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German words: Salzburg
keywords: alps, austria, human heritage, tourist resort, town
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explanation: Located in north-west of Austria on the Salzach river and near German border, Salzburg is well known for the birth place of Mozart and a summer music festival. After an invasion of Romans in 14 B.C., it had become a prosperous regional trade center. In 699, Bishop Rupert von Worms received Salzburg from the count of Bavaria and established a bishopric in 739. Hohensalzburg castle built in 1077 on a top hill and a new Salzburg cathedral built in 1628 have been enlisted in UNESCO's world heritage since 1996.

Schönbrunn Palace

German words: Schloss Schönbrunn
alternative words: Schonbrunn
keywords: austria, castle, human heritage, tourist resort
related topics: Vienna
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explanation: History of Schönbrunn began in 1569 when Emperor Maximilian II purchased an estate in western end of Vienna to build a zoo and an orangery to keep exotic animals and plants. In 1696, Emperor Leopold I asked famous architect, Johann Fischer, to build a palace by imitating Versailles. Later, Empress Maria Theresa remodeled it in a rococo style. The Congress of Vienna was organized there in 1814-1815 after a defeat of Napoleon's army. Schönbrunn palace has been enlisted in UNESCO's world heritage since 1996.


German words: Speyer
alternative words: Spires
keywords: human heritage, rhine valley, tourist resort, town
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explanation: Originated from one of forts built along the Rhine by Romans to protect the frontier, Speyer got a Bishop's seat in 4th century, but its influence increased considerably when Konrad II, a seignior of nearby was elected Emperor of Holy Roman Empire in 1024. The imperial Diet held in 1526 at Speyer let each seignior choose freely countries' religion while that of 1529, by rescinding it, provoked a huge protestation of protestants. Speyer cathedral, a human heritage of UNESCO, holds tombs of 8 German emperors


German words: Stralsund
keywords: baltic sea, human heritage, tourist resort, town
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explanation: Located on the Baltic coast in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region and facing Rügen Island, Stralsund was founded by Slavic settlers in 1234 and became a prosperous Hanseatic city during the middle ages. After 30 years war in 17th century, Stralsund had been controlled by Sweden until 1815 when it was handed to Prussia. The historic center with brick cathedral and city hall was entitled to a world heritage of UNESCO in 2002. Now, you can reach Rügen Island via a suspended bridge. Its population is about 58,000.


German words: Stuttgart
keywords: tourist resort, town, world cup
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explanation: Located on Necker river near French border and surrounded by vineyards, Stuttgart is the capital of Baden-Wurtenberg region. Stuttgart appeared first in the history in 1180 with the name of "Stute Garte", meaning "garden of mares". After Napoleon's breakup of Holy Roman Empire, Wurtenberg became an independent kingdom with Stuttgart as capital. In 19th century, Stuttgart was a center of German industry revolution with prestigious firms such as Daimler, Benz, Porsche and Bosch. Its population is 590,000.


German words: Trier
keywords: human heritage, tourist resort, town
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explanation: Located near Luxemburg, Trier is one of the oldest towns in Germany. Originated from a military camp settled in 30 BC by Julius Cesar, Trier had been served as the regional capital of Gaulle until being sacked by barbaric invasions and given up in 407 AD. The importance of Trier at that epoch is testified by the city gate, Porta Nigra, which is enlisted in a human heritage of UNESCO. During the middle ages, Tiers had been an prosperous city, for its archbishop was one of 7 electorates of Holly Roman Empire.


German words: Ulm
keywords: danube river, tourist resort, town
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explanation: Located in southern Germany on Danube river, Ulm appeared first in history in 854. During medieval epoch, it had been a prosperous imperial city thanks to its geological position but after the discovery of a new world, it declined slowly then suffered 30 years war causalities. In 1805, Napoleon beat an Austrian army led by general Mack near Ulm before marching to Vienna. Interrupted in 1543 for lack of funds, the construction of Ulm cathedral achieved in 1890 with a spire of 162m, the tallest of the world.


German words: Wien
keywords: austria, danube river, human heritage, tourist resort, town
related topics: Schönbrunn Palace
related web sites: ,
explanation: Austrian capital, Vienna, has originated from a Celtic village, Vindobona, and a Roman military camp settled on the bank of Danube river in the 1st century. It became the capital of Babenberg earldom in 1155 before passing in the hands of Habsburg in 1278. After Ottoman Turks' unsuccessful besiegement in 1529 then 1683, Vienna become one of the largest cities in Europe as the capital of Austro-Hungarian empire. Rich in historical monuments like Hofburg, it was added to the list of world heritage in 2001.


German words: Weimar
keywords: human heritage, tourist resort, town
related topics: Leipzig
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explanation: Located in central Germany, southwest of Leipzig, Weimar is a well know European cultural center. In fact, Goethe had lived at Weimar since 1775 and became its prime minister in 1783. Other famous persons such as Schiller and Nietzsche also lived there. After WWI, a new German state, Weimar republic, was proclaimed there in 1919. Classic buildings of Weimar were chosen in 1999 as a human heritage of UNESCO but in 2004, Duchess Anna Amalia Library burned out and inestimable German classic books were lost.


German words: Würzburg
keywords: human heritage, tourist resort, town
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explanation: Situated at the start point of so called "Romantic Road" in Franconia which lies in northern Bavaria, Würzburg was christianised by an Irish missionary, Kilian, in 686 and became the seat of a powerful bishopric in the subsequent period. Majestic Marienburg castle, overlooking the city, was built in between 1200 and 1600, while bishop's residence, now enlisted in UNESCO's human heritage as a Baroque's master piece, was built in 19th century. In March 1945, Würzburg was severely damaged by British bombing.


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