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Looking for people

Welcome to our Japanese forum!You can discuss here everything related to Japanese language and Japan such as "How to write my name in Japanese", English-Japanese translation, "finding a pen pal or business partner", "tourism guide in Japan", Japanese culture and history, Japanese manga and anime etc.

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I want to exchange language
Looking for Fran?ois Yoshida
I find a japanese girl 14 years
Need Translaters for 18 + website
Visiting Australia for holiday or study English
Cherche correspondant(e) japonais(e) !
19 years girl from Malaysia
Sydney Olympic 2000
Japanese/English exchange
Pen Pal
Like to meet new friends
**** Black and Asian Love*****
Looking for baseball member
Looking for Japanese resident that wants to make some money =)
I am looking for Mr. MITSUO OHNO
Contacting Japanese tourists
I want to bring Elvis to Japan, Sponsor needed
Looking for Suzuko Noda or her brother Tsutomu Noda from Fukuoka-Ken, Fukuoka City, Kyushu, Japan
I need someone who knows japanese
Searching girl from japan or china
Japanese friends
Need help translating a game.
Girl in france searching for japanese "correspondant"
Need business partner Japanese/English speaker
Looking for voiceactors
We need an native speaking jap translator
Personal Classifieds: Tokyo Japan
Looking for Host Family
Looking for translator for fansub group
Rooms for rent
Looking for a japanese correspondant
Life of an artist
Shinobu Walters / Shinobu Koritko / Shinobu Tarusta
Recruitment from American Exrpess
Health & Nutrition Business
I want to Language Exchange
Language exchange
Looking for Japanese Pen Pals
MLM In asia (japan)
Looking for history-expert and japanese voice
Im looking for a japenese penpal
Amazing French Rock Band
Looking for a pen-pal and a sensei to Japanese things...
I would like to language exchange
Looking for buisness partners!
Japanese friend
Manga Translator needed XD !!!
Language Exchange
10 year Europe MLM company looking for pioneers in Japan
Looking for long lost friend
Nikkori Fansubs are in need of a Japanese translator!
Looking for somes japanse in Paris to make friend and to exchange languages
I need good drawers Help Me
Help me i need good drawers
Japanese Pen Pal
Looking for japanese-->english translator(s) for tokusatsu/sentai
Im looking for a Japanese PenPal
Japanese Language Teacher Wanted!
Would like a Japanese pen pal
Lookin for a 14yo Nihonjin.........
Hi...looking for a japanese girl
Need help with a specific address in Japan
Need Language Exchange partner!
Survey:-) WHAT IS LOVE
Looking for foreign friends around Tokyo!
DO NOT READ this if you dont need MONEY!!!
Dancing girl in tokyo?
NEW MLM - Business oportuities in Japan !
I need some help with japense writing and wants a penpal
If you come to Bali
Wants a japanese penpal
Looking for two people in japan
Looking for a business partner in Japan
Nihongo no tomodachi
Looking for chinese and japanese translators to translate an anime to english.
Please help if possible
Japanese-Turkish Exchange
Need a japanese penpal
In love with Japan
Language exchange partner(English - Japanese)
Loser list
Looking for a english speaker
Japanese PenPal
Going to tokyo
Need help e-mailing my friend
Looking for a language exchange partner
Japanese fluent Network Administrator Wanted ASAP!!!
Seeking for a JPN->ENG Translator for a Fansub Japanese Anime group
We are searching for good Translators JAP to ENG for a Anime Fansub
Looking forRockman exe Stream translator
Exchange partner
Hello friends
Looking for Asian people...^_^'
Sobe & name
Anime Translator please
Translator for a song
American wanting a penpal
Language exchange(japanese-german)
Need Japanese Penpal
17-year-old Indonesian girl looking for Japanese penpals =) (and other countries too)
Looking for Japanese Penpal
Frensh , arabian language / japan
I need an English penpals
Sekler looking for japanese pen pal
Norwegian 20-year old student going to Tokyo & Kyoto March/April 2005
Mega Wealth!
US Slash Magazine needs contributing photographer for article. Show us your toilet.
I need Spanish speaking person!!!
Japanese Design Pen Pals
Seek model for photo shoot
Looking for japanese penpal to trade sentai
Looking for japanese-english translator
Looking for my mom (Sakura Kimura)
Lost daughter
Searching for Business Partners/Opportunities in Japan/Asia
Need english exchange!!
Japanese Manga Translators Needed
Play Games, Have Fun, Win Big
Japanese translator
Addition to Japanese translater
I seek mutual web page translation.
Trying to get a phone number
Hi im 15 and looking 4 a japanese penpal/f/ages 14-16
Natsumi Shigetsuna? Just looking
15 yr-old Male looking for 14-16 yr old Japanese friend/penpal
Hello i am ms mori from Japan
Looking for friends
French guy search Japanese people to trade ideas & fun
Yaoi manga translation
Looking for exchange partner!
Play online lottery Euro Millions and UK National Lottery for free.
Finding Japanese friend
IF YOU WANT TO EARN $$$$$$$$, Are You Ready for Some Good NewS!?????
Looking for japanese pals
Japanese fans are the best!
English-Japanese language Exchange partners
19 year old mex-am looking for japanese girl
Japanese PenPal
Looking for japanese dating, friend , Marriage
You want to be the first Japanese has to develop this MLM
Introduce New Website
Anyone want to learn ENGLISH?
Hiya im 17 japanese girl , wanna penpal
Looking for Japanese Manga Fan
looking for an old friend
Japanese foods
Looking for language exchange friend
Somebody with experience and good advice
Anyone need a photographer in NYC and Japan?
13 looking for a Japanese penpal who knows english
Ship photo's
Looking for Masako Takahashi
Hi, I'm looking for a Japanese friend to talk and learn about their life...
What do japanese people think of fuel cell cars
Looking for someone who are nice!!
Manga translator needed
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