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Muroran city

alternative words: Muroranshi city, Muroranshi, Muroran-shi, Muroran shi, Muroran
keywords: harbor, hokkaido, town
related topics: Hokkaido prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the south Hokkaido on the Pacific coast, Muroran appeared in the history as a trading post in 17th century. But its real development began in 19th century as a harbor to export coals of Ishikari mine. Later iron and steal factories were implemented and Muroran became a military's industry town. After the world war II, chemical and petroleum industry has been also developed. In 1998, Swan bridge crossing over the harbor was opened. The population is 108,000.


alternative words: Myojinsho reef, Myojin reef, Myojin sho, Myojinshou, Myojin shou
keywords: island, volcano
related topics: Hachijo island
related web sites:
explanation: Underwater volcano located at 130km south of Hachijo island, Myojinsho suddenly surfaced in September 1952 and formed an island with 500m high over the sea level. But after multiple explosions and sea erosion, the island disappeared in next year. The disappearance of an observation ship, Daigo Kaiyomaru with 31 crew members in 1952 shows the violence of its explosions. It exploded again in 1970 and currently its summit is 43m under waters.

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