translation informationLinda02-16-05  09:56 am
Prounounce japanese wordsSascha .02-16-05  09:23 am
Need symbols for the words "Thank You"Anonymous02-15-05  04:57 pm
Japanese Word for "Preventative Fix by Engineering"Christopher Veilleux02-15-05  07:08 am
Help translating names english to kanjiAnonymous02-14-05  12:29 pm
Learn Chinese from Japanese?Anonymous02-13-05  11:13 am
Sell out in japaneseAnonymous02-13-05  01:05 am
Hey, i was just wondering....Anonymous02-11-05  11:49 pm
Need character translation for...Anonymous02-11-05  11:48 pm
Needed for tattoo: Kanji translation for my deceased friend's name...Anonymous02-11-05  11:42 pm
Watercolor Signature Translation, Can someone help me?Anonymous02-11-05  11:41 pm
Translation of symbols to EnglishKeyblade02-11-05  01:18 pm
How do you write the basic colours in romaji?Christie02-11-05  01:44 am
Different wrighting style.Roxanna02-09-05  12:51 pm
Wild goose chase?Anonymous02-08-05  01:23 pm
Symbol or word for "marathon"Anonymous02-08-05  11:32 am
URGENT Please help me find the PERFECT wordchris marshall02-08-05  11:04 am
Just need a little helpanthony02-07-05  06:00 pm
ShinsatoTY02-04-05  08:08 am
Name translationAnonymous25 02-03-05  06:12 pm
Classifiers for numbersKeyblade20 02-03-05  02:43 pm
Calligraphy RequestAnonymous02-03-05  09:39 am
What does this mean???Anonymous01-30-05  07:28 pm
"self-defence school" in japanese, please!Calvin01-30-05  06:47 pm
Translate a poemAnonymous01-29-05  08:58 am
Please tell me what destiny is in japanese!destinee01-27-05  07:52 pm
I need some help with the KANJI symbol for "strength", I am confus...CarlBechtold27 01-27-05  07:36 am
I need a kanji translatoion and a japanese name translationpoe01-26-05  05:51 pm
Could someone Please give me the kanji symbols for...annie connell01-26-05  04:51 pm
SamuraiAnonymous01-25-05  10:25 pm
Need Kanji Translationpoe01-25-05  03:19 pm
Useful Japanese study page re: kanjiAnonymous01-25-05  09:52 am
Name my puppies!Danni01-24-05  05:00 pm
I need translation for this pleaseJosh0701-24-05  08:48 am
聖者であるか. 否、私は罪人である An idea for a tattooAnonymous01-24-05  08:12 am
Tattoo in Japenese saying ANDREWRebecca G01-24-05  02:57 am
Would like some short phrases translated into JapaneseAnonymous01-22-05  10:46 am
Looking for japanese friendsGetho Delva01-22-05  07:48 am
Help! Please hurry!!!A pass-by HKer10 01-22-05  04:17 am
Can someone translate this into romanji?din01-21-05  09:26 am
Need some symbols pleasejeannereynen21 01-21-05  06:28 am
Please help >_<Anonymous01-20-05  10:37 pm
Translation pleaseAnonymous01-19-05  08:42 am
Please translate "I grew up in South Africa"Francois01-18-05  12:37 am
Translation pleaseVal-chan01-15-05  01:38 pm
Need help from someone who can speak JapaneseDave From Downunder01-13-05  03:17 am
Suzukiいちばん いちご01-12-05  04:53 am
I need help with a simple sentence.いちばん いちご01-12-05  04:39 am
Japanese Writing Helpphil12 01-07-05  04:54 pm
If you want to learn nihongo from basicsAnonymous01-05-05  09:12 pm
How do u say "if only you knew" in japanese?Mario F.01-05-05  08:31 pm
Help! Urgent.Anonymous01-05-05  08:12 pm
Romanji to English translationkiti01-05-05  03:29 am
I、あるオスのjapanese猫を捜すcanadianである。Chanthony01-04-05  07:51 am
Please ,warrior/warrior soulSnaps Founder01-03-05  11:46 pm
Name translationAnonymous12 01-03-05  12:23 pm
Tattoo help, please?Raven01-02-05  10:26 pm
I need help on three different japanese characters? love, faith, hope.neko12-30-04  09:47 pm
English to romanji please help ^^waterfall12-29-04  10:23 pm
Japanese spell of TsunamiKeith12-29-04  12:51 am
Free Japanese classes onlineMike Gushi12-27-04  09:27 pm
Need a japaneses characterAnonymous33 12-27-04  08:51 pm
I need the Japanese symbol for SamuriAnonymous12-27-04  11:44 am
Konnichi wa:-) I need help with a project....Morten12-26-04  05:48 am
Please help with translationKelvin Yeung12-25-04  12:32 pm
Help: translation request from Italy!chibi12-23-04  10:55 pm
I need translations for a Japanese Slot Machine that I boughtuco12-22-04  10:43 am
Kanji for grace?ファジー猿12-22-04  05:59 am
Need inofrmation on Textbook: GenkiAnonymous12-22-04  01:48 am
Help me please Anonymous23 12-21-04  01:06 am
Carpe Diem ??Carol C.12-19-04  08:46 pm
Could someone tell me about the omission of pronouns in Japanese?Anonymous12-19-04  01:56 pm
Do people speak engilsh in Japanese Highschools?chibi12-18-04  04:00 am
Charachter for "patient"chibi12-18-04  03:51 am
Traduction 1 word pleaseRaghu12-14-04  12:10 pm
Help me !!!URGENT!!!Zoom Rica12-10-04  05:20 am
Some jap helpYuriko12-10-04  02:58 am
Vertical vs Horizonal writingYuriko12-10-04  02:50 am
Japanese productAnonymous12-09-04  09:09 pm
I love youAnonymous23 12-09-04  12:11 pm
Translation helpAnonymous16 12-09-04  11:57 am
Translation help?Anonymous12-09-04  06:02 am
GraceAnonymous12-08-04  07:36 pm
Common PhrasesAnonymous12-07-04  10:59 pm
MY NAME IN JAPANESEAnonymous12-07-04  10:56 pm
What does Hagane mean?Chuck C12-07-04  06:53 pm
Trans for tattooHannah22 12-07-04  07:23 am
Honor, love, believe, light I need in kanji Anonymous12-07-04  02:05 am
Romanji to English help neededChuckColeman12-06-04  08:42 pm
Need translationchin12-06-04  07:56 pm
Poor Translation of a haiku.Anonymous12-06-04  06:28 pm
Translation for Japanese ArmourChip Collins12-06-04  09:23 am
Elusive symbolapcordry@sbcglobal.n12-05-04  02:10 pm
I need to know the Japanese characters for a few words 2Anonymous12-05-04  12:24 pm
Could someone please tell me what this symbol means?japanese12-05-04  12:02 pm
Name help!Slade12-04-04  07:56 am
Please help translating to Romanji - "talker bird"Anonymous12-03-04  11:57 pm
Need a translation into japanese characters please...guythatsits12-02-04  01:30 pm
Translate "Tenshi Yoi"R. van Ginneken12-02-04  05:44 am
Need to know how to say "blacksmith"in Japanese, please!GirlyEd12-01-04  07:33 pm
I need your helpAnonymous12-01-04  03:01 am
The kanji symbol for 'faith'?Neko11-29-04  09:19 pm
I need a characterThe Duke15 11-28-04  03:33 pm
Characters for "patient" pleaseAnonymous11-28-04  12:31 pm
Translation pleaseAnonymous11-28-04  11:39 am
I need romanji help...please,I'm trying to write a song in Japanese...Non-English speaker11-27-04  12:30 am
Help needed with a simple phrase in kanjiファジー猿11-25-04  10:14 pm
Can someone be kind enough to help me translate a wordファジー猿11-25-04  10:11 pm
Fire wind water earth lifeAnonymous11-24-04  07:51 pm
English to romanjiAnonymous11-23-04  08:12 pm
Name TraslationLangie11-23-04  02:30 am
Need to know website, where i can get japenese name symbolsKGriffiths11-22-04  12:22 pm
Simple japanese phrasesAnonymous11-21-04  04:07 pm
Help with translation pleaseBobby11-20-04  07:46 pm
Help megimmy sue17 11-20-04  07:23 pm
Romanji to english please?Caelque11-19-04  07:51 pm
Don't Forget MeAnonymous11-19-04  12:50 pm
Translation Please!!Anonymous11-16-04  03:25 pm
How do you translate this into japaneseAnonymous11-16-04  08:38 am
Please help meKristie11-15-04  09:17 pm
Help me translate...Anonymous11-15-04  01:53 pm
Help me get better pleaseAnonymous11-14-04  05:17 pm
Can anyone help me write a Japanese letter?Anonymous11-11-04  01:07 pm
For ppl that can read Jap so they help out ppl that can't!john a fox11-11-04  12:13 pm
THE ACTION DESIGNER - translate and how to pronounce. Please help!Morten Torgersen11-09-04  02:04 pm
Requesting SymbolsMortland11-06-04  06:00 pm
Translation helpSturm11-06-04  07:29 am
Phrase translationファジー猿11-05-04  09:01 pm
Why do Japanese always use "~" on the computer?Anonymous11-05-04  02:26 pm
Names...Anonymous11-05-04  09:50 am
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ななです〜よろしくなな10-22-04  09:31 am
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Need to know the ACURRATE japenese symbols for fire, snow, trust, a...Anonymous17 10-20-04  03:39 pm
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How do you say "Can't talk right now" in japanese?Anonymous10-15-04  01:36 am
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Japanese Birthday CardsAnonymous10-12-04  01:24 am
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Not to be rude, but i need this urgentlyAnonymous10-11-04  06:52 am
Question about foreign name translation (or, is this correct?)Traeonna11 10-10-04  05:39 pm
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?!?!?!?!?!Anonymous10-09-04  01:04 pm
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If U want to learn nihongo from basics,Anonymous10-06-04  07:21 am
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Can someone tell me what these mean and if any chance give me the k...Anonymous10-05-04  04:17 pm
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Help me get japanese symbols for my tattoo please.Anonymous10-05-04  02:01 am
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Can somebody tell me what this Kanji symbols mean?病躯 トロール10-04-04  04:13 am
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WHAT DOES THIS SENTENCE MEAN?! ちょうど傾üの従節ちょうど傾üの従節10-03-04  03:21 am
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Jap word(s) for baseball card?Anonymous10-02-04  12:38 am
How to write the "jay" (J) in Katakana?FERDINAND10-01-04  10:31 pm
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Some European names in HiraganaAnonymous11 09-23-04  07:07 pm
I need to know Kylie or KNA Anonymous09-23-04  11:49 am
How do you write "Honda Performance" in Japanese Characters?Anonymous10 09-23-04  11:47 am
Is that Sentence correct ?Anonymous09-23-04  11:43 am
Please help me translate it... Anonymous09-23-04  11:37 am
Need help... romaji translation. urgent!Anonymous09-23-04  11:28 am
I need the Japanese Symbol for "Surfer" pleaseAnonymous09-22-04  06:00 pm
AlphabetAnonymous09-22-04  02:06 pm
Plz help me to translate this !Anonymous09-22-04  08:51 am
Obscure word?Anonymous09-20-04  11:38 pm
I really need this info!!Anonymous09-20-04  10:15 pm
Can someone translate my chinese name into japanese?Anonymous09-20-04  03:23 pm
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Define: "sempai". Also...Secret Agent Exposer10 09-20-04  09:36 am
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Question on writting a word
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Matjlav101 09-18-04  09:27 am
Japanese Name ?
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Matjlav102 09-18-04  09:18 am
Symbol for waterMatjlav09-18-04  09:11 am
Song Title Translations PleaseMatjlav09-18-04  09:08 am
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Wind directions, is this correct?Anonymous08-26-04  03:29 am
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Translation: tabibito no utaLiluye Paipai08-24-04  01:37 pm
Love the life you liveMatjlav08-24-04  08:47 am
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JAPANESE HELP PLEASEAnonymous08-21-04  11:29 pm
HELP PLEASE ! :-(...Matjlav08-20-04  02:01 pm
I need Jap charachters for a few word please help!!!!Matjlav11 08-20-04  01:53 pm
Tell me if om wrong.info08-20-04  06:32 am
Ineed helpAnonymous08-19-04  03:48 pm
Name in kanjiMatjlav08-18-04  09:46 am
"NO"Anonymous08-15-04  06:49 pm
Pic symbolsAdriana08-14-04  01:17 pm
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Hey. could i get some help?Anonymous08-11-04  12:07 pm
Japan2day.netMike Admin08-10-04  08:44 am
I know searching would be sensible but it's making my brain spinAnonymous08-08-04  05:36 pm
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Japanese Symbols for "No Regrets" PLZMatjlav08-04-04  08:24 am
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Anyone please helpMatjlav08-03-04  11:01 am
'I learn only to be content'lori s08-03-04  10:52 am
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Can some one help me?Matjlav07-23-04  07:55 pm
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Need translated ASAP for my site!Anonymous07-19-04  07:57 am
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Simple English to Japanese translation for school projectAnonymous71 07-18-04  11:52 pm
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How do you say...?Matjlav23 07-16-04  06:16 pm
Just wondering (name translation)anboo07-16-04  01:57 pm
REALLY QUICKLY, 5 MINUTES REMAININGMatjlav07-15-04  11:01 am
Japanese for "uncle"Matjlav07-14-04  10:30 am
Countries in Japanese Character FontMatjlav11 07-13-04  04:00 pm
Can someone write Misty for me plzzzzz! =)Ms. Anon07-13-04  03:33 pm
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The Japanese symbol for icemisty07-11-04  05:34 pm
Need translation for "military unit"Anonymous07-11-04  06:36 am
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Poemmieko07-09-04  12:06 pm
Help plzMatjlav07-08-04  03:24 pm
Like the WillowMs. Anon07-08-04  03:21 pm
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Okinawa symbol? three comma mon?Ms. Anon07-05-04  10:54 pm
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Tekken 4 Yoshimitsu - need translationsMs. Anon07-03-04  11:57 pm
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Hi - I need some help translating what i think is a punAnonymous07-01-04  05:38 pm
Rose Vine --> japaneseDJ_diDjA10 06-30-04  10:05 pm
A phrase that I need to know please.Matjlav06-30-04  09:06 am
Converting .com to .co.jpbig goat06-30-04  07:31 am
Could sum1 tell me what's the difference between these? Please?Matjlav10 06-29-04  06:02 pm
A question: "ai shiterun"Matjlav06-29-04  05:45 pm
Can you translate these names?Matjlav06-29-04  05:42 pm
Need some help, guys.Matjlav06-29-04  05:36 pm
HOW DOES ONE TRANSLATE 'SIDEWAYS' or ....Ms. Anon06-28-04  10:58 pm
Is this Japanese?Anonymous06-27-04  02:27 pm
Japanese translationellvaa06-27-04  08:55 am
How do you post pics on this forum?Anonymous06-26-04  06:02 pm
What does it mean "和" ???Ms. Anon06-26-04  02:34 am
I need the character for "sexy"!!!!!
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Matjlav100 06-25-04  01:22 pm
Need help with a few words/phrases
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Matjlav100 06-24-04  10:20 pm
Question about a sentence.Matjlav12 06-24-04  07:18 pm
Please translate thisnancygadbois06-24-04  05:16 pm
Some informaion please...kelly06-24-04  10:29 am
Japanese symbols????
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Matjlav100 06-23-04  02:55 pm
Have an HOUR to find this out.Anonymous06-23-04  11:13 am
Translation HelpCMT06-23-04  09:49 am
Hi! A translation would be much appreciated!Ms. Anon06-23-04  09:04 am
Help with English to Japanese wordsMs. Anon16 06-23-04  09:00 am
Translation and a question!!!Anonymous12 06-22-04  10:21 am
Need this for a tatooMatjlav06-21-04  05:29 pm
I want a Japanese name.Anonymous06-21-04  02:31 pm
What type of japanese is this?Anonymous06-21-04  11:08 am
No Offense, But before you get help here....ruth perez06-21-04  09:20 am
Exchange students coming need helpMs. Anon06-20-04  01:42 am
Need a phrase for tattoo ?? "Open the enternal door"Anonymous19 06-20-04  12:24 am
2 translations pleaseSome Guy06-19-04  08:35 am
Not sure if this is a jap. symbol but...Ms. Anon06-19-04  02:21 am
Need a translation przMatjlav06-18-04  02:21 pm
2 wordsMatjlav16 06-18-04  02:17 pm
New Year Greetings..please helpAnonymous06-18-04  11:00 am
2 questionsAnonymous06-16-04  04:50 am
HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!schmoovept06-15-04  03:52 am
One character for the word "beautiful"Anonymous06-14-04  05:27 am
Need a translation, please!!Ms. Anon06-13-04  08:46 am
The japanese symbol for "FATE" or "DESTINY" please!!!Ms. Anon06-13-04  08:43 am
Please help me translate this message. Thanks.Anonymous06-12-04  07:08 pm
Symbol for t-shirtclarinetgirl06-12-04  07:05 pm
FatherMs. Anon06-12-04  01:34 am
Need help with KanjiMs. Anon06-12-04  01:27 am
Question about forming a "[blank] is [blank]."Noel Garcia19 06-12-04  12:24 am
Help translate romanji pleaseAnonymous06-11-04  02:03 pm
Kanji translation helpAnonymous06-11-04  01:42 pm
Japanese is tricky!Matjlav06-07-04  06:18 pm
Need to find somthing to translate english to japanes for writing l...Matjlav11 06-07-04  06:17 pm
I need symbols for caos and serenityMatjlav06-05-04  07:04 pm
Japanese or jibberish???Anonymous06-05-04  05:04 pm
Website with names listedwanda 06-03-04  06:09 pm
Hey how do u write ...in english letters..Ms. Anon06-03-04  08:41 am
This thread is closed. Please continue to PLEASE !!!! REALLY REALLY NEED THIS PLEASE!!!! bis
info114 06-02-04  10:07 pm
WHAT IS THE JAPANESE FOR THE FOLLOWING???Anonymous06-01-04  07:27 am
Question about names Koen05-31-04  11:20 pm
Katana Bladesmith name Nobuhiko05-31-04  08:05 pm
Japanese word for warAnonymous05-30-04  08:53 am
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Japanese translation for "creativity"Ms. Anon05-29-04  05:46 am
Advice on a tattoo for my daughter..The-Kid05-28-04  10:57 am
EA86AE8605-27-04  02:52 am
My name in Japanesechris charlery05-26-04  06:32 am
Name written in hiragana?..Anonymous05-25-04  11:40 pm
Trying to translate some mangas...Anonymous05-25-04  11:18 pm
"shiorashii"Ms. Anon05-25-04  09:44 pm
Umm, a little help? Anonymous05-25-04  12:03 am
How to write "Yonsei" in kanjiAnonymous05-24-04  11:47 pm
School ProjectAnonymous10 05-24-04  11:41 pm
'Mehari'Kasha Re05-24-04  10:28 pm
How do I write the wordAnonymous05-24-04  07:35 pm
Bonji symbolskat4gordon05-24-04  05:21 pm
Please I need to know this real BAD....dirtwasp105-24-04  09:23 am
I would like the Japanese Character for the word INDESTRUCTABLE pleaseLoui Demetriou05-24-04  08:52 am
TranslationBloodrin05-21-04  03:46 pm
Sweet kissesKentaro05-21-04  03:34 am
Translation of one word...Anonymous05-21-04  03:32 am
Trying to learn Japanese...Please helpAnonymous05-20-04  04:25 am
I need a romaji translation!Anonymous05-18-04  11:16 pm
Tattoo helpMs. Anon05-18-04  02:44 am
Japanese language learning softwareAnonymous05-17-04  11:55 pm
TranslationBloodrin05-17-04  05:14 pm
Sorry to bother everyone but....Ms. Anon05-17-04  05:01 pm
Japanese Learning BooksAnonymous05-16-04  05:53 pm
MLM In asia (japan)John Myrland05-16-04  02:07 pm
Japanese characters "Ruby" and "Weapon"Anonymous05-15-04  11:51 pm
Kanji written in successionsaiyanzzrage05-15-04  07:02 am
Anyone can read this?*Anonymous05-14-04  11:39 pm
Does it still work if i leave out a charaterocthrope05-12-04  02:02 pm
Please translate a word for me. Anonymous05-12-04  11:48 am
A few words from a song...Ms. Anon05-11-04  06:10 pm
A translation for businessAmanda05-11-04  06:19 am
Translation for Presentation Swordb3b3lu11 05-10-04  05:40 am
Help me!sorrel is not the gr05-10-04  01:58 am
Please show me the characters for Blood of LifeAnonymous05-08-04  06:12 pm
Need charaters for 2 words pain and loveTHERESA05-06-04  10:19 am
Katakana and Hiragana inputscherrypicco05-05-04  01:31 pm
Naming a historical itemTammy05-05-04  11:38 am
Please tell me how to translate in japaneseMatjlav05-04-04  04:33 pm
What is the symbol for demonMs. Anon05-04-04  01:16 am
Help in tanslation pleaseMs. Anon05-04-04  01:14 am
Using "Zo" ...help!Darci Phillips04-29-04  01:38 pm
Calligraphy Japanese font?Matjlav04-26-04  03:24 pm
To anyody whu can read japanese, and others whu want to noeMs. Anon04-25-04  11:46 pm
Translation to Kanji, pleaeDevon04-25-04  07:53 am
Need a Few Kanji Words Translated plzErik04-24-04  10:03 pm
How do i write "YOUR AWSOME!" in japanese??anonymous04-24-04  01:32 am
Need Japanese Symbols for Speed, Power, Quality, Reiliability, Perf...heather04-23-04  11:12 am
Grammar pointDeea04-23-04  10:02 am
HELP WITH TATTOOAnonymous04-23-04  08:51 am
Sarcasm: 皮肉表現B3b3lu04-22-04  01:51 am
'Sign It' in Japanese needed URGENTAde04-21-04  04:50 am
Can someone verify this for meMike12 04-19-04  07:47 am
Symbol for "daughter"Mendi Cummins04-18-04  06:02 pm
How do you say the name April in Japanese?Anonymous04-18-04  05:49 pm
Hey this forum is sweet, plz helpMatjlav04-17-04  05:04 pm
HELP PLEASE !!!Turtleman04-17-04  03:54 pm
Help please! chinese name in japaneseAnonymous04-16-04  09:36 pm
Need some characters please.Anonymous04-16-04  12:18 am
Please translate a character for meAnonymous04-16-04  12:12 am
Please why wont anyone here help me...........Anonymous04-14-04  08:07 pm
Does somebody know Kenshin Himura or Sanosuk?Mr. Say04-14-04  07:06 am
Nemuranaideecho04-13-04  10:52 pm
Me and my classmates need to know our names in japaneseAnonymous04-11-04  08:42 pm
Please help!Anonymous04-10-04  10:44 pm
I need a couple more translationsAnonymous04-09-04  07:55 am
Translation help neededAnonymous04-09-04  07:54 am
Pronouncing a nameAnonymous04-08-04  12:25 pm
DrumsAnonymous04-08-04  05:10 am
Advice on a good character plz helpSadako04-08-04  04:26 am
Single character for "faith"Michelle Jones04-07-04  11:27 am
Please helpAnonymous04-06-04  08:38 am
Will kanji still make sense without katakanaAnonymous04-05-04  05:27 pm
Lust in KanjiJanelle04-04-04  03:10 pm
Appreciate any help Anonymous04-03-04  06:17 pm
An e-mail...smokey04-02-04  08:17 am
Please helpaliruok04-02-04  06:52 am
Please help wit a translation smokey04-02-04  06:50 am
Can someone translate this?spherical_x04-01-04  06:57 am
Happy birthdayAisha03-31-04  02:48 pm
Strength or DeterminationAnonymous03-31-04  09:41 am
How do you say... Di Kalweit03-30-04  07:06 pm
My site may be helpful for beginnersAnonymous03-29-04  08:56 pm
How to say...Rashard Smith03-29-04  07:20 am
Whats thisAnonymous03-25-04  08:20 am
Can you help me!!Faith03-24-04  02:42 am
What does "yokatta" mean?Anonymous19 03-22-04  07:58 pm
Name in JapaneseJenni03-20-04  01:38 pm
TraductionRaydawn Tilley03-16-04  04:33 am
Is this Japanese? If so what does it say?matt mccaslin03-15-04  05:09 pm
I need the charcters for some words pleaseKristy Teal03-14-04  05:57 pm
"Twin Flame" or "Twin Flames"Anonymous03-14-04  02:15 pm
Translation to english please :-)...Anonymous03-13-04  05:37 pm
Need help???03-13-04  04:47 pm
Need a translation for a tattooHELP03-13-04  04:28 pm
Help me translate plzgraverunner03-11-04  03:15 pm
English word to Kanji. Please need help.Anonymous03-11-04  02:18 pm
PleaseAnonymous03-11-04  01:48 am
Help with translating WW2 Caricatureshamun03-10-04  11:02 pm
Help...please translate in nihongo~Xiao A~11 03-08-04  05:43 am
HI I NEED YOUR HELP PLZZZZZZZZZZggreeeeee03-07-04  04:20 pm
Kanji Charactersmego man14 03-07-04  04:12 pm
HELP!!!HELP03-07-04  03:45 pm
Please helpAnonymous03-06-04  12:07 am
Kokuted walkey03-04-04  09:38 pm
Bee and PrideAnonymous03-03-04  04:06 pm
Symbol for "Sensei"cweave0203-03-04  10:02 am
Translation of the word SPORTZONEAnonymous02-29-04  02:58 pm
Need help in translating name to japanese character!Anonymous02-29-04  04:31 am
NEED HELP!!!!!HELP!!!02-28-04  02:07 pm
Can anybody translate this?info02-26-04  10:07 pm
Translation help needed.Anonymous02-26-04  07:28 am
Please Identify These TattoosAndrea02-25-04  11:33 am
TranslationAnonymous02-23-04  06:18 pm
Another translation^.^Emerald02-19-04  10:12 pm
Tattoo plz help
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Ichikawa101 02-19-04  09:08 pm
Traduction for two words
Being too long, this subtopic is close. Please go to Traduction for two words bis to continue.
info106 02-19-04  09:01 pm
How say "i love you" ??
Being too long, this subtopic is close. Please go to How say "i love you" ?? bis to continue.
info106 02-19-04  08:50 pm
Being too long, this subtopic is close. Please go to Symbols bis to continue.
info108 02-19-04  08:31 pm
Can someone help me please?????Debbie Conley02-18-04  09:54 pm
Just Some fast trans of words pleaseholly02-18-04  04:53 pm
Looking for characters of Misery, agonyellen holfeld02-18-04  03:03 pm
しゅみAnonymous02-18-04  01:22 pm
Name transulation tried to find on my own and been seerching for hoursSteven Spikes02-15-04  10:24 am
Tattoo Characters - Hope & PeaceJoanna Beastall02-14-04  09:17 am
Translate to english anyone?Anonymous02-13-04  08:24 pm
Irregular kanji?Naka02-11-04  04:57 am
Another english-speaker seeking helpAnonymous02-11-04  03:39 am
How can I say..."little dream" and "little flower"?Ryuusei02-10-04  10:15 pm
You demoNaka02-10-04  04:21 am
Good sites to start to learn Japanese? Anonymous02-09-04  09:10 pm
One more question please...........................Naka02-09-04  04:29 pm
NumbersAnonymous02-09-04  02:17 pm
Could someone help me please................Naka02-09-04  03:26 am
Need something translated from english to japaneseAnonymous02-09-04  02:11 am
What this mean?Gorochan02-08-04  10:56 am
YosaNaka02-08-04  12:10 am
"mobile" in japaneseAnonymous02-07-04  09:57 pm
Kanji needed for mangaAnonymous02-07-04  09:24 pm
Sabijiko Biirugrossepointeuk02-07-04  05:11 pm
Definition of a word.. Hmm, help?lindsey02-07-04  01:09 pm
What would "owl" be in Romanji?Ayane Ryuuza02-05-04  06:33 pm
The U and the INaka02-05-04  04:00 am
Japanese proverbNaka02-05-04  03:53 am
Can some1 please help me???Anonymous02-05-04  01:08 am
PLEASE help translate this for me XDD!>?!>!Aleric02-03-04  05:55 pm
A symbol bishannah02-03-04  12:30 pm
My nameAnonymous02-02-04  05:39 am
Verification Requestinfo01-31-04  08:35 am
Kanji characters for "eternal love"info01-31-04  08:30 am
How to say my ScreenameAnonymous01-30-04  05:04 pm
2 Questions?Anonymous01-30-04  04:58 pm
Please!!! A desparately needed translation!Anonymous01-29-04  02:30 am
Help me, pleaseamanda fay bieber01-27-04  03:25 pm
Translating a letter..jennifer grafton01-25-04  09:50 pm
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Ichikawa108 01-25-04  03:41 am
Help translating a certain phraseJarvs01-18-04  04:40 pm
Please show me theJapanese character for th word TRUTH, pleasedd01-15-04  04:13 pm
Need help translating a japanese song..Anonymous01-14-04  10:23 pm
Learn Japanese onlineEelco01-13-04  11:55 pm
"Diego" in Japanesediego01-12-04  10:37 pm
Translation PlsSilentluv01-12-04  01:14 am
MARU ???Hendrik Demmer01-11-04  05:04 pm
"the man who walks alone" in kanjiuri01-11-04  04:13 am
My name in Kanji or Katakana?uri01-11-04  03:49 am
Whats my name in Japanese??uri01-11-04  01:16 am
Meaning of "lei" and "me"info12 01-11-04  12:50 am
Follow your destinyrhd01-10-04  02:15 pm
Translation requestAnonymous01-07-04  12:36 pm
I need help translating this!!!!!!!!!Matjlav01-06-04  02:19 pm
Help please!32key01-05-04  06:52 pm
"kimi" written in katakana bis2Matjlav11 01-04-04  02:52 pm
Please Help Translate This WAVLee01-04-04  03:03 am
Need help with translationMatjlav01-03-04  08:56 am
Phrase translationMatjlav24 01-02-04  06:42 pm
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicleinfo01-02-04  05:49 am
Please translateAnonymous12-30-03  12:27 am
I need to know the Japanese characters for a few words
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Kevin sumrall106 12-23-03  04:12 pm
Love is PainAnonymous12-16-03  03:37 am
Kanji smbolMr. Anonymous12-15-03  05:07 am
Character help...info12-14-03  09:39 am
How do you write G.M.S.K.E.EMatjlav12-13-03  01:43 pm
Help me!!1 Please!!1Matjlav12-13-03  01:40 pm
Need characters for Matjlav12-13-03  01:37 pm
Bonji understanding/ libraryalex empty kara12-12-03  10:13 pm
Ganmi kanji * Pls helpMr. Anonymous12-11-03  01:59 pm
Allow me to introduce myself...Matthew McDevitt12-11-03  01:28 pm
Translation for a gift !Anonymous12-11-03  05:51 am
Writing japanese vertically Rachel Fordyce 20 12-09-03  11:35 am
Please help me learn the languagesanda12-06-03  06:18 pm
Help please, I am still confused about the Kanji character for the ...booty164112-02-03  03:09 pm
How to write the names of my sons?gordan12-02-03  05:27 am
Learning Japanese songsMr. Anonymous12-01-03  10:37 am
How do you say and write.........?Mr. Anonymous12-01-03  10:27 am
Huh Plz help meMr. Anonymous12-01-03  10:03 am
Torii Gate questionRichard Malloy12-01-03  04:31 am
Numbers.....please helpSteve Wentzel10 11-28-03  01:48 pm
Kanji please Dino Gilley11-28-03  09:21 am
Teaching English in Japaninfo11-27-03  09:49 pm
Video Clip translation - can you help?info16 11-27-03  09:04 am
How do you say and write.........?Mark11-25-03  05:14 pm
Name in an Ideogram?stephanie haye11-24-03  01:11 pm
Help me with Japanese Proverbs about loveAnonymous11-22-03  01:08 am
Hello!Anonymous11-20-03  11:17 am
How do you say...Helen11-19-03  07:23 am
Phrase translation please.Laura11-18-03  04:54 pm
Translate "No Problems" in japanese pleaseAnonymous11-17-03  12:13 pm
Hobby / passionAnonymous11-16-03  10:57 pm
4 wordsOmni11-16-03  03:21 pm
Um...could someone help me?Anonymous11-16-03  09:59 am
Need A Few Thingz PlzMatjlav11-15-03  05:09 pm
My sensei is leavingMr. Anonymous11-14-03  08:38 am
Need Help with TranslationMr. Anonymous11-11-03  10:46 am
Learning with manga.Mr. Anonymous11-11-03  10:45 am
Can someone please help me with some japanese characters?Pedro Ferreras11-10-03  12:12 pm
What does this mean?Mr. Anonymous11-05-03  09:43 am
Looking for online teacher of JapaneseAnonymous11-05-03  07:05 am
I NEED HELP DKDRAGON11-04-03  01:41 pm
Double verb construction...Mr. Anonymous12 11-03-03  07:28 am
Difference?Mr. Anonymous11-03-03  07:15 am
Translation for art becky r11-02-03  07:20 am
Please I need to know this....Matjlav11-01-03  08:18 am
Romaji audio booksMr. Anonymous10-31-03  02:19 pm
I need a symbol Britt murphey10-26-03  08:21 pm
Does anyeone know what this is ?info10-26-03  11:21 am
Need help with conjugation softwarejohn10-26-03  08:45 am
Hi all info10-24-03  10:26 pm
How to say and write "Infinity of life" ? Anonymous10-24-03  06:41 pm
Usagi???helpTanya Santos10-24-03  02:21 am
Ryu ?Mr. Anonymous10-23-03  03:12 pm
KashiraLee Powers10-22-03  03:47 am
TranslationMr. Anonymous10-21-03  09:01 am
"kimi" written in katakana bis
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Mr. Anonymous113 10-20-03  12:14 am
I NEED HELP PLEASE! URGENT!Mr. Anonymous10-20-03  12:12 am
Get Well Soon in Japanese?Anonymous10-19-03  01:25 pm
Cut off man???Matjlav10-17-03  01:37 pm
Romaji for proper nouns (e.g. 三毛 菊次郎)Anonymous10-14-03  08:09 am
How to type "mazda power" in japanese symbols ?Mr. Anonymous10-09-03  05:01 pm
Question about the placement of symbolsYumiko Something10-09-03  04:17 pm
Urgent trqanslation needed Mirko7810-09-03  06:21 am
Help with the translation of 'Rin'info10-04-03  11:09 am
Japanese Letters for FRANCESCAAnonymous10-01-03  04:03 pm
Help me pls....thanks...info09-30-03  09:34 pm
Please translate this for me...Matjlav09-29-03  02:20 pm
Translate this pic Please!mandie day09-28-03  10:46 am
Is it Tenchi or TenshiMatjlav09-27-03  08:16 am
Could someone translate these things for me?Anonymous09-25-03  04:54 pm
Editing Japanese web pages with English WindowsAnonymous09-25-03  04:13 pm
Question: 3 words and their symbols 'fast' 'car' and 'go' ???...Matjlav09-25-03  12:57 pm
A symbol
Thread closed because too long. Please continue from A symbol bis
Matjlav103 09-25-03  04:10 am
Wondering if somone can help me out..Anonymous10 09-07-03  12:56 pm
Please Help Translate This WAVAnonymous09-07-03  11:25 am
Name translationTracy Sanders09-07-03  10:15 am
Translation Needed - Junior High School DaysARNODL TOLEDO11 09-06-03  08:44 pm
I need the character for the word FUSHINJINMr. Anonymous09-03-03  10:38 am
How to write my name in Japanese
Thread closed because too long. Please continue from How to write my name in Japanese bis
Jamie103 08-31-03  03:21 pm
JAPENESE ALPHABET (thread closed)
Thread closed because too long. Please continue from Japanese alphabet bis
Mr. Anonymous109 07-29-03  01:01 am
Japanese charectors for 'Jedi' and 'Ki'Matjlav07-15-03  10:55 am
Any one know meaning of these characters?Mr. Anonymous11 07-07-03  05:13 pm
Will free light japanese help me read japanese?Mr. Anonymous07-05-03  05:04 pm
I need the symbol for the phrase: Grace and LoveAnonymous07-03-03  08:30 am
"Sen no Kotoba"Mr. Anonymous07-02-03  06:59 am
Please help for translation of my name in JapaneseMatjlav06-27-03  04:57 pm
phantasy Japan like worldAnonymous06-27-03  02:43 am
Help!Anonymous06-27-03  02:12 am
NEED HELP PLEASEAnonymous06-27-03  02:05 am
Anyone know of any Japanese BBS?Anonymous06-27-03  01:46 am
A little help, please?Anonymous06-27-03  01:31 am
Is this right????Anonymous06-27-03  01:22 am
ITZ ME AGAIN!!Anonymous06-27-03  12:53 am
"trapped"/"caged" in Japanese???Anonymous06-27-03  12:51 am
Symbols for Honesty and Knowledge?Anonymous06-27-03  12:46 am
Urgent help needed! Must find Japanese characters for "one look, o...Anonymous06-27-03  12:22 am
TraductionAnonymous06-27-03  12:00 am
HouseAnonymous06-26-03  11:54 pm
Curiosity...Anonymous06-26-03  11:51 pm
Emergency Help for ChristmasAnonymous06-26-03  11:05 pm
Japanese character or characters for SWORDFISHAnonymous06-26-03  10:30 pm
Words mainingMatjlav06-25-03  05:56 pm
Please teach me this phrase in NihongoMatjlav06-25-03  12:13 pm
A list of particlesAnonymous06-13-03  02:50 pm
Numbers...please helpAnonymous06-12-03  03:02 pm
Need to print a phraseAnonymous06-10-03  05:54 pm
Large NumbersAnonymous06-10-03  05:35 pm
I need the symbol for my girlfriend's nameAnonymous06-10-03  04:36 pm
Help with a translation!!Matthew Casto05-23-03  09:20 am
I just found this site and want to try it outbutty05-06-03  06:44 pm
How to write my name in japanese? (thread closed)
This thread is closed because too long. Please go to How to write my name in Japanese
info111 04-15-03  11:27 pm
MUSIC......one word translation please! Thanks in advance!
Thread closed because too long. Please continue from "kimi" written in katakana bis
Marianna Ziegler12-26-01  01:30 am
Please, help me for a little translation...gruth12-10-01  02:00 am
Translation of kanji symbol to Englishinfo03-30-01  01:04 am
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