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pronunciation: paparachi
other spells: パパラッチ
origin: paparazzi (it.)
keyword: show
translation: paparazzi


pronunciation: papurika
origin: paprika (hu.)
keyword: vegetable
translation: bell pepper
check also: ピーマン


pronunciation: paradaimu
origin: paradigm (eg.)
keyword: grammar
translation: paradigm


pronunciation: paradokkusu
origin: paradox (eg.)
keyword: science
translation: paradox
パラドックスな: paradokkusuna: paradoxical
check also: 逆説


pronunciation: parafin
origin: paraffin (eg.)
keyword: chemistry , material
translation: paraffin
パラフィンを塗る: parafinnonuru: coat with paraffin <<<
パラフィン紙: parafinshi: paraffin paper <<<
パラフィン油: parafinnyu: paraffin oil, liquid paraffin <<<


pronunciation: paraguai
origin: Paraguay (es.)
keyword: america
translation: Paraguay
パラグアイの: paraguaino: Paraguayan (a.)
パラグアイ人: paraguaijin: Paraguayan (people) <<<


pronunciation: parameetaa
origin: parameter (eg.)
keyword: mathematics
translation: parameter


pronunciation: paranoia
origin: paranoia (eg.)
keyword: psychology
translation: paranoia


pronunciation: pareedo
origin: parade (eg.)
keyword: fest
translation: parade (n.), cavalcade
パレードする: pareedosuru: parade (v.)
ヒット・パレード: hittopareedo: hit parade, top of the pops <<< ヒット
優勝パレード: yuushoupareedo: triumphal procession <<< 優勝
check also: 行列


pronunciation: paresuchina
origin: Palästina (de.)
keyword: asia
translation: Palestine
パレスチナの: paresuchinano: Palestinian (a.)
パレスチナ人: paresuchinajin: Palestinian (people) <<<
パレスチナ問題: paresuchinamondai: Palestinian problem <<< 問題

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