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Yaizu city

焼津市 焼津
alternative words: Yaizushi city, Yaizushi, Yaizu shi, Yaizu
keywords: harbor, town
related topics: Shizuoka prefecture , Suruga bay
related web sites:
explanation: Yaizu is one of the oldest locality names appeared in Japanese history because prince Yamatotakeru of 4th century was nearly killed by a surrounding fire put by his foes on a trip to conquer the eastern Japan. By the way, Yaizu means burning harbor. The actual town is located in the center of Shizuoka prefecture, facing Suruga bay. The harbor is a base for deep-sea fishery and owns many freezing and canning factories. The population is 117,000.

Yaku Island

alternative words: Yakushima Island, Yakushima, Yaku-shima, Yaku
keywords: island, kyushu, tourist resort, world heritage
related topics: Kagoshima Prefecture , Tane Island
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: Yakushima is an island located on the south of Osumi Peninsula of Kagoshima prefecture and its area covers about 500 km2. Mt. Miyanoura located at its center is the highest peak of Kyushu region. Being one of the rainiest zone in Japan, the mountainside is covered with a primeval forest of Yaku cedars of several thousands year old. Included in Kirishima Yaku National Park, it has developed recently as a popular tourist resort. There is a regular flight line from Kagoshima.

Yakushiji Temple

alternative words: Yakushi-ji Temple, Yakushi Temple, Yakushiji, Yakushi-ji, Yakushi ji
keywords: nara, temple, world heritage
related topics: Nara Prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: In the 9th year of Emperor Tenmu's reign (680), in order to pray for the recovery of his wife (later Empress Jito) from an illness, he began to construct Yakushiji Temple. After his death, she continued the work of her husband and completed it in the 11th year of her reign (697). At first, the temple was located in Fujiwara-kyo, the capital at that period, then moved to the actual place with other temples after Nara became the capital in the 3rd year of Wado era (710).

Yamagata Prefecture

alternative words: Yamagataken prefecture, Yamagata, Yamagataken, Yamagata-ken, Yamagata ken
keywords: prefecture, tohoku
related topics: Mt Gatsu , Mt Chokai
related web sites:
explanation: Yamagata prefecture occupies the south-western part of Tohoku region, facing Japanese Sea. Its surface is 9,326 km2 and the population 1.2 million. The prefectural office is at Yamagata City. As its name indicates, the region is very mountainous and its human activity is concentrated along the valley of Mogami River and on the sea shore plain which both own good rice fields. Being surround by high mountains like Mts. Chokai, Gatsu and Zaoh, there exist many ski resorts.

Yamaguchi Prefecture

alternative words: Yamaguchiken prefecture, Yamaguchi, Yamaguchiken, Yamaguchi-ken, Yamaguchi ken
keywords: prefecture
related topics: Iwakuni City , Akama Shrine , Kanmon bridge
related web sites:
explanation: Yamaguchi prefecture occupies the western part of Chugoku region, facing Inland Sea on the south and Japanese Sea on the north. Its surface is 6,105km2 and the population 1.6 million. The prefectural office is at Yamaguchi City. Farmers are producing rice, potatoes and oranges. The western region has a coal mine but it is now exhausted, while many modern industries like chemical, metallurgy and shipyards are developing on the southern region. Fishing is prosperous too.

Yamanashi Prefecture

alternative words: Yamanashiken prefecture, Yamanashi, Yamanashiken, Yamanashi-ken, Yamanashi ken
keywords: prefecture
related topics: Mt. Fuji , Kuonji Temple , Mt. Kita , Kofu city , Lake Kawaguchi , Fujiyoshida city , Linear motor train
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: Yamanashi prefecture occupies the eastern part of Chubu region, adjacent to Tokyo from west. Its surface is 4,463 km2 and the population 0.8 million. The prefectural office is at Kofu City. Yamanashi is surrounded by high mountains which attract may tourists. Traditionally, the rice culture is prosperous but the framers cultivate more and more fruits for citizens of Tokyo. Now the government is experimenting magnetic levitation trains in the eastern region.

Yasaka Shrine

alternative words: Yasakajinja Shrine, Yasakajinja, Yasaka-jinja, Yasaka jinja
keywords: kyoto, shrine
related topics: Kyoto City , Gion
related web sites:
explanation: Situated in the east of Kyoto City, the initial shrine was built in 667 to worship Japanese Sea God, Susanou no Mikoto and his wife Kushiinada-hime. The actual building, dated from 1654, keeps well the style of Heian Period. Its festival, Gion Matsuri is notorious.

Yasukuni Shrine

alternative words: Yasukunijinja Shrine, Yasukunijinja, Yasukuni-jinja, Yasukuni jinja, Yasukuni
keywords: shrine, tokyo
related topics: Tokyo Prefecture
related web sites:
explanation: Shrine located in Tokyo Prefecture at Kudan district. Initially founded in 1869 in order to enshrine the victims of Japanese civil war since 1853, those of all the subsequent wars like Russo-Japanese war of 1905 and WWII have been also added: now the number of enshrined souls is about 2.5 millions. The beauty of its cherry blossom trees in Spring is well known by inhabitants of Tokyo.

Yokohama City

横浜市 横浜
alternative words: Yokohamashi city, Yokohama, Yokohamashi, Yokohama-shi, Yokohama shi
keywords: harbor, kanagawa, town, world cup
related topics: Kanagawa Prefecture , Shomyoji Temple , Keihin electric express railway , Tokyu corporation
related web sites: ,
explanation: A solitary village on Tama Hill, Yokohama has developed quickly after an opening of its harbor, according to the Treaty of Commerce and Navigation between Japan and USA in 1859. Kannai District is the city center and in the reclamation land near Kawasaki, there is a concentration of large plants such as iron and steal industry, shipyards, chemical and refinery industry etc. Its population is 3 millions and has the office of Kanagawa prefecture. The final of world cup 2002 will take place there.

Yokosuka City

横須賀市 横須賀
alternative words: Yokosukashi city, Yokosuka, Yokosukashi, Yokosuka-shi
keywords: harbor, kanagawa, military base, town
related topics: Kanagawa Prefecture , Miura peninsula
related web sites:
explanation: Town located in the south-east of Kanagawa Prefecture at the base of Miura peninsula and facing Tokyo Bay. Since the government built a western style shipyards in 1865, it has developed always as a military harbor to protect Tokyo from the sea. The Japanese Military Academy as well as the headquarters of US 7th fleet are situated in this town. Its population is 430,000.

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