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pronunciation: merutodaun
origin: meltdown (eg.)
keyword: energy
translation: meltdown (of a nuclear reactor)
check also: 熔解


pronunciation: meshia
origin: Messiah (eg.)
keyword: religion
translation: Messiah


pronunciation: messeeji
origin: message (eg.)
keyword: communication
translation: message
メッセージを送る: messeejiookuru: send a message <<<
ショート・メッセージ: shootomesseeji: short message service, SMS, texting <<< ショート
check also: 通信


pronunciation: messenjaa
origin: messenger (eg.)
keyword: biology
translation: messenger
メッセンジャーRNA: messenger RNA


pronunciation: messhu
origin: mesh (eg.)
keyword: fabric
translation: mesh
メッシュの: messhuno: meshy, meshed


pronunciation: metabo
origin: metabolic syndrome (eg.)
keyword: medicine
translation: metabolic syndrome


pronunciation: metan
origin: Methan (de.)
keyword: chemistry
translation: methane
メタンガス: metangasu: methane gas, marsh gas <<< ガス
check also: エタン


pronunciation: metanooru
origin: methanol (eg.)
keyword: chemistry
translation: methanol
メタノール車: metanoorusha: methanol fueled vehicle <<<
メタノール燃料: metanoorunenryou: fuel methanol <<< 燃料
check also: アルコール , エタノール


pronunciation: metoronoomu
origin: Metronom (de.)
keyword: music
translation: metronome


pronunciation: mezon
origin: meson (eg.), maison (fr.)
keyword: physics
translation: meson, maison
メゾン一刻: mezonnikkoku: Maison Ikkoku (a Japanese anime of Rumiko Takahashi, 2003)
check also: 建物

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