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Suruga bay

alternative words: Surugawan bay, Surugawan, Suruga wan
keywords: sea
related topics: Shizuoka prefecture , Izu peninsula , Yaizu city , Shimizu city , Mt. Fuji
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located in the east of Shizuoka prefecture between Omaezaki cap in the west and Izu peninsula in the east, Surugawan is the deepest bay in Japan, reaching some points 2500m. For that reason, the deep sea fishing is prosperous. Izu peninsula coast belongs to Fuji Hakone Izu national park while the western shore has been industrialized recently with Shimizu and Yaezu as main harbors. Tagonoura on the northern shore is the best place to admire Mt Fuji.

Suwataisha Shrine

諏訪大社 諏訪神社
alternative words: Suwa taisha shrine, Suwataisha, Suwa Taisha, Suwa
keywords: nagano, shrine
related topics: Nagano Prefecture , Lake Suwa
related web sites:
explanation: One of the oldest shrines and located in Nagano Prefecture. Surrounded by high mountains at the lakeside, its site is wonderful. It is worshipping 2 gods, Prince Takeminakata and Princess Yasakatome. During an icy day of the winter, when the lake ice is cut to 2 parts, the people believe the 2 gods to have encountered (Omiwatari). Festival which consists to bring wooden pillars from mountains to rebuild buildings takes place each 7 years (Mihashirasai).

Suzuka city

鈴鹿市 鈴鹿
alternative words: Suzukashi city, Suzukashi, Suzuka shi, Suzuka
keywords: town
related topics: Mie prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: Town located in the north of Mie prefecture facing Ise bay. Being a regional center in the old times, it had developed as a castle and post town during Edo period. Now it has become the second major industrial city in Mie after Yokkaichi city. The main industries are chemistry, machinery, automobile and paper. A formula one championship had taken place on the first Sunday of each October at Suzuka circuit until 2006 before moving to Fuji speedway near Mt. Fuji.

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