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Sugoroku Muto

alternative words: Muto Sugoroku, Sugoroku Mutou, Mutou Sugoroku
keywords: character, manga, yugioh
related topics: Yugioh
explanation: Grand father of Yugi Muto in Yugioh and owner of a game shop. It is him who gave to his grand son a puzzle which had remained unresolved during 1000 years.

Sun Rise

alternative words: Sunrise
keywords: anime, company
related topics: Escaflowne , Gundam
related web sites:
explanation: Cartoon production company founded at Tokyo in 1972. It is well known for the producer of several cartoons which have made great hits like "Gundam" and "Escaflowne".


スネ夫 骨川スネ夫
alternative words: Honekawa Suneo, Suneo Honekawa
keywords: character, doraemon
related topics: Doraemon
explanation: Classmate of Nobita in Doraemon. Though a son of a rich family, it owns a bad character. He is always behind Gian in order to plot against Nobita.

Super Famicom

keywords: machine, model, nintendo
related topics: Nintendo , Nintendo 64
related web sites:
explanation: 16 bits game console released by Nintendo as the successor of 8 bits "Family Computer". Initially, its release date had been fixed much earlier but because of a higher performance of its rivals, PC-Engine and Mega Drive, it has been retarded considerably in order to catch up with them. In spite of this burden, it has become the most sold machine in Japan thanks to its very rich catalog of software.

Super Mario Brothers

alternative words: Mario Brothers
keywords: game, nintendo, title
related topics: Nintendo , Family Computer , Game Boy , Nintendo 64
explanation: Video game initially developed by Nintendo for its machine, "Family Computer" and released in September 1985. The game which consists to let move or jump a small man with a mustache and a red hat (Mario), has been sold more than 5 million copies thanks to a simple concept but not to bore players even in several repetitions. It had created so a golden age of video games in Japan. this games has been adapted later to all the machines of Nintendo, i.e. Game Boy, Super Famicom and Nintendo 64.

Supersonic cloud

alternative words: Kintoun
keywords: dragon ball, thing
related topics: Dragon Ball , Son Goku
explanation: In Dragon Ball, Son Goku uses this method to move quickly from one point to another. It was offered by Turtle Master for having saved a sea turtle. It appears only at the beginning of the story because he will acquire later a technique to fly himself.

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