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Noguchi Hideyo

alternative words: Hideyo Noguchi
keywords: famous person, scholar
related topics: Meiji period
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Japanese bacteriologist, born in 1876 in Fukushima prefecture. He worked his way through school to become a doctor. In 1900, he immigrated to America to become a research assistant at Pennsylvania university then Rockefeller institute. He won a reputation of great scientist by discovering the agent of syphilis disease in 1911. In 1928, he died in Africa during his research on yellow fever by contracting himself this disease.


alternative words: Nou, No, Noh drama, Noh theater, Noh play, Noh dance
keywords: theater
related topics: Sarugaku , Kyogen , Muromachi period , Ashikaga Yoshimitsu , Azuchi Momoyama period , Shite , Noh mask
related web sites: ,
explanation: Originated from an itinerant theater of Muromachi period "Sarugaku", it has taken the actual form thanks to artistic researches of Kan-ami and his son Ze-ami between 14th and 15 centuries. Many shoguns and war lords such as Ashikaga Yoshimitsu had appreciated and protected this art because of its simplicity. It is played with one or two masked persons on a small platform with virtually no decor, accompagned with chorus (hayashi). Shite is the main player and the director of Noh drama.

Noh mask

alternative words: Nomen, Noumen, No men, Nou men
keywords: theater
related topics: Noh , Sarugaku , Muromachi period , Sengoku period
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: Masks used in Noh drama. Made with woods, mostly "hinoki" (Japanese cypress), its size is little smaller than an average adult face. Originated from masks of sarugaku during Muromachi period, initially there was a proliferation of free expressions, then standardized during late Sengoku period to about 200 varieties. They are classified according to characters: young woman, handsome man, old man, revengeful ghost, demon. Some masks can give different expressions by changing the inclination.

Nomonhan incident

ノモンハン事件 ノモンハン
alternative words: Nomonhan jiken, Halha incident, Nomonhan war, Nomonhan, Khalkhin Gol, Khalkin Ghol, Halkin Gol
keywords: china, event, russia, war, world war 2
related topics: Manshukoku , Guandong army
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: After a secret agreement, Russia created Mongolian people's republic and Japan, Manchukuo but the frontier had not been clearly defined and a border crash took place in summer 1939. First Japanese Guandong army beat the small Mongolian army but Russia sent the best mechanized divisions and beat severely ill equipped Japanese. Moreover Germany and Russia concluded no aggression pact in August, the idea to consider Russia as a potential enemy retreated and Anglo-Saxon replaced it.


keywords: buddhism, god
related topics: Kannon , Buddhism
explanation: One of epithets of Buddha. The translation of the Sanskrit word "tathagata" and means "those who came from the truth". For example, Shaka Nyorai (the historical Buddha Sakyamuni) has returned back to the earth to save the people after having reached the truth. Yakushi Nyorai, a god of healing, is another example.

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