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pronunciation: zero
origin: zero (eg.)
keyword: mathematics , sport
translation: zero (n.), cipher, nought, naught, nothing
ゼロの: zerono: zero (a.)
ゼロ敗する: zerohaisuru: get a shutout <<<
ゼロ戦: zerosen: Zero Fighter (WWII Japanese fighter plane) <<<
ゼロ成長: zeroseichou: zero growth <<< 成長
ゼロ歳児: zerosaiji: baby less than one year old
ゼロ番目: zerobanme: zeroth
ゼロエミッション: zeroemisshon: zero emission
ゼロゲーム: zerogeemu: love game, shutout <<< ゲーム
ゼロメートル: zeromeetoru: zero meter, sea-level <<< メートル
ゼロクーポン債: zerokuuponsai: zero-coupon bond <<<
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pronunciation: zonbi
origin: zombie (eg.)
keyword: fantasy
translation: zombie


pronunciation: zubon
origin: jupon (fr.)
keyword: clothes
translation: trousers, pants
ズボンを穿く: zubonnohaku: wear [put on] trousers <<< 穿
ズボンを脱ぐ: zubonnonugu: take off trousers <<<
ズボン下: zubonshita: drawers, underpants <<<
ズボン吊: zubontsuri: suspenders, braces <<<
ズボン掛: zubonkake: trouser hanger <<<
ズボンの折目: zubonnnoorime: crease
ズボンのポケット: zubonnnopoketto: trouser pocket <<< ポケット
半ズボン: hanzubon: knee breeches, knickerbockers, Bermuda shorts <<<
革ズボン: kawazubon: leather pants <<<
縞ズボン: shimazubon: striped trousers <<<
ゴルフズボン: goruhuzubon: golf trouser <<< ゴルフ
ラッパズボン: rappazubon: bell-bottomed trousers <<< ラッパ
乗馬ズボン: joubazubon: jodhpurs, riding breeches <<< 乗馬
check also: パンツ


pronunciation: zukkiini
origin: zucchini (it.)
keyword: vegetable
translation: zucchini, courgette


pronunciation: zukku
origin: doek (nl.)
keyword: footwear
translation: duck, canvas
ズックの靴: zukkunokutsu: canvas shoes <<<
check also: キャンバス


pronunciation: zuumu
origin: zoom (eg.)
keyword: optics
translation: zoom (n.)
ズームする: zuumusuru: zoom (v.)
ズーム・レンズ: zuumurenzu: zoom lens <<< レンズ
synonyms: 拡大

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