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keywords: character, dragon ball
related topics: Dragon Ball
explanation: Friend of Son Goku in Dragon Ball. Fat and greedy, he wears a costume of samurai. As a matter of fact, Yojirobe is an equilibrium dole in Japanese.


keywords: character, dragon ball
related topics: Dragon Ball , Bulma
explanation: Friend of Son Goku and fiancé of Bulma in Dragon Ball. In fact, Yamcha means "refreshments" in Chinese.

Yoichi Takahashi

alternative words: Takahashi Yoichi, Youichi Takahashi, Takahashi Youichi
keywords: author, manga
related topics: Captain Tsubasa
related web sites:
explanation: Born on July 28, 1960 in Tokyo. This precocious mangaka has already begun to publish when he was at high school, but his career began really when his master piece "Captain Tsubasa" was awarded by Shonen Jump in 1980. His preferred subjects remain always sport because among his main works, we find also "Tsubasa no densetsu" (tennis, 1988), Ace (baseball, 1989) and Chibi (boxing, 1992)

Yoshiharu Tsuge

alternative words: Tsuge Yoshiharu
keywords: author, manga
related topics: Garo , Nejishiki
related web sites:
explanation: Born in April 1937 at Tokyo. As many persons of this generation, he had suffered greatly of economic disaster after WWII but his situation was at extreme because he had to sell his own blood to survive. He began to publish manga on rental books since 1955 but it is Nejishiki (screw method) published in 1968 on Garo which brought him a fame. Some people don't hesitate to qualify him as the most genius mangaka because of his style which makes manga appear as a real novel.


keywords: character, maison ikkoku
related topics: Maison Ikkoku
explanation: Mysterious character in "Maison Ikkoku"; Man knows neither his age nor his job. His preferred hobby is piping what others are doing. Yotsu in Yotsuya means 4 in Japanese because he occupies the room 4.


keywords: game, title
related topics: Falcom
related web sites:
explanation: RPG for personal computers and consoles. This game published by Falcom is very popular all over the world. First, PC version was released in June 1987 and adapted to diverse platforms like "Family Computer" (August 1988), PC-Engine (December 1989) and Sega Saturn (November 1997).

Yugi Muto

alternative words: Muto Yugi, Yuugi Mutou, Mutou Yuugi
keywords: character, manga, yugioh
related topics: Yugioh
explanation: Main character of a Japanese manga, Yugioh. He is a rather shy high school boy and brings video games in his school bag. One day, he has succeeded to resolve a puzzle which had remain insoluble during 1000 years; This caused to liberate a huge power buried in the puzzle. He loves his classmate, Anzu Mazaki.


alternative words: Yu-gi-oh, Yugio, Yuugio, Yuguio
keywords: anime, manga, title, yugioh
related topics: Kazumare Takahashi , Toei Animation , Game Boy , Konami
related web sites:
explanation: Manga written by a Japanese mangaka, Kazumare Takahashi. Its publication in a weekly magazine, Shonen Jump, began in 1996 and still continues while its anime version was broadcasted between April and October 1998 by TV Asahi. It tells the story about a boy who got a great power to fight against the evil after having resolved a puzzle which had remained insoluble during 1000 years. It exists also a video game for Game Boy marketed by Konami.

Yukito Tsukishiro

alternative words: Tsukishiro Yukito
keywords: card captor sakura, character
related topics: Card Captor Sakura , Sakura Kinomoto
explanation: A hight school student and reincarnation of Yue, the last judge of clow cards, but he isn't aware of it. He doesn't belong to any sport clubs but frequently takes part from outside. He eats lots and Sakura is in love with him.

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