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Seto Kaiba

alternative words: Kaiba Seto
keywords: character, manga, yugioh
related topics: Yugioh
explanation: son of the president of a game company, Kaiba Corporation, in Yugioh. Since he has been beaten by Yugi Muto in a game, Kaiba has become a sworn enemy.


keywords: character, ranma 1/2
related topics: Ranma 1/2 , Ranma Saotome
explanation: Daughter of a Chinese bandit. After having lost a match against Ranma, she followed him up to Japan in order to kill him, in accordance with the law of her region. She turns into a cat when she sprays herself with waters.


alternative words: Shenmu, Shen mue
keywords: game, sega, title
related topics: Sega , Dreamcast
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: RPG video game of action developed by Sega. Its release date for Dreamcast is set for October 1999. It tells the story about a Japanese boy who travels through the Chinese continent in order to understand the mysterious death of his father. According to Sega, this game should be classified in the category FREE (= Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment), in short, there exists the scene which are different following the contexts and drawn instantaneously thanks to the performance of Dreamcast.

Shigeru Mizuki

alternative words: Mizuki Shigeru
keywords: author, manga
related topics: Gegege no Kitaro , Rental book , Shonen Magazine , Kodansha , Garo
related web sites:
explanation: Born on March 8, 1922 at Osaka. He lost his right arm during WWII. He had been in precarious conditions just after the war as many other Japanese and earned his life by drawing for paper picture shows, rental books and an avant-garde magazine, Garo. In 1966, he was rewarded by a manga prize of Kodansha for Terebi-kun published on Shonen Magazine. He has created many monster or ghost characters but always a bit humorous like Gegege no Kitaro, Kappa no Sanpei, Akuma kun, etc.

Shinji Ikari

alternative words: Shinji, Ikari Shinji
keywords: character, evangelion
related topics: Evangelion , Gendo Ikari
explanation: Boy of 14 yeans old and one of 3 pilots of Evangelion robot. He is the main character of this anime series. His father, Gendo Ikari, is the president of Nerv, an organization responsible for fighting against the invaders and with whom Shinji is in a bad relation.

Shit game

alternative words: Game without value
keywords: diverse, game
explanation: After a great success of "Family Computer", there has appeared a proliferation of uninteresting video games without value and it forced Nintendo to restrict the number of companies authorized to produce the games for its machine.


しずか 源静香
alternative words: Minamoto Shizuka, Shizuka Minamoto
keywords: character, doraemon
related topics: Doraemon
explanation: Classmate of Nobita in Doraemon. Nobita loves her because she is cute, intelligent and kind.


alternative words: Shogakkan, Shougakukan, Shougakkan
keywords: company, publishing
related topics: Shonen Sunday , Big comic
related web sites:
explanation: One of the biggest Japanese publishing companies, founded by Takeo Aiga in 1922 at Tokyo and specialized in books for children, teenagers and the education. As manga magazines it publishes, we can quote "Shonen Sunday" for young boys , "Big comic" for teenagers and "Shojo Comic" for girls. It employs now about 900 persons.

Shojo manga

alternative words: Shoujo manga, Manga for girls, Girls manga
keywords: publishing
related topics: Princess knight , Sailormoon , Nakayoshi
related web sites: ,
explanation: It is the merit of Tezuka Osamu to show that the girls need their own mangas by publishing "Princess knight" in 1953. The world wide success of Sailormoon confirmed the importance of this market. There exist some weekly manga magazines destined to girls such as Nakayoshi and "Shojo Fried".

Shonen Jump

alternative words: Shounen Jump, Shoonen Jump, Jump, Shonen jampu, Shonen janpu
keywords: magazine, manga, title
related topics: Shueisha , High school Kimengumi , Dragon Ball , Ruroni kenshin , City hunter
related web sites:
explanation: One of the most important manga magazines in Japan. When it was at the top, its circulation had reached 6 million copies, thanks to star mangaka like Aikra Toriyama of Dragon Ballou and Motoei Shinzawa of High school Kimengumi.. Now, because of a lack of hits, its circulation is only 4 millions but still remains impressive. There exist a weekly edition (Shukan Shonen Jump) and a monthly one (Gekkan Shonen Jump).

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