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Planet Namek

alternative words: Namek
keywords: diverse, dragon ball
related topics: Dragon Ball
explanation: Planet where Piccolo came from in the episode of Dragon Ball. It has been a fierce battle field between Vegita and Freezer and explode at the end.

Play Station

alternative words: Playstation
keywords: machine, model, sony
related topics: Sony , Playstation 2
related web sites:
explanation: Consumer game machine with 32 bits cpu, released by Sony in December 1994. It had disputed with Saga Saturn the market of new generation but encountered a difficulty because of its weak capacity vs. Saturn in the market dominated by Super Famicom of Nintendo. But taking advantage of the delay of Nintendo 64, it has successfully rallied Japanese game publishers and become as a result the most popular machines in Japan by ousting Nintendo from the first place.

Playstation 2

alternative words: Play Station 2, Playstation II, Play Station II, PS2
keywords: machine, model, sony
related topics: Play Station , Sony
related web sites: ,
explanation: The newest game console created by Sony as the successor of "Play Station". It was released on March 4, 2000 in Japan with an initial price of 39,800 yens. Equipped with a 128 bits cpu of 394 M hertz "Emotion Engine" and a DVD drive, it threatens seriously its rivals, Nintendo and Sega. In order to protect a huge intellectual investment around "Play Station" with 60 million units sold around the world, the forward compatibility is guaranteed.


ポケモン ポケットモンスター
alternative words: Pocket Monster
keywords: anime, game, pokemon
related topics: Game Boy , Ash , Pikachu , Nintendo , TV Tokyo
related web sites: , , , ,
explanation: Developed by Gamefreak and commercialized by Nintendo in February 1996, the concept of this RPG for Color Game Boy is a continuation of Tamagocchi : the goal of this game is not only to bring up the monsters but also to beat others by connecting 2 machines. The hero of this game is a boy who makes trip by taming "pokemon" (Pocket Monster). Being adapted to an anime series, it has provoked a crisis epileptic among certain.

Pokemon Stadium

keywords: nintendo, pokemon
related topics: Pokemon , Nintendo 64 , Game Boy
explanation: 3D battle game of Pokemon for Nintendo 64 released in August 1998. You can even let participate your own character created by Game Boy via an adaptator, 64GB Pack.


keywords: general, machine
explanation: Recent appeared technique which consists to generate 3D images by polygon images thanks to a specialized electronic circuit. More the number of polygons generated per second is important, more the machine high-performance because the images appear more natural. By way of comparison, Nintendo 64 generates 1 million of polygons per second while Play Station only 200 thousands.

Porco Rosso

alternative words: Kurenainobuta, Kurenaino buta, Kurenai no buta
keywords: anime, title
related topics: Hayao Miyazaki , Studio Ghibli
explanation: The scene takes place between 2 wars in Italy. It tells the story about a pilot who has turned into a pig by a magic and spends his time by piloting airplane only for his pleasure, the vision of his own life that Miyazaki wishes to superpose. The scene of aerial combats between seaplanes throughout the movie has impressed the public of all over the world. Produced by Studio Ghibli (1992)

Princess knight

alternative words: Princess Saphir, Prince Saphir, Ribbon knight, Ribbon no kishi, Ribon no kishi, Ribonno kishi
keywords: anime, manga, title
related topics: Osamu Tezuka , Nakayoshi , Astroboy , Fuji TV
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: Manga created by Osamu Tezuka and published on monthly Shojo Club (Girl's Club) between January 1953 and January 1956. It tells the adventure of a princess who has been raised as prince because of a political reason. A news series was published on Nakayoshi of Kodansha between January 1963 and October 1966 while an anime version was aired between April 1967 and April 1968 by Fuji TV. Princess knight shared the popularity with Astroboy on manga of 50's, respectively girls and boys.

Princess Mononoke

alternative words: Mononoke hime
keywords: anime
related topics: Hayao Miyazaki , Studio Ghibli
related web sites: , ,
explanation: The scene takes place during medial times in Japan, where the virgin forest had covered the archipelagos and the people were living near wood sprits (Mononoke means sprint in Japanese). It tells the story of a young prince Ashitaka who left for a trip to west in order to exorcize himeself after having been attacked by a bad sprit. Master piece of a famous Japanese film-maker, Hayao Miyazaki, this historical and environmental anime has beaten all the records of Japanese box office. Produced by Studio Ghib

Princess Nausicaa

alternative words: Nausicaa
keywords: character, nausicaa
related topics: Nausicaa of the valley of wind
explanation: 16 years old, princess Nausicaa is the principal heroine of manga/anime which bears her name. By succeeding to her father, Jhil, she becomes the leader of the tribe of the valley of wind. After having saved several persons, she goes to, with Ohma, to close forever the evil tomb of Shuwa which keeps the world secret. By the way, the word nausicaa stems from the name of a princess in Greek mythology.

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