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alternative words: Al Hillah
keywords: town
related topics: Karbala , Euphrates River , Gulf war , Ottoman Empire
related web sites:
explanation: Located 100 km south of Baghdad, on the Euphrates River and near Karbala, Hilla was founded in 11th century by using bricks from Babylon ruins nearby. Famous battle of Kadisiya between Persian and Arabic cavalries took place also nearby in 637. Ottoman empire chose Hilla as an administrative center. During Shia revolts in 1991 following the Gulf war, many summary executions were performed by Saddam´s loyalists. The current population is about 360,000 and the main activities are grain market and the harbor.

Ibrahim al-Jaafari

Ibrahim al-Jaafari Ibrahim al-Jaafari
alternative words: Ibrahim Jafari, Ibrahim al-Shiqr al-Jaafari
keywords: famous person, statesman
related topics: Karbala , Mosul , Iraqi Governing Council , Saddam Hussein , Ali al-Sistani
related web sites: ,
explanation: Born 1947 in Karbala. After medical studies at Mosul university, he jointed, in 1966, an Islamic fundamentalist movement, Dawa party that opposed to Saddam's regime but fled to Iran in the early 1980s then UK in 1989. After the fall of Saddam's regime in 2003, he was appointed as a member of Iraqi Governing Council. After having served as interim vice-president since June 2004, he was appointed Iraq prime minister in April 2005 but resigned in April 2006. He is also a brother-in-low of Ali al-Sistani.


Iraq Iraq Iraq Iraq
alternative words: Republic of Iraq, Al-Jumhuriyah Al-Iraqiyah, Irak
keywords: state
related topics: Baghdad , Kuwait , Ottoman Empire , Euphrates river , Tigris river
related web sites: ,
explanation: Country surrounded by, in clockwise from north, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Jordan and Syria, its land covers that of the Mesopotamian civilisation. The modern Iraq was borne from a dismantlement of Ottoman empire in 1920. British mandate state until 1932, then a monarchy which was overthrown in 1958 to become a republic. Baath party took power in 1963. Iraq means "between 2 rivers", i.e. Euphrates and Tigris in old Semite language. Population: 24 millions, surface: 437,072 km2, capital: Baghdad.

Iraqi Governing Council

Iraqi Governing Council Iraqi Governing Council
alternative words: Iraq Interim Governing Council
keywords: organization
related topics: Ahmed Chalabi , Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim , Jalal Talabani , Massoud Barzani , Iyad Allawi , Ghazi al-Yawer , Ibrahim al-Jaafari , Assyrian , Turkmen
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Interim government established by Americans after the fall of Saddam's regime. The membership appointed by Coalition provisional authority (CPA) represents Iraq's different ethnic and religious groups: 13 Shia Arabs, 5 Sunni Arabs, 5 Kurds, 1 Turkmen and 1 Christian Assyrian. Their main duties are appointing interim ministers and preparing a transition government by drafting the constitution. On June 1, 2004, Iraqi Governing Council dissolved after choosing Ghazi al-Yawer as President.

Iyad Allawi

Iyad Allawi
alternative words: Ayad Allawi, Alawi
keywords: famous person, statesman
related topics: Baath party , Saddam Hussein , Iraqi governing council
related web sites: ,
explanation: Born 1945 in a wealthy Shia family. His grandfather negotiated Iraq's independence from British. He joined Baath party during his medical studies. In 1971, a disagreement with Baath's policy pushed him to exile to UK. In 1978, he survived an assassination attempt. In 1993, Allawi organized Iraq national congress (INA) to overthrow Saddam's regime. In 2003, he returned back to Iraq and became a member of Iraqi governing council, then Prime minister but resigned in April 2005 after having lost the election.

Izzat Ibrahim

Izzat Ibrahim Izzat Ibrahim
alternative words: Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri
keywords: famous person, statesman
related topics: Saddam Hussein , Tikrit , Mosul , Baath Party
related web sites: ,
explanation: Born in 1942 at Tikrit, but some claims at Mosul. Anyway, his origin is modest because he was selling ice creams when he was young. Izzat Ibrahim met Saddam Hussein in prison in 1970's, since then, they have never be separated: he knew always to please Saddam by a ruthless against opponents. He was the responsible of chemical attack against Kurd civilians in 1988. Vice-president of Baath's Revolutionary Command Council, he is the most high raked official still at large.

Jalal Talabani

Jalal Talabani
keywords: famous person, statesman
related topics: Kurd , Iraqi Governing Council
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: Kurdish leader, born in 1933 in the northern Iraq. He studied the law at Ebril and Kirkuk but a persecution due to his political activities forbid him to be graduated. He joined Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) at the age of 14 and took an active part in fighting against the Iraqi central government. In 1975, he left KDP led by Mustafa Barzani and founded Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. After the fall of Saddam's regime, Talabani has been appointed member of IGC. He is Iraq president since April 2005.

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