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keywords: character, dragon ball
related topics: Dragon Ball , Son Goku
explanation: Brother of Son Goku in Dragon Ball. He has been killed by Piccolo but brought back to life.

Ranma 1/2

alternative words: Ranma, Ramma 1/2
keywords: anime, manga, ranma 1/2, title
related topics: Rumiko Takahashi , Shonen Sunday , Fuji TV
related web sites:
explanation: This karate comedy has been written by mangaka Rumiko Takahashi, the same author as Maison Ikkoku. It tells the story about a karate kid (Ranma) who turns into a girl when he sprays himself with waters and into a boy with hot waters. Manga version has appeared between 1987 and 1996 in a weekly magazine, Shonen Sunday, while the anime version has been broadcasted by Fuji TV between April 1989 and September 1992.

Ranma Saotome

alternative words: Saotome Ranma
keywords: character, ranma 1/2
related topics: Ranma 1/2 , Akane Tendo
explanation: Principal hero of Ranma 1/2. Born in a karateka family, this boy of 16 years old has gone to China in order to improve his karate technique and there he has suffered an unbelievable curse: he turns into a girl when he sprays himself with waters and into a boy with hot waters. After returned to home, his father has arranged a marriage with Akane, one of daughters of his old friend.

Rare Card

keywords: goods
related topics: Traiding Card
explanation: As its name indicates, it is very rare to find those cards when you purchase a bag of trading cards. "Otaku" collectors are ready to spend fortune and huge time to get them.

Raye Hino

alternative words: Rei Hino, Hino Rei
keywords: character, sailormoon
related topics: Sailormoon , Temple Hikawa
explanation: Alias Sailor Mars with black hairs. She wishes to become the main priestess of Hikawa temple. She gets her power from Planet Jupiter.

Real World

keywords: anime, diverse, lain
related topics: Serial Experiments Lain
explanation: Real world as opposed to the virtual world created by "Wired" in "Serial Experiments Lain".

Rei Ayanami

alternative words: Rei, Ayanami Rei
keywords: character, evangelion
related topics: Evangelion , Shinji Ikari
explanation: Girl of 14 years old and the first pilot of Evangelion robot. Speaking little, her presence in this story is mysterious. Later it will be uncovered that she is in reality a clone of Shinj's mother.

Reiin Iwakura

alternative words: Iwakura Reiin
keywords: anime, character, lain
related topics: Serial Experiments Lain
explanation: Principal character in Japanese cartoon, "Serial Experiments Lain". Rather shy high school girl in the real life, she becomes aggressive in a virtual world when connecting to "Wired". Please note that for Japanese, there exists few difference in pronunciation of her first name "Rein" and her identification of connection "lain".

Remi the Homeless Girl

keywords: anime, title
related topics: Nippon Animation
related web sites:
explanation: Adaptation to an anime of a novel of the famous French writer, Hector Malot (1830-1907). It tells the story about a child (boy in the original novel but a girl in the anime) who travels all over France with itinerant artists and finds finally her family. The cartoon has been realized by "Nippon Animation" and broadcasted by Fuji TV between January and December 1995.

Rental book

貸本 貸し本
alternative words: Kashihon
keywords: manga, publishing
related topics: Osamu Tezuka , Kazuo Umezu
explanation: After World War II, because of a lack of resources, the government had imposed a quota of paper to each publishing company and it caused a proliferation rental book stores, especially for manga. Most of the great mangaka born before the war such as Osamu Tezuka and Kazuo Umezu had contributed to a success of this industry. But once the quota has been suppressed and manga magazines began to appear, those shops declined quickly. It happened the late 50s.

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