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keywords: anime, company, evangelion
related topics: Secret of blue water , Evangelion , TV Tokyo
related web sites:
explanation: Producer of cartoons and video games founded in December 1984. You can quote as their main works: Nadia (cartoon for the national TV, NHK, March 1990), Silent Mebius (video game for personal computers, August 1990), Princess Maker (video game for personal computers, February 1991), Evangelion (cartoon for TV Tokyo, October 1995).

Galaxy Express 999

alternative words: Galaxie Express 999
keywords: anime, manga, title
related topics: Leiji Matsumoto
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Manga and anime created by Leiji Matsumoto. In a distant future, the mankind could be immortal by replacing their body with machine parts. Main character, Testuro, goes in search of that method with a beautiful woman, Marina, on the board of a space train, Express 999. Manga has been published in a weekly magazine, Shonen King, between January 1977 and November 1981, at the same time TV anime between September 1978 and March 1981.

Game & Watch

alternative words: Game watch, Game and watch
keywords: machine, model, nintendo
related topics: Nintendo
related web sites:
explanation: Portable game video device released by Nintendo in April 1980. Contrary to their successors, like Game Boy, the game is not interchangeable. In spite of this handicap and an expensive price (5000 yens for only one game), it was a huge hit among Japanese school kids because the concept of a portable game device had been unknown at that time. Unfortunately for Nintendo, the machine being protected by no patents, the market has been quickly invaded by the imitations.

Game Boy

alternative words: Gameboy
keywords: machine, model, nintendo
related topics: Nintendo , Pokemon , Gameboy advance
related web sites:
explanation: Portable game device released by Nintendo in April 1989. This technical wonder has immediately delighted the youngsters of the world by its miniature size and performance: Since then, they can play favorite games everywhere, in bus, in train even in school. The initial version had only black and white screen but now a color version has been released with Pokemon as the flagship software.

Game Center

ゲームセンター ゲーセン
keywords: game, general
explanation: In Japan, some game makers possess an own chain of game centers like Sega or Taito. Many new video games have been tested there before released on the market.

Game Gear

alternative words: Gamegear
keywords: machine, model, sega
related topics: Sega
explanation: Portable game device released by Sega. In spite of its exceptional performance for portable devices of that period, i.e. a color screen and a possibility to watch TV by adding a tuner, it has not been successful because of its weight and a great consumption of the battery.

Game machine

alternative words: Game device
keywords: game, general
related topics: Console
explanation: There exist 2 categories of game machines: consoles (consumer game machine) for home usage and arcade machines for game centers.

Gameboy advance

alternative words: Game boy advance
keywords: machine, model, nintendo
related topics: Game Boy , Nintendo
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Expected in March 200 with the price of 9800 yens, it is a major upgrade of the famous Nintendo's Gameboy. Its screen (32,000 colors, 240x160 dots) is 50% bigger than the old Gameboy and the CPU is 32 bit RISC instead of 8 bits. Moreover, you can connect up to 4 machines with a special cable (1400 yens) to enjoy a multi-play if the game supports it. The machine is compatible with the games developed for the old Gameboy and Gameboy color.


keywords: magazine, title
related topics: Sanpei Shirato , Legend of kamui , Shigeru Mizuki , Yoshiharu Tsuge , Nejishiki
related web sites: ,
explanation: Magazine created by Katsuichi Nagai in September 1964, in order to publish "Legend of Kamui" of Sanpei Shirato. It is destined to advanced manga readers and of which interests are to promote sophisticated drawing technique and quality scenario rather than commercial ones. Once "Legend of kamui" finished, the magazine began to have financial difficulty and was bought by another company. Shigeru Mizuki and Yoshiharu Tsuge have been "discovered" by this magazine.


alternative words: Gat-chan, Gat chan, Norimaki Gajira
keywords: character, dr. slump
related topics: Dr. Slump
explanation: Friend of Arale in Dr. Slump. he has born from an unearthed old egg et eats everything excepting for rubber. His name alludes to a Japanese monster, "Godzilla", because in Japanese people don't distinguish "l" from "r".

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