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饂飩 うどん
alternative words: Udon noodles
keywords: food
related topics: Soy sauce , Tempura , Kamaboko , Muromachi period , Edo period
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explanation: Introduced from China in 8th century, udon had been first consumed only by the nobility before spreading among the population in Muromachi period. Its popularity surpassed that of soba during Edo period, thanks to a progress of shoyu production. Udon is composed of flour noodles, dipped into a bowl of shoyu based soup, and consumed with other Japanese ingredients such as tempura, kamaboko (paste of fish flesh), or aburaage (fried tofu), seasoned with red peppers. Today, it is also consumed with curry soup.

Uesugi Harunori

上杉治憲 上杉鷹山
alternative words: Uesugi Yozan, Uesugi Youzan, Harunori Uesugi, Yozan Uesugi, Harunori, Yozan
keywords: famous person, statesman
related topics: Daimyo , Uesugi Kenshin
related web sites: ,
explanation: Born in 1751 in a small daimyo of Kyushu, he inherited in 1767 Yonezawa domain of Tohoku region. Though Yonezawa domain was descent of Uezsugi Kenshin, the fief had become much smaller while there was a great famine. In order to overcome the unprecedented economic crisis, Harunori recommended a thriftiness while extended the fields and introduced textile industry by learning himself the technique. He was considered one of the most successful economy reformers of Edo period.

Uesugi Kenshin

上杉謙信 長尾景虎
alternative words: Kenshin Uesugi, Kenshin
keywords: famous person, war lord
related topics: Sengoku period , Takeda Shingen , Kanto Kanrei , Bishamonten
related web sites:
explanation: Born in 1530 in a Uesugi's sub branch, Nagao family, who was charged to administer Niigata region (Shugo dai). Though Uesugi had a responsibility over the whole Kanto region (Kanto kanrei), they had been weaken by Hojo family. So Shingen succeeded his overlord to restore his feud by fighting against Hojo and his allied, Takeda Shingen. Kenshin and Shingen crashed 5 times at Kawanakajima in northern Ngano but the battles had been never conclusive. He died in 1578 due to an cerebral paralysis.


alternative words: Ukiyo-e, Ukiyo e, Japanese woodprint, Woodprint
keywords: art, ukiyoe
related topics: Edo period , Hishikawa Moronobu , Suzuki Harunobu , Ando Hiroshige , Katsushika Hokusai , Kitagawa Utamaro , Shunga , Nishikie
related web sites: , , , ,
explanation: Woodprint art appeared in Edo period. Thanks to a long warless state and prosperous merchant activity, this form of art had been extremely popular in Japan. The preferred subjects were at the beginning the face of actors and beautiful girls, but shifted later to the famous landscapes and travel scenery. Katsushika Hokusai and Ando Hiroshige were among the most famous artists. Ukiyoe means "pictures of the floating world" in Japanese.


alternative words: Kabayaki, Japanese eel, Eel
keywords: food
related topics: Nara period , Edo period , Soy sauce
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Japanese have eaten eels since Nara period for its medicinal effect but the actual cooking method has been generalized since Edo period. It consists to broil opened and boned unagi's body on charcoal (in Kanto region, it is lightly steamed beforehand) and seasoned with teriyaki sauce (sauce made by boiling together soy sauce, mirin and sugar). Now unagi is consumed in any season but it is mostly appreciated at the high summer season (Doyo no hi) because of its tonic effect.


alternative words: Unke
keywords: artist, buddhism, famous person
related topics: Kamakura period , Buddhism , Nyorai , Kongo rikishi
explanation: Buddhist sculptor of the early Kamakura period. His masculine and dynamic style appealed to the warriors of the Kamakura period who had just taken political powers from Kyoto's aristocrats. As his master pieces, we can quote "Dainichi Nyorai" statue at Enjoji Temple and "Kongo Rikishi" statue at Todaiji Temple, both being located at Nara city. His birth day unknown, died in 1223.


裏千家 裏千家流
alternative words: Ura senke, Urasenkeryu, Urasenke ryu, Urasenke school
keywords: school
related topics: Tea ceremony , Sen no Rikyu , Omotesenke
related web sites:
explanation: One of the 3 main tea ceremony schools together with Omotesenke and Mushanokoji senke. The school was founded by Sen no Soshitsu (1622-97), the 4th son of Sotan who was a grandchild of the famous tea master, Sen no Rikyu. Urasenke means "backside Senke" because his house was located behind Omotesenke which means "outside Senke". Urasenke is notorious for its activity in the overseas teaching.


alternative words: Urashima-taro, Urashima taro, Urashimataro tale, Urashimatarou, Urashima tarou
keywords: mythology, tale
related topics: Muromachi period , Fudoki
related web sites: ,
explanation: History included in a tale book, "Otogi Zoushi" of Muromachi period. It tells the history of a man who saved a turtle bothered by children. Suddenly she transformed herself to a court lady and brought him to the sea palace. After months of stay, he wanted to return back to home. So she gave him a decorated box as gift but banned to open it. When he returned back to home, nobody recognized him. When he opened the box, he was caught by the time of 300 years and had died.

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