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Tsukasa Hojo

alternative words: Hojo Tsukasa, Tsukasa Houjou, Houjou Tsukasa
keywords: author, manga
related topics: Shonen Jump , City hunter
related web sites:
explanation: Born on March 5, 1959 in Kokura (actual Kitakyushu city). This mangaka, a specialist of action manga, debuted with "Ore wa otokoda" (I am a man) on Shonen Jump in 1980. The first hit comes with "Cat's eye" (tale of 3 girl robbers) published on Shonen Jump in 1981, but his best works is "City hunter" (tale of a professional killer) published on Shonen Jump in 1983. He is considered one of the most creative mangaka of 80s.

Turtle Master

alternative words: Mutenroshi, Kamesennin, Kame sennin
keywords: character, dragon ball
related topics: Dragon Ball , Crane Master , Kamehameha , Son Goku
explanation: Old man and Karate teacher of Son Goku. At the beginning of Dragon Ball, he appears with a Hawaiian shirt after the rescue of a sea turtle by Son Goku. In spite of his age, he adores women. He is a fellow student of Crane Master.

Tuxedo mask

alternative words: Tuxedo Kamen
keywords: character, sailormoon
related topics: Sailormoon , Darien
explanation: Man masked and dressing in black tuxedo in his secret life. In the normal life, he is a high school boy living near home of Serena Tsukino: she feels in love with him. His real name is Mamoru Chiba and has lost his parents and memory at the same time in a car accident at the age 6.

TV Asahi

alternative words: Asahi TV
keywords: company, media
related topics: Sailormoon
related web sites:
explanation: One of the major Japanese TV companies. Founded in November 1957 as a subsidiary of Asahi daily newspaper and employs about 1300 persons. It has broadcasted the cartoon of Sailormoon.

TV Tokyo

alternative words: Tokyo TV
keywords: company, media
related topics: Pokemon
related web sites:
explanation: One of the major Japanese TV companies and covers especially Tokyo region. Founded in April 1964 and employs about 700 persons. It is broadcasting now Pokemon cartoon.

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