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Kagawa Prefecture

alternative words: Kagawaken prefecture, Kagawa, Kagawaken, Kagawa ken
keywords: prefecture, shikoku
related topics: Kotohira shrine , Setoohashi bridge , Shikoku island , Takamatsu city
related web sites:
explanation: Kagawa prefecture occupies the north-eastern part of Shikoku region, facing Inland Sea. Its surface is 1,882 km2 and the population 1 million. The prefectural office is at Takamatsu City. Having a small rainfall, many reservoirs have been created to cultivate rice. Now, the farmers are diversifying products like peach, orange, olive, poultry. The industries like chemistry, machinery and shipyards are active and further development is expected by a newly opened bridge junction with Honshu.

Kagoshima bay

鹿児島湾 錦江湾
alternative words: Kagoshima inlet, Kagoshimawan bay, Kagoshimawan, Kagoshima wan, Kinko bay, Kinko wan
keywords: sea, volcano
related topics: Kagoshima prefecture , Kagoshima city , Sakurajima , Kyushu island
explanation: Located in south Kyushu between Satsuma peninsula in the west and Osumi peninsula in the east, Kagoshima bay has originated from 2 huge volcanic explosions which formed Aira caldera in the north and Ibusuki caldera in the south. The north-south length is about 70 km while the west-east width, 20km. The waters is profound and owns many good harbors such as Kogoshima, Ibusuki and Tarumizu. A part of the coasts belongs to Kirishima Yaku national park.

Kagoshima city

鹿児島市 鹿児島
alternative words: Kagoshimashi city, Kagoshimashi, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima shi, Kagoshima
keywords: kyushu, town
related topics: Kagoshima prefecture , Sakurajima , Okinawa prefecture , Kagoshima bay
related web sites:
explanation: Located on the western shore of Kagoshima bay, the prefectural office is settled there. It has developed as a castle town of Shimazu clan who was controlling south Kyushu. Because of the vicinity to an active volcano, Sakurajima, the town is frequently compared to Naples. Other tourist spots are the remaining of Kagoshima castle (Shiro Yama) and the private garden of seigniors (Iso Teien). It is also a starting point to island chain (Nansei shoto) which spans up to Okinawa. The population is 530,000.

Kagoshima Prefecture

鹿児島県 鹿児島
alternative words: Kagoshimaken prefecture, Kagoshima, Kagoshimaken, Kagoshima ken
keywords: kyushu, prefecture
related topics: Yaku Island , Tane Island , Mt. Kirishima , Amami island , Kagoshima city , Ibusuki city , Kagoshima bay
related web sites: ,
explanation: Kagoshima prefecture occupies the southern part of Kyushu region, facing Pacific Ocean. Its surface is 9,165 km2 and the population 1.8 million. The prefectural office is at Kagoshima City. Traditional agricultural products were potatoes, tobaccos and sugar canes. Now the farmers are shifting their products to fruits, vegetable and dairy farming. There exist some gold and iron mines. Volcano like Mts. Kirishima and Sakurajima attract many tourists. The forest of Yaku island is famous too.

Kamakura City

鎌倉市 鎌倉
alternative words: Kamakurashi city, Kamakura, Kamakurashi, Kamakura shi
keywords: kanagawa, tourist resort, town
related topics: Kanagawa Prefecture , Great Buddha of Kamakura , Hachimangu Shrine
related web sites: ,
explanation: Kamakura being the town where Minamotono-Yoritomo opened a Shogunate in 1192, it has many shrines, temples and other historic spots, and is considered a representative tourist resort of Shonan Region. Moreover, there are many luxurious residences and villas, and recently many people have begun to go working to Tokyo Region from there. Its population is 175,000. You can access it by train from Tokyo Station (about 1 hour of trip).

Kameyama city

亀山市 亀山
alternative words: Kemeyamashi, Kameyama
keywords: town
related topics: Tsu city , Mie prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in the north of Mie prefecture, between Yokkaichi and Tsu cities, near Suzuka circuit, Kameyama was a prosperous post town during Edo period. Kameya is now renown for a modern factory of LCD panels belonging to Sharp rather than the old candle industry. Its population is about 40,000.


alternative words: Kami-kochi, Kami kochi, Kamikochi mountain, Kamikouchi, Kami-kouchi, Kami kouchi
keywords: mountain, nagano, tourist resort
related topics: Nagano Prefecture , Mt. Hotaka , Mt. Yake
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: Kamikouchi is one of the most famous mountain resorts in Japan. It is a small basin created by the Yake volcano which came to block Azusa River by explosions. It is an ideal site to admire Mt. Hotaka covered by snow and its surroundings. You can not enter the area with a private car.

Kamo river

alternative words: Kamogawa river, Kamogawa, Kamo-gawa, Kamo gawa
keywords: kyoto, river
related topics: Kyoto city , Kyoto prefecture , Lake Biwa
explanation: Taking its source in Tanba highland, Kamo river goes through Kyoto city from north to south and flows into Katsura river which comes from Lake Biwa. Though very tiny (35 km), it has appeared frequently in Japanese history as the main river of Kyoto, ancient capital.

Kanagawa Prefecture

alternative words: Kanagawaken prefecture, Kanagawa, Kanagawaken, Kanagawa ken
keywords: kanagawa, prefecture
related topics: Kamakura City , Yokohama City , Yokosuka City , Kawasaki city , Hakone , Odawara city , Miura peninsula , Aqualine , Yomiuri Land
related web sites: ,
explanation: Kanagawa prefecture occupies the southern part of Kanto region just adjacent to Tokyo from the south. Its surface is 2,402 km2 and the population 7.4 millions. The prefectural office is at Yokohama City. The north-eastern part is well urbanized around Yokohama and Kawasaki, 2 big cities, with many factories on Tokyo Bay area. Though heavily populated, Kanagawa has may tourist resorts like Shonan beach and old Kamakura town on the south, and Hakone on the west.

Kanazawa city

金沢市 金沢
alternative words: Kanazawashi city, Kanazawashi, Kanazawa shi, Kanazawa
keywords: town
related topics: Ishikawa prefecture , Kenrokuen garden
related web sites: ,
explanation: Capital of Ishikawa prefecture and its population is 430,000. It had developed first as the center of Buddhist Ikko sect then as the castle town of Maeda family during Edo period. For that reason, it still owns many handicraft industries such as pottery, lacquer ware, dyeing etc. As the center of Hokuriku region, there exist many governmental bureaus and private branch offices too. Kenrokuen is one of the most famous Japanese gardens.

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