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alternative words: Zen sect, Zenshu, Zen shu
keywords: buddhism, china, religion, sect
related topics: Daruma , Buddhism , Kamakura period , Rinzai sect , Myoan Yosai , Soto sect , Eihe Dogen
related web sites: ,
explanation: One of Buddhist doctrines which gives an importance to the meditation and existed in India since old times. Daruma (Bodhidharma) propagated it to China around 5th century. In Japan it arrived during Nara period but hadn't become popular until Kamakura period when Eisai and Dogen brought from China respectively Rinzai and Soto teachings. Then, Zen gave great influences to Japanese architecture and literature. Zen comes from dhyana in Sanskrit, i.e. "meditation".

Zenkunen Gosannen war

前九年・後三年の役 前九年の役 後三年の役
alternative words: Zenkunen Gosannen disturbance, Zenkunen Gosannen no eki, Zenkunen war, Gosannen war, Zenkunen no eki, Gosannen no eki
keywords: war
related topics: Ezo , Heian period , Genji
related web sites: , ,
explanation: 2 large wars in Tohoku region during Heian period. Zenkunen war was provoked by Abe no Yoritoki which refused to give the tax collected in his fief. Yamato court sent Minamoto no Yoriyoshi in 1051 to beat him. The disturbance was put down in 1062 with an aid of Kiyohara clan. Gosannen war was provoked by a family quarrel of Kiyohara clan in 1083 and put down by Minamoto no Yoshiie in 1087. After the wars, the eastern Japan became a power base of Genji clan.

Zero fighter

零式艦上戦闘機 零戦
alternative words: Zerosen, Reisen, Zero sen, Rei sen, Zeroshiki kanjo sentoki, Reishiki kanjo sentoki, Zero
keywords: weapon, world war 2
related topics: Emperor Jimmu
related web sites: , ,
explanation: The main fighter of Japanese navy during world war II with more than 10,000 examples. Created by Mitsubishi by using an engine of Nakajima hikoki (actual Fuji heavy industry), initially it surpassed any allied planes by its astonishing performance (maximum speed 560 km/h, range 3000 km with an auxiliary tank, 2x20 mm guns) and agility but soon surpassed by new American fighters such as p-38. Its name comes from the year of release, 1940, corresponding to 2600th year from emperor Jinmu.

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