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Muromachi shogunate

alternative words: Muromachi bakufu, Ashikaga shogunate, Ashikaga bakufu
keywords: office, shogun
related topics: Muromachi period , Shogunate , Ashikaga Takauji , Ashikaga Yoshimitsu , Oda Nobunaga , Onin war , Shugo
related web sites: ,
explanation: Shogunate opened by Ashikaga Takauji in 1336. Its political system was similar to Kamakura shogunate but the territorial controls scarcely extended beyond the region of Kyoto: each province had been administered by a powerful local seignior, called "Shugo Daimyo". Kanto region had been administered by Kanto Kanryo and Kyushu region by Kyushu Tandai. After Onin war, the shogunate became a symbolic institution and this pushed Oda Nobunaga to suppress it in 1573.

Musashimaru Koyo

武蔵丸光洋 武蔵丸
alternative words: Musashimaru
keywords: famous person, foreigner, sumo
related topics: Sumo , Yokozuna
related web sites: ,
explanation: Born on May 2, 1971 in Samoa island and educated in Hawaii, he is the second foreign born sumo wrestler who has reached the rank of a great champion, Yokozuna. He won 7 times championship in the national tournaments and belongs to the stable of Musashigawa, contrary to other Hawaii born sumo wrestlers.

Mutsu Munemitsu

alternative words: Munemitsu Mutsu
keywords: famous person, meiji revolution, statesman
related topics: Sino-Japanese war , Shimonoseki treaty , Meiji revolution , Han , Sakamoto Ryoma , Seinan war , Ito Hirobumi
related web sites:
explanation: Born in 1844 in a samurai family of Ki domain. He left his han very young and enrolled into Kaientai of Sakamoto Ryoma to overthrow Edo shogunate. After Meiji revolution, he carried out a tax reform as high ranking official but was jailed for a participation to Seinan war. After an amnesty, he entered foreign ministry and became foreign minister of Ito Hirobumi in 1892. He succeeded to modify an unequal custom treaty with Great Britain in 1894 and led the diplomacy of Sino-Japanese war. He died in 1897.

Myoan Yosai

明庵栄西 栄西
alternative words: Myoan Eisai, Yosai Myoan, Eisai Myoan, Yosai, Eisai
keywords: buddhism, china, famous person, priest
related topics: Rinzai sect , Tendai sect , Zen , Kamakura shogunate
explanation: Born in 1141 in a samurai family of Okayama prefecture. He learned first Esoteric Buddhism from Tendai sect of Mt Hiei. He went 2 times to China (1168 and 1186) to learn Zen, then opened the first Japanese Zen temple, Seifukuji, in Fukuoka. When he went to Kyoto to propagate Zen, he was persecuted by Tendai sect and had to flee to Kamakura. There he built Jufukuji temple under a patronage of Kamakura shogunate, then Kenninji temple at Kyoto. He died in 1215.

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