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pronunciation: daietto
origin: diet (eg.)
keyword: food , medicine
translation: diet (n.)
ダイエットの: daiettono: dietetic
ダイエットする: daiettosuru: diet (v.), go on a diet
ダイエット中: daiettochuu: on a diet <<<
ダイエット食品: daiettoshokuhin: dietetic food <<< 食品


pronunciation: daikiri
origin: daiquiri (es.)
keyword: drink
translation: daïquiri
check also: ラム


pronunciation: dainamaito
origin: dynamite (eg.)
keyword: weapon
translation: dynamite (n.)
ダイナマイトで爆破する: dainamaitodebakuhasuru: dynamite (v.)


pronunciation: dainamikku
origin: dynamic (eg.)
keyword: mechanics
translation: dynamic
ダイナミックな: dainamikkuna


pronunciation: daiokishin
origin: dioxin (eg.)
keyword: chemistry , environment
translation: dioxin


pronunciation: daioodo
origin: diode (eg.)
keyword: electricity
translation: diode


pronunciation: daiyamondo
other spells: ダイアモンド, ダイヤ
origin: diamond (eg.)
keyword: accessory
translation: diamond
ダイヤモンド針: daiyamondobari: diamond stylus <<<
ダイヤモンド婚式: daiyamondokonshiki: diamond wedding
ダイヤモンド婚: daiyamondokon <<<


pronunciation: dakkusuhundo
other spells: ダックスフント
origin: Dachshund (de.)
keyword: pet
translation: dachshund (dog)
ダックスフンド犬: dakkusuhundoken <<<


pronunciation: dakota
origin: Dakota (eg.)
keyword: usa
translation: Dakota
南ダコタ: minamidakota: South Dakota <<< , サウスダコタ
南ダコタの: minamidakotano: South Dakotan
北ダコタ: kitadakota: North Dakota <<< , ノースダコタ
北ダコタの: kitadakotano: North Dakotan


pronunciation: dakuto
origin: duct (eg.)
keyword: construction
translation: duct
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