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Nagakute city

alternative words: Nagakute town, Nagakute
keywords: town
related topics: Aichi world exposition , Nagoya city , Toyota city
related web sites:
explanation: Located 10km east of Nagoya city and 15km north-west of Toyota city, Nagakute is well known for the ground of a great battle between Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and the coalition of Tokugawa Ieyasu and Oda Nobukatsu in 1584. The town of Nagakute hosts the 2005 universal expo of Aichi between March 25, 2005 and September 25, 2005. Initially, agricultural aria, many people now works in Nagoya city. The total population is at 43,000.

Nagano City

alternative words: Naganoshi city, Naganoshi, Nagano-shi, Nagano shi, Nagano
keywords: nagano, olympic games, town
related topics: Nagano Prefecture , Zenkoji Temple
related web sites:
explanation: Town located in the north of Nagano Prefecture. The population is 330,000 and the office of Nagano Prefecture is there. It had emerged as a temple town of Zenkoji Temple, and developed as a post town of Kitaguni road during Edo period. It is rather a consumer town but recently electric and textile industries have appeared. On the country side, the vegetable and apple cultures are prosperous. During Nagano Olympic games of 1998, the opening ceremony took place there.

Nagano Prefecture

alternative words: Naganoken prefecture, Nagano, Naganoken, Nagano-ken, Nagano ken
keywords: nagano, olympic games, prefecture, tourist resort
related topics: Matsumoto Castle , Karuizawa , Nagano City , Kamikochi , Suwataisha Shrine , Mt. Asama , Mt. Yari , Central Alps , South Alps , Mt. Yatsu
related web sites: , , , ,
explanation: Nagano prefecture occupies the central part of Chubu region. Its surface is 13,584 km2 and the population 2.1 millions. The prefectural office is at Nagano City. The prefecture owns many high mountains surpassing 3,000 m high while most of human activity is concentrated on the valleys. Though the cultivable surface is small, the farmers are yielding many vegetables and fruits. Recently, thanks to a pure air and waters, optical and electronics industry are developing.

Nagasaki City

alternative words: Nagasakishi city, Nagasakishi, Nagasaki shi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
keywords: harbor, kyushu, town
related topics: Nagasaki Prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: Town where the office of Nagasaki Prefecture is situated. The population is 0.5 million. Nagasaki had owned the monopoly of commerce with foreign countries from the beginning of 17th to the end of 19th. Though its role of international commerce has diminished, other industries like shipyards, electric and metallurgy has developed. It is also a great base of fishing in East China Sea. On August 9, 1945, an atomic bomb launched by Americans made 150,000 victims.

Nagasaki Prefecture

alternative words: Nagasakiken prefecture, Nagasaki, Nagasakiken, Nagasaki ken
keywords: kyushu, prefecture
related topics: Nagasaki city , Shimabara city , Sasebo city , Tsushima island , Iki island
related web sites:
explanation: Nagasaki prefecture occupies the north-western part of Kyushu region, facing East China Sea. Its surface is 4,111 km2 and the population 1.6 million. The prefectural office is at Nagasaki City. There exists a coal mine on the northern region but exhausted. Having many islands and good harbors, Nagasaki is a prefecture opened to the outside. It has many shipyards and connected industries like machinery and metallurgy. Fishing is prosperous and its beautiful coastal line is well known.


alternative words: Nagata-cho, Nagatachou, Nagata-chou
keywords: district, tokyo
related topics: Tokyo Prefecture , Imperial Palace , Kasumigaseki
related web sites: ,
explanation: District of Tokyo City located on the south-west of the Imperial Palace, contiguous to Kasumigaseki just over a street. You can find there the most important offices of Japan: the National Diet and the prime minister's office. In a news paper's jargon, Nagatacho means "Japanese central government", too. Administratively speaking, the district belongs to Chiyoda Ward.

Nago City

alternative words: Nagoshi city, Nagoshi, Nago-shi, Nago shi, Nago
keywords: g8, okinawa, town
related topics: Okinawa Prefecture
related web sites: ,
explanation: Located at the center of Okinawa Island, it was a peaceful resort town with beautiful beaches. Now, it is before a media projection since the central government has decided to transfer there a part of US military bases concentrated on the southern island. Moreover a G8 summit will be held in July 2000 at this town. The total population is about 50,000.

Nagoya castle

alternative words: Nagoyajo castle, Nagoyajo, Nagoya jo
keywords: castle
related topics: Nagoya city
related web sites:
explanation: Built in 1610 as a habitation of vice shogun, this majestic castle had been the symbol of Nagoya city with a pair of golden orca at the top of roof for a long time. Unfortunately it has been burned out completely by American bombing during WWII. It was rebuilt with concrete in 1959.

Nagoya City

alternative words: Nagoyashi city, Nagoya, Nagoyashi, Nagoya-shi
keywords: harbor, town
related topics: Aichi Prefecture , Atsuta Shrine , Nagoya castle , Kinki nippon railway
related web sites: ,
explanation: Town located in the west of Aichi Prefecture, at the bottom of Ise Bay. Its population is 2.1 millions. Nagoya has developed as a town-castle of the vice-shogunate since the beginning of Edo period in 17th century. During WWII, the town was wholly destroyed with its famous castle. Now it has been completely rebuilt with a new daring urban plan. Not only it is terminus and crossing point of many railroads but owns the third largest harbor of Japan.

Naha airport

那覇空港 那覇飛行場
alternative words: Okinawa airport, Naha international airport, Okinawa international airport
keywords: airport, okinawa
related topics: Okinawa prefecture , Naha city , Ishigaki island
related web sites:
explanation: Located in the southwest of Naha city on the sea shore, Naha airport is one of the largest airports in Japan with a runway of 3000m. It operates liaisons with not only major Japanese cities and Okinawa islands such as Ishigaki island but also some Asian cities such as Hong Kong and Taipei. You can get Naha airport from Naha city in 10 minutes by taxi. The construction of a second runway is planed on the sea due to an increase of passengers.

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