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pronunciation: bureeku
origin: break (eg.)
keyword: sport
translation: break (time)
タイ・ブレーク: taibureeku: tie break (in tennis) <<< タイ
check also: ブレーキ


pronunciation: bureemen
origin: Bremen (de.)
keyword: europe
translation: Bremen
ブレーメン市: bureemenshi: City of Bremen <<<
ブレーメン州: bureemenshuu: State of Bremen <<<
ブレーメン空港: bureemenkuukou: Bremen Airport <<< 空港
ブレーメンの音楽隊: bureemennnoongakutai: town musicians of Bremen (a fairy tale of Grimm Brothers) <<< グリム
check also: Bremen


pronunciation: burendo
origin: blend (eg.)
keyword: food
translation: mixture, blend (n.)
ブレンドする: burendosuru: mix up, blend (v.)


pronunciation: buresureddo
origin: bracelet (eg.)
keyword: accessory
translation: bracelet
synonyms: 腕輪


pronunciation: burezaa
origin: blazer (eg.)
keyword: clothes
translation: blazer
ブレザー・コート: <<< コート
check also: ジャケット


pronunciation: bureze
origin: braiser (fr.)
keyword: food
translation: simmer


pronunciation: buriichi
origin: bleach (eg.)
keyword: fabric
translation: bleach (n.)
ブリーチする: buriichisuru: bleach (v.)


pronunciation: buriidaa
origin: breeder (eg.)
keyword: pet
translation: breeder


pronunciation: buriihu
origin: briefs (eg.)
keyword: clothes
translation: briefs


pronunciation: burijji
origin: bridge (eg.)
keyword: construction , medicine , game
translation: bridge (n.), dental bridge, bridge game
ブリッジする: burijjisuru: bridge (v.), play bridge
ブリッジを掛ける: burijjiokakeru: fix a bridge <<<
ロンドンブリッジ: rondonburijji: London Bridge <<< ロンドン
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