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French words: TGV , Train à très grande vitesse , Train à grande vitesse
alternative words: French bullet train, French high speed train
keywords: transport
related topics: SNCF , Eurostar , Tours , Le Mans , Lyon , Eurotunnel , Marseille , Strasbourg , Lille
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: In early 1970's, the main French railway line, Paris-Lyon being saturated, the government decided to add a new line. The first TGV line Paris-Lyon opened in 1981 Since then, the following sections have opened. Atlantic TGV (Paris-Tours and le Mans) in 1990, Northern TGV (Paris-Lille and Brussels) in 1993 with Dover tunnel in 1994, Mediterranean TGV (Lyon-Marseille) in 2001. Eastern TGV (Paris-Strasbourg) is under construction. TGV owns the word record of conventional trains, 515 km/h established in 1990.


French words: Toulouse
keywords: human heritage, tourist resort, town
related topics: Canal du midi
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Founded by a Celtic tribe in 4th century B.C. on the bank of Garonne river, Toulouse became an important colonial town of the Roman empire. During the middle ages, Toulouse had been the capital of powerful Languedoc earldom but conquered by Albigensian Crusade. After the WWII, an aeronautical industry has developed. Toulouse is the capital of Midi-Pyrenees region and the population 411000. Saint-Sernin Basilica was enlisted in Unesco's human heritage in 1998 as a monument of Santiago de Compostela pilgrim.


French words: Tours
keywords: human heritage, loire region, tourist resort, town
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located at the place where Cher pours into Loire, Tours had been already inhabited by Celtic tribe, Turones. After the fall of Roman empire, the troops of Charles Martel pushed away the Muslim army (Battle of Tours-Poitiers) in 732. During the middle ages, Tours was disputed between Counts of Anjou and of Blois. In 16th and 17th centuries, Tours was prosperous thanks to a silk industry managed by Huguenot. Owning an university, Tours is the capital of "Indre et Loire" prefecture. The population is 132000.

Trocadero palace

French words: Trocadéro , Palais du Trocadéro , Palais de Chaillot
alternative words: Trocadero, Chaillot palace
keywords: building, paris, touriste resort
related topics: Eiffel Tower
related web sites:
explanation: Facing Eiffel Tower in another side of the Seine river, Trocadero palace was built for 1937's Universal Exposition with Jacques Carlu as the main architect, by replacing the precedent palace built for1878's Exposition. Its name comes from a monument built there in order to commemorate the French victory at Trocadero in Spain in 1823. The famous universal declaration of human rights was adopted there by the United Nations in 1948. Trocadero hosts now several expositions such as naval and ethnology museums.

Tuileries palace

French words: Palais de Tuileries , Jardin des Tuileries
alternative words: Tuileries garden, Tuileries
keywords: castle, paris, park, tourist resort
related topics: Louvre museum
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Unhappy with Louvre palace, French queen, Catherine of Medici asked in 1564 to build her residence nearby with a large garden. It would be called "Tuileries palace" and became a favourite palace for French kings. During French revolution in 1789, Louis XVI was under house arrest there before being beheaded at Place Concorde. During Paris commune uprising in 1871, Tuileries palace was burned out and only Flore and Marsan pavilions, junction with Louvre palace, and Tuileries garden have subsisted until today.

Vaux-le-Vicomte castle

French words: Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte
alternative words: Vaux-le-Vicomte palace, Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte
keywords: castle, paris suburb, tourist resort
related topics: Versailles palace , Fontainebleau castle
related web sites:
explanation: Young assemblyman, Nicolas Fouquet, purchased in 1641 a small castle at 50km southeast of Paris, near Fontainebleau. Becoming finance minister, he decided to enlarge it with an aid of artists such as Louis le Vau and Charles le Brun and organised an inaugural ceremony in 1661 by inviting French king, Louis XIV. Jealous of the beauty of the castle, Louis XIV ordered to arrest him, next day, pretending that he had built the castle with the state money and condemned him to a life imprisonment.

Versailles palace

French words: Versailles , Château de Versailles , Palais de Versailles
alternative words: Chateau of Versailles, Versailles castle, Versailles
keywords: castle, human heritage, paris suburb, tourist resort
related topics: Vaux-le-Vicomte castle , Grand Trianon palace , Petit Trianon palace
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: There was a hunting lodge for French king, Louis XIII at 20km west of Paris. In order to avoid a turbulent Paris and also to outdo Vaux-le-Vicomte castle, Louis XIV decided in 1664 to build his residence at the same place by enlarging it and moved there in 1682. After his death in 1715, his successors, Louis XV and Louis XVI added small buildings such as Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon. A proclamation of German empire in 1871 as well as Versailles treaty to end WWI in 1919 took place at Versailles palace.


French words: Vézelay
alternative words: Vezelay Hill
keywords: bourgogne, human heritage, tourist resort, town
related web sites: ,
explanation: This tiny village, located at the hilltop near Avallon in Bourgogne region, played important roles during the middle ages. In fact, Vezelay was an assembling point for the pilgrimage of "Santiago de Compostela". Saint Bernard preached there, in the presence of the French King Louis VII, to the second crusade in 1146. Though Vezelay has declined since then, Mary Magdalene Basilica is considered as a master piece of Romanesque art. Since 1979, Vezelay and its environment belong to a human heritage of UNESCO.

Vincennes castle

French words: Château de Vincennes
alternative words: Vincennes, Château de Vincennes, Chateau Vincennes
keywords: castle, paris, paris suburb, tourist resort
related topics: Versailles palace , Bois de Vincennes
related web sites: ,
explanation: There had existed already a hunting lodge for King Louis VII in 12th century at the eastern limit of Paris. In 1337, Philippe VI built a huge donjon in order to defend Paris from English invaders. During the 100 Years' War against England, French kings took refuge in Loire region by giving up Paris, so Vincennes castle. It was King Louis XI who returned back first to Vincennes in the late 15th century. King Louis XIV added pavilions of king and of queen before leaving for Versailles in 1682.

Yves Saint Laurent

French words: Yves Saint Laurent
alternative words: Saint Laurent
keywords: paris, shop
related topics: Christian Dior
related web sites: , ,
explanation: French fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent was in 1936 at Oran, French north African colony at that epoch. The child happened to be precocious because, after having won a designer award at the age 17, he was hired by Christian Dior and became its chief designer at 21. In 1962, he started his own fashion house with his friend Pierre Bergé. In 1966, they began to sell ready-to-wear collection, "Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche". In 1999, the house was sold to Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent retired in 2002.


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