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Metal Gear Solid

alternative words: Metalgear Solid, Metal Gear, Metalgear
keywords: game, title
related topics: Konami
related web sites: ,
explanation: Action video game in 3D, commercialized by Konami. Initially developed for MSX2 and Super Famicom in 1987 with the name of "Metal Gear", the public was not enthusiast at that time; Since the release of a Play Station version in September 1998, the public comes back because the style of drawing has completely changed. It tells the story of a nuclear laboratory in Alaska captured by terrorists. According to Konami, the game should be classified into the category "tactical espionage action".


alternative words: Minako Aino, Aino Minako
keywords: character, sailormoon
related topics: Sailormoon
explanation: Alias Sailor Venus, blond hairs. She wishes to be an idol. Before joining to the sailor group, she had been already famous in the video game world with the name of Sailor V. By the way, she is a reincarnation of Princess Serenity. She gets her power from Venus.

Misato Katsuragi

alternative words: Misato, Katsuragi Misato
keywords: character, evangelion
related topics: Evangelion
explanation: Young woman of 29 years old and officer of Nerv. It is she who went to recruit Shinji and for that reason she has become quickly his confidant. Later she will be promoted from captain to major.


alternative words: Kasumi
keywords: character, pokemon
related topics: Pokemon , Ash
explanation: Girl friend of Ash in the story of Pokemon. She goes to travel with him. She is enable to tame Hitodeman and Kodakku. She tames water pokemons such as Stari (Hitodeman) et Psykokwak (Kodakku).

Mitsuteru Yokoyama

alternative words: Yokoyama Mitsuteru
keywords: author, manga
related topics: Gigantor , Osamu Tezuka
related web sites:
explanation: Born on June 18, 1934 at Kobe. He is one of the precursors of Japanese manga after the world war with Osamu Tezuka and shared a popularity with him on manga magazines. His most representative works are Ironman 28 (Gigantor in English title, tale of a remote controlled giant robot) published 1959-66 on Shonen and "Iga no Kagemaru" (tale of ninja) published 1961-66 on Shonen Sunday. He wrote also Sangokushi by materializing a great Chinese classic. He died in 2004 after a fire from his house.

Moon prisme

keywords: sailormoon, thing
related topics: Sailormoon
explanation: One of sailoormoon's weapons. It destroys enemies by emitting a magic radiation.

Mother board

keywords: general, machine
related topics: Arcade machine
explanation: In Japan, certain fanatics of video games dare to get the mother board of arcade machines, if the console version is not yet available or its adaptation is imperfect.


keywords: monster, movie
related topics: Eiji Tsuburaya , Godzilla
explanation: Monster moth and one of the most popular characters in Japanese monster films after Godzilla. It is not only due to a dual form of this animal, i.e. caterpillar and butterfly but also pretty tamers played by the famous Japanese twin singers, "The Peanuts" with an eternal refrain "Mothra ya, Mothra ya ....". It appeared alone first in July 1961 then against Godzilla in April 1964. The latter made a real hit over the world because the film has been distributed among 10 countries.


keywords: game, machine
related topics: Ascii
explanation: In order to make up for the anarchy which reigned personal computer's market, "Ascii" has launched with Microsoft, MSX standard in June 1983. Many great electronic companies which entered lately the market like Philips and Matsushita, adhered to this standard. Unfortunately, because of an ambiguous positioning of the machine (for game or for office?) and its weak capacity (8 bits machine while IBM owned already 16 bits PC), the users have left gradually this norm.

My neighbor Totoro

alternative words: Totoro
keywords: anime, title
related topics: Hayao Miyazaki
explanation: With this anime, Miyazaki has successfully shown that he masters not only the scenery on science fiction and fantasy but also those of everyday life. It tells the story about a young girl which lives in a Japanese countryside before 1960 when there were no cars nor TV. She is living with her father and grand mother while her mother is at hospital. One day, she meets a strange creature called Totoro. This film made a great hit in Japan and USA. Studio Ghibli (1988).

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