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keywords: company, game
related topics: Tamagotchi
related web sites:
explanation: One of the big Japanese companies of toys and video games. Founded in July 1950 by Naoharu Yamasina and employs about 1000 persons. "Bandai" means in Japanese "forever". Man remembers that a huge success of Tamagotchi commercialized by this company in November 1996: more that 10 million examples have been sold.

Banned for under 18

alternative words: Banned under 18, 18kin, 18 kin
keywords: general
related topics: Adult
explanation: A way to say "pornographic" in Japanese.

Battle Arena Toshinden

alternative words: Toshinden, Toushinden
keywords: game, title
related topics: Play Station , Takara
related web sites: ,
explanation: The first video game of beat'em up in 3D for Play Station. it has been developed by Takara and released in January 1995. It is the first game which fully exploits the Play Station's ability to generate polygons in real time and many people have bought the machine in order to play this game.

Big comic

alternative words: Bigcomic
keywords: magazine, title
related topics: Shogakukan
related web sites:
explanation: Magazine published by Shogakukan since April 1968. When manga readers of the first generation had reached university colleges or begun to work, it happened that they continued to love manga. For that reason, Shogakukan decided to release a new manga magazine destined to bit older public. Initially monthly, it is now weekly. The most famous manga published by this magazine is Golgo 13 (a spy action) of Takao Saito, for it continues to appear for more than 30 years!


alternative words: Bio Hazard, Resident Evil
keywords: game, title
related topics: Capcom , Code Veronica
related web sites:
explanation: Video game of action in 3D developed by Capcom and released for Play Station in March 1996: someone enclosed in a haunted manor tries to escape by using a knife and a gun. After a great success of this game, the number of crimes using knives in schools has considerably increased and it has created a certain psychos in Japan. According to Capcom, this game should be classified in category of "survival horror action". The second version has been released on January 1998 for Play Station.


alternative words: Bishoujo, Bishyojo
keywords: general
related topics: Bishojo senshi , Shojo manga
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Term frequently used in manga to desinate "cute girl". "Bi" means "beautiful" or "cute" in Japanese and "shojo" means "girl".

Bishojo Senshi

keywords: expression, sailormoon
related topics: Bishojo , Sailormoon
explanation: Term used to qualify Sailormoon. It means "beautiful warrior".


alternative words: Takeshi
keywords: character, pokemon
related topics: Pokemon , Ash , Misty
explanation: He is a friend of Ash and Misty in Pokemon. He was the manager of a pokemon gym. He follows Ash in order to become the best pokemon breeders. He loves rocky pokemons.


alternative words: Fushigidane
keywords: character, pokemon
related topics: Pokemon
explanation: One of Pokemon monsters. It looks like frog and carries on the back a bag of seeds which should allow it to realize a transformation: "fushigidane" means "magic seeds" in Japanese. In fact, it transforms itself to Ivysaur and Venusaur (Fushigisou and Fushigibana). His pokemon number is 1.


keywords: character, dragon ball
related topics: Dragon Ball
explanation: An attractive young girl and partner of Son Goku in Japanese manga/anime of Akira Toriyama, "Dragon Ball". It is she who mentioned an existence of dragon balls to Son Goku at the very beginning of the story. She has also invented a detector of dragon balls.

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