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Lady Oscar

alternative words: Rose of Versailles, Bersaiyu no Bara
keywords: anime, manga, title
related topics: Riyoko Ikeda
explanation: Manga written by a female mangaka, Riyoko Ikeda and published in a weekly magazine, Marguerite, from Shueisha between 1972 and 1973. Il tells the tale of a young woman brought up as a man and its adventure in the reign of Louis 15 and 16 at Versailles Castle as the chief of royal guard. The cartoon has been broadcasted by Fuji TV between October 1979 and September 1980. Manga has been also adapted to a theater of Takarazuka (1974) and a movie (1976).

Legend of kamui

alternative words: The legend of kamui, Kamui den, Kamui-den, Kamuiden
keywords: manga, title
related topics: Sanpei Shirato , Garo , Shonen Sunday
related web sites:
explanation: Kamui is a "nukenin", i.e. ninja who has escaped from an organization and is tracked by it. By using this ninja manga in Japanese feudal epoch as background, Sanpei Shirato shows his favorite leftist theme like class struggle and oppression of minority. It has been published by the famous avant-garde manga magazine, Garo, between September 1964 and July 71. Some tales have been published on Shonen Sunday as an extra (Kamui gaiden). Kamui means "god" in Ainu language.

Legend of Mana

alternative words: Mana
keywords: game, title
related topics: Square , Final Fantasy
related web sites:
explanation: Video game developed by Square. The action RPG began its career as a parallel story to Final Fantasy in "Game Boy" but has known a subsequent development in "Super Famicom" and "Play Station".

Legend of Zelda

alternative words: Zelda
keywords: game, nintendo, title
related topics: Nintendo , Family Computer , Disk System
related web sites:
explanation: Video game for "Family Computer" released in February 1986. Nintendo has developed this game in order to demonstrate the ability of "Disk System" for its machine. For users accustomed to cartridge based games, its wealth wad astounding. Since other games for "Disk System" have not become equally popular, it may possess an own intrinsic quality and should be one of the best action RPG. Recently, Nintendo 64 version has been released.

Leiji Matsumoto

alternative words: Matsumoto Leiji, Reiji Matsumoto, Matsumoto Reiji
keywords: anime, author, manga
related topics: Captain Harlock , Space Battleship Yamato , Galaxy Express 999
related web sites: , , , ,
explanation: Born January 25, 1938 in Fukuoka, this precocious mangaka had already begun to publish at the age of 19 in a monthly magazine "Shojo". By its writing style, his works should be better suitable for anime screen than on paper, for he has realized 3 great hits in that domain. They are in chronological order, "Space Battleship Yamato" (1974), "Galaxy Express 999" (1977) and "Captain Harlock" (1978).

Li Shaoran

alternative words: Li Syaoran
keywords: card captor sakura, character
related topics: Card Captor Sakura , Sakura Kinomoto
explanation: Pupil coming from Hong Kong to find clow cards. He belongs to Li family, female branch of the sorcerer, Clow Reed. He frequently helps Sakura in critical situations. He loves math and gym.


alternative words: Makoto Kino, Kino Makoto
keywords: character, sailormoon
related topics: Sailormoon
explanation: Alias Sailor Jupiter, brown hairs. She wishes to become florist. She gets her power from Jupiter.

Lord Kaio

alternative words: Kaio, Kaioshin
keywords: character, dragon ball
related topics: Dragon Ball , Son Goku
explanation: He is living in paradise with a monkey, in "Dragon Ball". Son Goku visits him each time when he encounters a problem to beat enemies. Kaio means "King of Universe" in Japanese.

Lord Karin

alternative words: Karin
keywords: character, dragon ball
related topics: Dragon Ball
explanation: White cat who is living at the summit of Karin Tower in Dragon Ball. He gives a karate lesson to Son Goku and has already given one to Turtle Master. He is also able to produce senzu, the drog which heals instantaneously z-fighters.


keywords: character, sailormoon
related topics: Sailormoon
explanation: Black cat with a crescent symbol on the forehead in Sailormoon. She is enable to speak and helps the sailors during combats against evils. She gave, at the begging of the story, a magic stick to the leader, Serena Tsukino which should allow her to transform herself.

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