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pronunciation: depaato
origin: department (eg.)
keyword: business
translation: department store
ターミナルデパート: taaminarudepaato: department store at a terminal station <<< ターミナル
check also: 百貨店


pronunciation: derakkusu
origin: deluxe (eg.)
translation: luxury furnishing [equipment]
デラックスな: derakkusuna: deluxe
デラックス版: derakkusuban: deluxe edition <<<
check also: 豪華


pronunciation: derawea
origin: Delaware (eg.)
keyword: usa
translation: Delaware
デラウェアの: deraweano: Delawarean
デラウェア州: deraweashuu: State of Delaware <<<
デラウェア川: deraweagawa: Delaware River <<<


pronunciation: deribatibu
origin: derivative (eg.)
keyword: finance
translation: derivative financial instruments, derivative
デリバティブ投信: deribatibutoushin: derivatives investment trust <<< 投信
check also: 派生


pronunciation: deriheru
origin: delivery health (eg.)
keyword: sex , health
translation: (a kind of) prostitution
デリヘル嬢: deriherujou: (a kind of) prostitute <<<


pronunciation: derikatessen
origin: Delikatessen (de.)
keyword: gastronomy
translation: delicatessen, fancy foods


pronunciation: derikeeto
origin: delicate (eg.)
translation: delicate, subtile
デリケートな: derikeetona
check also: 繊細


pronunciation: dessan
origin: dessin (fr.)
keyword: art
translation: sketch (n.), dessin
デッサンする: dessansuru: sketch (v.), make a dessin
check also: スケッチ


pronunciation: desuku
origin: desk (eg.)
keyword: office , computer
translation: desk, desk editor
デスク・ワーク: desukuwaaku: desk work
デスク・トップ: desukutoppu: desktop (computer) <<< トップ
デスクトップ・パソコン: desukutoppupasokon
デスクトップ・パブリッシング: desukutoppupaburisshingu: desktop publishing
check also:


pronunciation: detoroito
origin: Detroit (eg.)
keyword: usa
translation: Detroit
デトロイト市: detoroitoshi: City of Detroit <<<
デトロイト・タイガース: detoroitotaigaasu: Detroit Tigers (an American baseball team)
デトロイト・ライオンズ: detoroitoraionzu: Detroit Lions (an American football team)
check also: ミシガン

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