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German words: Mainz
keywords: rhine valley, tourist resort, town
related topics: Frankfurt
related web sites:
explanation: Situated at the confluence of the Rhine and the Main rivers near Frankfurt, Mainz originated from a Roman camp, Moguntiacum, built in 13 BC. After being devastated by barbaric invasions, Mainz had been reborn as a center of Germany christianisation. In 746, the first German archbishop was named and his successors were one of the 7 electors of Holy Roman Empire. Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of printing, was born in 1398 in Mainz. The French revolution gave birth to a Mainz republic in 1793 for a short period

Maulbronn Abbey

German words: Kloster Maulbronn
alternative words: Maulbronn
keywords: human heritage, tourist resort
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located on the outskirts of Maulbronn in Baden-Württemberg region, Maulbronn Abbey is one of the oldest and well preserved Cistercian abbeys in Europe. It was founded in 1147 by the first Cistercian pope, Eugenius III and contains a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic architectures. After the reformation of 16th century, the abbey has passed under protestants' administration. Nobel prized writer, Hermann Hesse was educated by its seminary. Maulbronn Abbey was enlisted into UNESCO's human heritage in 1993.


German words: München
keywords: tourist resort, town, world cup
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Located in south Germany near Bavarian Alps, Munich has been the capital of Bavaria since 1503. It was founded in 1158 by Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony, and developed as the political centre of an independent Bavarian dukedom until German unification in 1871. In 1923, Hitler organized a putsch to throw down the Weimer republic. In 1972, a summer Olympic games took place. Munich is rich in Gothic and Renaissance monuments such as Frauenkirche, Peterkirche and Rathaus. The population is about 1.3 million.

Neuschwanstein castle

German words: Schloss Neuschwanstein , Schloß Neuschwanstein
alternative words: Castel of Neuschwanstein
keywords: alps, castle, tourist resort
related web sites:
explanation: Located at the southern terminus of so called "Romantic Road" just near the Bavarian Alps, Neuschwanstein castle was build by Bavarian King, Ludwig II, in his delirium of an idealized chivalry, as described in Wagner's works. Its construction started in 1869 with Christian Jank as designer and he began to live there in 1886 but soon house-arrested before dying mysteriously. Ironically, Neuschwanstein castle has become one of the most popular tourist spots in Germany. Neuschwanstein means "new roc of swan".


German words: Nürnberg
keywords: castle, tourist resort, town, world cup
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located on the northern Bavaria, Nuremberg played an important role in the middle ages because the parliament of Holy Roman Empire has its seat there. It was also one of the largest trade centers between Northern Europe and Italy. Though the imperial castle (Kaiserburg) looks over the town, its picturesque medieval city seems lost forever by a bombing of the allied power in 1945. Between 1945 and 1948, a trial to judge Nazi's war criminals (Nuremberg Trials) took place. The population is at a half million.


German words: Potsdam
keywords: castle, human heritage, tourist resort, town
related topics: Berlin
related web sites:
explanation: Located on the south-western suburb of Berlin, Potsdam was founded around 10th century by a Slavic folk but had remained modest until 1660 when Duke of Prussia, Frederick William I settled his hunting house there, then it became a residence of Prussian royal family. The Sanssouci Palace built in 1747 by Frederick the Great was enlisted in the human heritage of UNESCO in 1990 as a Rococo master piece. On August 2, 1945, the Allied Powers met at Potsdam to send an ultimatum to Japan (Declaration of Potsdam).


German words: Regensburg
keywords: danube river, human heritage, tourist resort, town
related web sites:
explanation: Built in 90 AD as an outer post of the Roman Empire at confluence of the Danube and the Regen rivers, Regensburg had been the capital of Bavaria between 6th and 13th century and very prosperous thanks to its location at a crossroad of trade routes and a stone bridge built over the Danube in 12th century. The council of Holy Roman Empire (Reichstag) had been used to open there until it was disbanded in 1806 by Napoleon. Well conserved Regensburg's old city was enlisted into UNESCO's world heritage in 2006.


German words: Rostock
keywords: baltic sea, town
related web sites:
explanation: Originated from a Slavic settlement on the mouth of Warnow in the 11th century, Rostock had been a prosperous Hanseatic city during the Middle Ages but declined in subsequent periods until the middle of 19th century when the naval and later aviation industries developed. During WWII, the city center was completely destroyed by the Allied bombing but reconstructed later. Its population has now fallen to 200,000 due to an economic slump. Founded in 1419, the university of Rostok is the oldest in Baltic region


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