Abbreviation of Japanese-English dictionary

Here is a list of abbreviation used in our Japanese dictionary accompanied by a detailed meaning.
in French in German
in Spanish in Italian

Country Codes

abbrev. word detailed meaning
jp. Japanese Kanji meaning valid only in Japanese or word of Japanese origin
cn. Chinese Kanji meaning valid only in Chinese or word of Chinese origin
eg. English word of English origin
es. Spanish word of Spanish origin
pt. Portuguese word of Portuguese origin
nl. Netherlandish word of Netherlandish origin
fr. French word of French origin
de. German word of German origin
it. Italian word of Italian origin
ru. Russian word of Russian origin
gr. Greek word of Greek origin
lat. Latin word of Latin origin
kr. Korean word of Korean origin

Other abbreviations

abbrev. word detailed meaning
bor. borrow Kanji meaning borrowed from another character
orig. origin Kanji meaning of the origin
conf. confusion Kanji meaning by a confusion from another character
ext. extention Kanji meaning by an extension
pho. phonetic Kanji meaning from its sound
anc. ancient ancient word or expression
pol. polite polite expression
pej. pejorative pejorative meaning
suff. suffix used as a suffix
pref. prefix used as a prefix
a. adjective used as an adjective
adv. adverb used as an adverb
n. noun used as a noun
v. verb used as a verb
pers. personal personal name
zod. zodiac symbol in Chinese Zodiac
jik. jikkan Chinese celestial stems
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