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Tactical book

keywords: game, general
explanation: RPG being extremely popular in Japan, the books which explain game tactics are well sold too.


keywords: company, game
related topics: Space Invader
related web sites:
explanation: Maker of arcade machines and publisher of video games founded in August 1953. At the beginning, it had been only a simple importer of game machines, but gradually began to make own machines and became famous thanks to a great hit of "Space Invader" game. Now, it employs about 2000 persons and possesses an own chain of game centers in Japan.

Takao Yaguchi

alternative words: Yaguchi Takao
keywords: author, manga
related topics: Garo , Shonen Magazine
explanation: Born on October 28, 1939 in Akita prefecture. Contrary to others, he has not become a mangaka immediately after the school but a bank clerk. Probably for that reason, his manga contains more human dimension: his favorite theme is human being fighting in nature like fishers and hunters. He debuted on Garo with Nagamochi Baiko but it is Tsurikichi Sanpei published on Shonen Magazine in 1973 which has made him notorious by creating fishing boom in Japan.


alternative words: Takara toys
keywords: company, game
related topics: Battle Arena Toshinden
related web sites:
explanation: Maker of toys and publisher of video games founded in September 1955. It is especially known by its Japanese dole, "Rikachan", but also by its flag software "Toshinden", released for Play Station in 1995. It employs about 450 persons.


alternative words: Tamagochi, Tamagocchi
keywords: game, machine, model
related topics: Bandai
related web sites:
explanation: Released by Bandai in 1996, this small electronic game made a great hit among Japanese school girls in such a manner that the factory of Bandai was unable to honor the orders: the customers were awaiting a delivery before the shops. The goal of this game is to grow up "electronically" an animal by taking everyday care of them on pain of seeing it die. The dimension of machine is that of a watch but oviform because it looks like an egg: "Tamago" means "egg" in Japanese.

Team rocket

alternative words: Rocket team
keywords: diverse, pokemon
related topics: Pokemon , Meowth
explanation: Group of criminal pokemon trainers such as Jessie and James, and led by a Machiavellian pokemon cat, Meowth. They are trying to capture rare pokemons in order to dominate the world. For this reason, they are always behind Ash to bother him.


keywords: game, title
related topics: Play Station , Namco
related web sites: ,
explanation: Video game of 3D beat'em up. First, the arcade version was released in winter 1994 and "Play Station" version in March 1995. It has experienced a laborious start because of the concurrence of another game "Virtual Fighter". After the release of Tekken II which has corrected flaws of the first version (arcade in Summer 1995 and Play Station in March 1996), it has stood out. There exist few differences between "Play Station" version and the arcade one because the latter uses a compatible card.

Temple Hikawa

alternative words: Hikawa jinja
keywords: diverse, sailormoon
related topics: Sailormoon , Raye Hino
explanation: In Sailormoon, it is a shintoist temple where one of sailor warrior, Raye Hino, works. Please note that in Japan there exist many temples, called "Hikawa" but they use a different Kanji character: hi corresponds to "ice" and not to "fire" like in the episode.


alternative words: Tenshinhan
keywords: character, dragon ball
related topics: Dragon Ball
explanation: Giant with 3 eyes and disciple of Crane Master in Dragon Ball. At the beginning, he was a enemy of Son Goku but let convince by Turtle Master of supporting a good cause.


keywords: game, title
related topics: Nintendo , Family Computer
explanation: Famous video game coming from Russia and which consists to fill in holes by guiding falling blocks. By combining cleverly the interest of a puzzle and a reflex game, it became very popular at game centers. After a fierce battle between Nintendo and Sega for the adaptation to the console device, it was finally Nintendo which got the license from BPS and released a version for "Family Computer" in December 1988.

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