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Sea of Corruption

alternative words: Wasteland, Fukai
keywords: diverse, nausicaa
related topics: Nausicaa of the valley of wind
explanation: In manga/anime of Nausicaa, it is a immense forest appeared on the earth after an environmental disaster. Inhabited by the monsters and emits continuously a toxic air, it threatens the remaining land by becoming larger and larger.

Secret of blue water

alternative words: The secret of blue water, Fushigina umi no Nadia, Nadia
keywords: anime
related topics: Gainax
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Anime created by Gainax and broadcasted by NHK between April 1990 and April 1991. During Paris exposition in 1889, Jean, a boy who loves the invention encounters Nadia, a girl who is working in circus and owns a mysterious blue jewel. Because of this stone, they will be tracked by a gang, Neo Atlantis but saved by a submarine, Nautilus led by captain Nemo. Base on a classic of Jules Verne, this is the first TV cartoon created by Gainax.


alternative words: Sega Enterprise
keywords: company, game, sega
related topics: Mega Drive , Sega Saturn , Dreamcast , Shenmue
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Maker of game machines and video games. Founded in 1951, initially it was making machines for game centers. After the progress of electronics had made possible their miniaturization, it has entered the home market. The most known ones are Mega Drive (October 1988), Sega Saturn (November 1994) and finally Dreamcast (November 1998). It publishes also software like "Sonic the hedgehog" and possesses an own chain of game centers in Japan. Sega is an abbreviation of "Service Game".

Sega Rally Championship

alternative words: Sega Rally, SRC, Sega Rally 2
keywords: game, sega, title
related topics: Sega , Sega Saturn , Dreamcast
related web sites:
explanation: Video game of a car race simulation (rally). It is the first car race game which made a real hit, thanks to 3D graphics and a perfect music. First, Saturn version was released in December 1995 from an almost complete adaptation of the arcade version. Its successor, Saga Rally II which includes a choice of more vehicles was released in January 1999 for Dreamcast. There exists a Windows version, too.

Sega Saturn

keywords: machine, model, sega
related topics: Sega , Mega Drive , Dreamcast
related web sites:
explanation: 32 bits console released by Sega in November 1994, in joint venture with Hitachi, JVC et Yamaha. Its system, being based on several cpu, has made this machine very efficient as regards graphics and sounds. Though it has lost the battle for controlling the market against Play Station, it still remains very popular among fans of video games because of its exceptional performance. The name of Saturn comes from the fact that it is the 6th planet and also the 6th machine made by Sega.


alternative words: Senior, Elder
keywords: general
related topics: Kohai
explanation: Person who is at the superior class of the same school or has already finished the study.


keywords: general
related topics: Bishojo Senshi
explanation: Soldier or warrior. "Bishojo Senshi" means "pretty soldiers"


keywords: dragon ball, thing
related topics: Dragon Ball , Lord Karin
explanation: Homeopathic product with a great power of recovery in Dragon Ball. It is produced by Lord Karin.

Serena Tsukino

alternative words: Usagi Tsukino, Tsukino Usagi
keywords: character, sailormoon
related topics: Sailormoon
explanation: Main heroine of Sailormoon. High school girl of 14 years old and blond hairs, her weak point is to be crybaby. Her name comes from a pun: "Tsukino Usagi" means in Japanese "rabbits on the moon" because old Japanese believed that a shade on its surface should be due to its images. She is the leader of the group.

Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain
alternative words: Lain
keywords: anime, lain, title
related topics: Reiin Iwakura , TV Tokyo
related web sites: ,
explanation: Japanese cartoon broadcasted between July and September 1998 by TV Tokyo and which has been rewarded as the best realization of its category for the second semester 1998. It tells the story about a young girl who will be implicated in a psycho-horror after the suicide of her friend. The scene takes place in a near future in Tokyo where all the people communicate with a handful terminal device "Navi" connected to a powerful computer network, "Wired".

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