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Clow card

alternative words: Clow tarot
keywords: card captor sakura, thing
related topics: Card captor Sakura , Clow Reed
explanation: Magic cards created by Clow Reed. Each card is alive and owns a strong spiritual power. For this reason, Clow Reed has sealed them forever in Clow's book et appointed Keroberos as its guardian.

Clow Reed

keywords: card captor sakura, character
related topics: Card captor Sakura , Clow card
explanation: Sorcerer and inventor of Clow cards. His father being an Englishman and his mother, Chinese, he masters both the Oriental and Western magic. He died in Japan, leaving a hint to his enigma.

Code conversion

alternative words: Conversion
keywords: general, machine
explanation: Machines for video games being rarely compatible between them, the code conversion from a model to another is an expensive industry and demands much care, especially from the console version to the arcade.

Code Veronica

alternative words: Code:Veronica, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Resident Evil Code Veronica, Biohazard Code:Veronica, Biohazard Code Veronica
keywords: game, title
related topics: Capcom , Biohazard
related web sites: ,
explanation: One of game versions published by Capcom, "Biohazard". Initially expected to Sega Saturn with title of "Biohazard II", the project was abandoned and became Dreamcast's version with a little modification on title: it happened to be impossible to keep the same quality as the version for Play Station. Veronica is the name of the 1st owner of Ashford's house but also a code to destroy a time bomb.

Color depth

alternative words: Number of colors
keywords: general, machine
explanation: Beginning with only 4 simultaneously displayable colors on "Family Computer" in 1983, man has assisted to an inexorable inflation of color depth and it has brought us up to 16 million color palette that most of the current machines are able to display.


alternative words: Comic book
keywords: general, publishing
related topics: Paperback collection
explanation: The book of a paperback format is an ideal medium for the manga diffusion. Extremely popular in Japan because of its price (about 500 yens = 5 dollars), if you are a genius manga oktaku, you should have a whole bookcase filled up with those books and if it is a series, don't lack even one.


alternative words: Consumer machine
keywords: general, machine
related topics: Arcade machine
explanation: Machine intended to be used at home, contrary to those intended to be used at game centers. Famous examples are "Super Famicom" of Nintendo and "Play Station" of Sony.


alternative words: Joystick
keywords: general, machine
explanation: From a simple button to control the progress of a game at the early period, it has developed considerably with an expansion of video games and Nintendo has proved to be very innovator in this domain. We can cite as its innovations, cruciform button in "Game & Watch", microphone in "Family Computer", L-R button in "Super Famicom" and 3D stick in "Nintendo 64".


alternative words: Costume play
keywords: diverse, game
related web sites:
explanation: Since the RPG is very popular in Japan, the cosplay is popular too.

Crane Master

alternative words: Tsurusennin, Tsuru sennin
keywords: character, dragon ball
related topics: Dragon Ball , Turtle Master
explanation: Rival of Turtle Master in Dragon Ball and karate teacher of Tenshinhan. Originated from the same school as Turtle Master, they have now each a proper school of karate. It should be noted that in Asia tradition, Turtle and crane are considered as 2 animals which have the most long life.

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