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Sachi Yomoda

alternative words: Yomoda Sachi
keywords: anime, character, lain
related topics: Serial Experiments Lain
explanation: Friend of Rein Iwakura alias lain who is the main character in "Serial Experiments Lain". After Sachi has killed herself by jumping from a building, the horror begins because some continue to receive e-mails from her.

Sailor blouse

alternative words: School uniform
keywords: general, sailormoon
related topics: Sailormoon
related web sites:
explanation: This costume is an official uniform of all the high school girls in Japan. The story of Sailormoon is a parody of this uniform.


セーラームーン 美少女戦士セーラームーン
alternative words: Sailor moon, Bishojo senshi sailormoon
keywords: anime, manga, sailormoon, title
related topics: Naoko Takeuchi , Bishojo Senshi , Nakayoshi , Sailor blouse , TV Asahi
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Main work of a woman mangaka, Naoko Takeuchi. It appeared first time in a weekly magazine of Kodansha, Nakayoshi, in February 1992, and was quickly adapted to TV (broadcasted by TV Asahi), movies, comics etc because of its unquestionable success. It tells the story of a group of young high school girls who fight against an evil power after having learned to turn into warriors thanks to a magic stick.

Saint Seiya

alternative words: Saint Seya, Setoshi Seiya, Seitoushi Seiya, Seya, Seiya
keywords: anime, manga, title
related topics: Masami Kurumada
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Manga based on a Greek mythology and written by a Japanese mangaka, Masami Kurumada. It has been published first in a weekly magazine, Shonen Jump, between 1986 and 1990. It has been soon broadcasted by TV Asahi from 1986. This manga made a great hit all over the world, especially in France.


keywords: diverse, dragon ball
related topics: Dragon Ball
explanation: Inhabitants of planet Vegita in Dragon Ball like Son Goku and Vegita.

Sakura Kinomoto

alternative words: Kinomoto Sakura, Sakura
keywords: card captor sakura, character
related topics: Card captor Sakura
explanation: Main character of manga/anime, "Card captor Sakura". She is a pupil in the 4th year of Tomoeda elementary school. She is athletic and loves sweet cakes. After she has overturned the book which contains the magical cards of Clow, the tale begins.


keywords: game, title
related topics: Koei , Nobunaga no Yabo
explanation: Around the 3th century A.D., China was the big battle field of a civil war, at the end of which the three biggest war lords appeared and each of them claimed the title of Chinese Emperor. After the success of "Nobunaga no Yabo", Koei has created a war game which simulates China of that epoch. First for Family Computer (October 1988), then it has been adapted to several plat forms, including Windows and Macintosh.

Sanpei Shirato

alternative words: Shirato Sanpei, Sanpe Shirato, Shirato Sanpe
keywords: author, manga
related topics: Legend of kamui , Sasuke
related web sites: ,
explanation: Born on February 15, 1932 at Tokyo, owing a famous Japanese painter as father. Instead of Disney like flat pictures, his drawing is highly realistic as well as the scenario. He belongs to so called "Gekiga (theatrical picture) school" and for this reason he has captured more aged manga fans. His main works are "Ninja bugeicho" (1959), Sasuke (1962) and "Legend of kamui" (Oct 1964 - June 71). The first work was even adapted to a film by famous movie director, Nagisa Oshima.


keywords: anime, manga, title
related topics: Sanpei Shirato , Legend of Kamui
related web sites:
explanation: Manga created by Sanpei Shirato in 1962. It tells the story of a ninja family, Daisuke Oozaru and his son Sasuke who are tracked by Tokugawa's ninja. Contrary to "legend of Kamui" which is a highly politicized manga, Sasuke is destined to rather young readers: it explains the technique used by Sasuke in each combat and may remind you perhaps of the adventure of Mac Gyver in American TV film. The anime version was aired between September 1968 and March 69.

Sazae san

alternative words: Sazae-san
keywords: manga, title
related topics: Machiko Hasegawa
related web sites: ,
explanation: The main work of a female mangaka, Machiko Hasegawa. It appears first on a tiny local paper, Yukan Fukunichi in 1946 and relayed to a big national paper, Asahi shinbun from 1949 to 1974. Humorous stories of Isono family living in Tokyo, it has become the most popular manga ever published on newspapers. Every member of Isono owns a sea related name: the main character is Sazae (top shell), a married woman living with his father Namihei, her small sister Wakame and brother, Katsuo.

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