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German words: Frankfurt , Frankfurt am Main
alternative words: Frankfurt am Main
keywords: town, world cup
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located on Main river, a confluent of Rhine, in Hesse region, Frankfurt forms one of the largest metropolis in Germany (population ca. 650,000). It is also an European financial center because the European central bank has chosen its seat there. Built as a Roman colony, the emperors of Holy Roman Empire had been used to be elected in Frankfurt during the middle ages. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born in Frankfurt in 1749. Frankfurter Buchmesse is one of the oldest and largest book fairs of the world.


German words: Garmisch-Partenkirchen
keywords: alps, tourist resort, town
related topics: Zugspitze
related web sites:
explanation: Though Partenkirchen has existed since the Roman epoch, the town got its fame when it organized 1936 Winter Olympic Games by merging with Garmisch, next to it. Since then, it has hosted several times international competitions thanks to its exceptional meteorology for winter sports. Located in Bavarian Alps near Austrian border, you can reach Zugspitze, 2962m high, the culminant point in Germany though a mountain railway then a ropeway. German compositor, Richard Strauss spent his late years there.


German words: Gelsenkirchen
keywords: town, world cup
related web sites:
explanation: Located in Nordrhein-Westfalen region near Dutch border, Gelsenkirchen had been a tiny village until 19th century but thanks to rich coal mines of Ruhr region, Gelsenkirchen developed and industrialized quickly. For that reason, the town was severely bombed during the WWII. Schalke 04 is one of the strongest football clubs in Germany. The population is at 270,000.


German words: Graz
keywords: austria, human heritage, tourist resort, town
related web sites:
explanation: Originated from a small fortress of Slavic folk, "Gradec", its German name "Graz" was first cited in 1182. Since 14th century, Schloßberg castle on a hill top had become the residence of a Habsburg branch which controls Slovenia and northern Italy. Famous astronomer, Johannes Kepler, taught for a short moment at Graz University built in 1586, before fleeing to Prague. Located in southern Austria on the Mur river, Graz has been enlisted in UNESCO's world heritage since 1999. Its population is about 253,000.


German words: Hallstatt , Hallstättersee
alternative words: Hallstätter Lake, Hallstätter See
keywords: alps, austria, human heritage, tourist resort
related topics: Salzburg
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located south-east of Salzburg, on the shore of Hallstätter Lake, Hallstatt has known human activities since prehistoric times for salt rocks extracted nearby, though its approach was not easy: until the 19th century, it had been accessible only by ship. Surrounded by high mountains and a lake, Hallstatt offers one of the most picturesque alpine landscapes: some scenes of "Sound of Music" were filmed there. Along with the mountains of Dachstein, it was added to the list of UNESCO's world heritage in 1997.


German words: Hamburg
keywords: tourist resort, town, world cup
related web sites:
explanation: Located on the estuary of Elbe river near North Sea, Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and the second largest harbour in Europe. Hamburg originated from a castle built in 808 by Emperor Charlemagne. During the middle ages, Hamburg had been a prosperous city of Hanse league, until the discovery of a new world by Christopher Columbus, though Hamburg still remains a member state of German federation. Reeperbahn street is well known for its night attractions. The population is about 1.7 million.


German words: Hannover
keywords: town, world cup
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Initially a tiny fishing village on Leine river, Hanover had developed first as a merchant town of Hanse league. Hanover reached its apogee when Duke of Calenberg moved the capital to Honover in 1636 then his descendent, Georges 1st became king of Great-Britain in 1714. Though a personal union of Hanover and United Kingdom ended in 1837, Honover keeps some English flavours. CeBit is the world's largest fair in computer technology. In 2000, Hanover organized an universal exposition. The population is 516,000


German words: Heidelberg
keywords: castle, tourist resort, town
related topics: Stuttgart , Frankfurt
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located between Stuttgart and Frankfurt, on the Neckar river, a confluent of the Rhine, Heidelberg is the 5th largest city (population 143,000) of Baden-Württemberg and attracts many tourists thanks an old castle overlooking the medieval town saved from the allied bombing in WWII. The name of Heidelberg was first mentioned in 1196 and it was a strong hold of the protestant movement during the middle ages. Its university built in 1386 is the oldest in Germany and has good reputations in cancer research.


German words: Heiligendamm
keywords: baltic sea, tourist resort, town
related topics: Rostock
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Situated on the Baltic coast near Rostock, Heiligendamm is the oldest sea resort in Germany. Founded in 1793 by the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg Frederick Francis I, it had become a center of German high society and received many prestigious visitors such as German emperors. Unfortunately, after WWII, the communist regime (GDR), which administered the town, had replaced many beautiful classic buildings by more practical ones. From 6 to 8 June 2007, G7/G8 summit will take place at Heiligendamm.


German words: Innsbruck
keywords: alps, austria, tourist resort, town
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the heart of Tyrol, west of Austria, Innsbruck had been already served as a Roman military camp due to its strategic position on a road which connected Italy and Germany by passing Brenner Pass. Innsbruck was first cited 1187 in Latin name, "Oeni Pontum", i.e. "Bridge over the Inn (river)", corresponding to its German translation counter-parts. Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol region and its population is at 118,000. Owing many ski resorts, it organized Winter Olympic Games in 1964 and 1976.


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