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French words: Panthéon
alternative words: Pantheon Paris
keywords: church, paris, tourist resort
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explanation: In 1754, in order to thanks God for the healing from an illness, Louis XV asked Jacques-Germain Soufflot to build a new church dedicate to Sainte Genevieve in "Quartier Latin" district. But due to technical difficulties, it had been achieved only after his death when the French revolution arrives. Pantheon was then transformed to a necropolis for their leaders but reverted to the initial church when the monarchy was restored. Pantheon has become definitively a necropolis when Victor Hugo was buried in 1885.


French words: Paris
keywords: human heritage, paris, tourist resort, town
related topics: Paris subway , Paris tramway , Parisian bus , RATP
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explanation: Celtic tribe called Parisii settled on an islet of the Seine in 3e BC, from which the name of Paris is derived. After being conquered by Romans in 52 BC, the city called Lutetia developed on the left bank, but it was abandoned with the fall of Roman Empire. In 987, Hugues Capet was elected French king with Paris the capital. It declined again during one century war against England in 14th and 15th centuries and regained slowly its status of capital in 16th century. Its population is now about 2 millions.

Paris city hall

French words: Hôtel de ville , Hôtel de ville de Paris
alternative words: Mairie de Paris, Town hall of Paris
keywords: building, paris, tourist resort
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explanation: Located on the right bank of Seine, Paris city hall had played important historic roles such as a proclamation of 3rd Republic in 1870 and the first speech of General De Gaulle in 1944. The precedent building built in 1628 under Louis XIII being set fired by Paris commune uprising of 1871, it was replicated between 1873 and 1882 using the remaining stones excepting for interior. Paris mayor's post had been suppressed for a long time in France until 1977 when its function was restored at this palace.

Paris Opera

French words: Paris Opéra , Opéra Garnier , Palais Garnier
alternative words: Opera Garnier, Opera house, Garnier palace
keywords: building, paris, theater
related topics: Louvre museum , Opera Bastille
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located north of Louvre palace, Paris Opera, also called Opera Garnier, is a majestic edifice of Napoleon III style, designed by a young architect, Charles Garnier. Though its construction began in 1857 during the reign of Napoleon III, it was interrupted by Franco-Prussian War in 1870 and Paris-commune uprising in the next year, and finished finally in 1874. Since the inauguration of Opera Bastille, in 1989, the lyric company has left there and only ballets are performed in Opera Garnier.

Paris subway

French words: Métro de Paris
alternative words: Paris underground, Metro de Paris, Metro, Paris metro
keywords: paris, paris suburb, transport
related topics: RER , RATP
related web sites:
explanation: In order to ease an urban congestion, Paris decided to build its own subway in 1897 after that of London. The first line was opened in 1900 for the occasion of an universal exposition of Paris between Porte de Maillot and Porte de Vincennes. In 1935, Paris had already 13 subway lines and subsequent extensions were toward the nearest suburban areas. A full automatic 14th subway line was added in 1998. The total length of the subway is at 208km, including suburban areas, and the number of stations is 301.

Paris tramway

French words: Tramway de Paris , Tramway Parisien
alternative words: Paris tram, Tramway in Paris
keywords: paris, paris suburb, transport
related topics: Paris subway , Parisian bus , RATP
related web sites: ,
explanation: The first tramway attracted by horses began its service in Paris in 1853. It was gradually electrified between 1891-1899 to reach 300 lines. But due to a concurrence of the subway opened in 1900 and buses, it disappeared from the city center in 1937 and from the suburb in 1957. After the first energy crisis in 70s, people looked over again the tramway as clean and energy efficient transport method. The first modern tramway appeared in Paris suburb in 1992 and the city center (boulevards Maréchaux) in 2006.

Parisian bus

French words: Bus parisien
alternative words: Paris bus
keywords: paris, paris suburb, transport
related topics: Paris subway , RATP , Paris tramway
related web sites: ,
explanation: Parisian bus has nearly 2 centuries old, because it had been already operating in Paris with horse traction since 1828. Though all the companies merged in 1855, they had suffered a concurrence from tramways opened in 1870 and subways opened in 1900 before passing to engine traction in 1905. Covering length of 3403km by 58 lines (569km inside Paris), the bus is one of the fastest methods, along with the subway, to move inside Paris thanks to special bus lanes. It is managed now by a public company, RATP.

Petit Trianon palace

French words: Palais du Petit Trianon
alternative words: Petit Trianon, Queen's hamlet
keywords: castle, human heritage, paris suburb, tourist resort
related topics: Versailles palace , Grand Trianon palace
related web sites: ,
explanation: In 1761, Louis XV charged the architect Jacques-Ange Gabriel to build a small palace near Grand Trianon, for his mistress, Madame de Pompadour. Achieved after their death and given by Louis XVI to Queen Marie Antoinette in 1774, Petit Trianon palace is considered a perfect example of French neoclassic building. Some farm houses of 18th century built around a lake, where Marie Antoinette had spent her time to gather vegetables, are restored and called "Queen's hamlet".

Pompidou center

French words: Centre Georges Pompidou
alternative words: Centre Pompidou, Centre Georges Pompidou
keywords: museum, paris
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in Beaubourg district at the center of Paris and near les Halles, Pompidou center was built between 1971 and 1977 in order to house a public information library and a contemporary art museum such as fauvism, cubism, surrealism and abstract arts. French president, Georges Pompidou was the promoter of this project. Conceived by the architects, Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, the monument provoked a controversy on its refinery like aspect. The place before the center is a Mecca of street performers.

Pope palace

French words: Palais des papes , Palais des papes d'Avignon
alternative words: Palace of the popes, Palais des papes
keywords: castle, human heritage, southern france, tourist resort
related topics: Avignon
related web sites: ,
explanation: In order to avoid the conflict with Italians, Pope Clement V moved the pontificated to Avignon in 1309. The next pope, John XXII transformed his Episcopal residence to the pontifical. The 3rd pope, Benedict XII began to build an imposing castle (old palace) as he had been a Cistercian monk. Considering this site as definitive, the next pope, Clement VI enlarge it by adding an elegant edifice (new palace). The last pope, Gregory XI returned back to Rome in 1377 but Avignon elected an own pope (great Schism).


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