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alternative words: Pac Man
keywords: game, title
related topics: Namco
related web sites:
explanation: One of the oldest video games. It consists to move a creature, called "Pacman" in a labyrinth so that he could swallow the maximum of points while avoiding encountering other monsters. Developed by Namco for its arcade machine (July 1980), a great number of similar games have appeared on the market with every kind of medium ( from arcade games to LSI panels by passing through personal computers) all the more since there had existed no law to protect intellectual properties at that time.

Paperback collection

keywords: general, publishing
related topics: Comic
explanation: When all the comics (Tankoubon in Japanese) is published in a serial form, it becomes "paperback collection" (Bunkobon in Japanese). The most famous one in manga should be "Kodansha Comics" which contains all the volumes of Sailormoon.


alternative words: PC Engine
keywords: machine, model, nec
related topics: Nihon Denki , PC-FX
explanation: Consumer game machine released by Nec in October 1987, in association with Hudson. It has known a difficult start because of its high price (24800 yens) and a weak power of calculation (8 bits), but became gradually popular thanks to its extremely rich color pallette at that epoch (256 colors), and especially after the addition of a CD-Rom device (the first example for a console). Its longevity (fabrication stopped in 1996) shows the popularity in Japan.


alternative words: PC FX
keywords: machine, model, nec
related topics: Nihon Denki , PC-Engine
explanation: Consumer game machine released by Nec in December 1994. As the successor of PC-Engine, a CD-Rom device is automatically integrated. It is a 32-bits machine and rich in the animation capacity. It has never been popular in foreign countries but in Japan, thanks to its graphic performance and an incorporated CD-Rom device, several publishers have thrown onto a creation of erotic games for this machine.


alternative words: Penpen
keywords: character, evangelion
related topics: Evangelion , Misato Katsuragi
explanation: Living being stemming from biological synthesis. Considered as a failure, he has been nearly being destroyed but saved by Misato at the last moment. He is living now in her fridge. The word "Penpen" is stemming from the onomatopoeia of penguin.

Phantom Inuyasha

keywords: character
related topics: Inuyasha , Kagome Higurashi
explanation: Hero of the manga, Inuyasha. He was born of phantom father and human mother. Once he had been sealed by a shaman, Kikyo but liberated by Kagome who has arrived from the present. He is striving to collect the fragments of Shikon no Tama (4 sprit ball) together with Kagome to become a true human.


alternative words: Piccolo Daimao, Piccolo
keywords: character, dragon ball
related topics: Dragon Ball
explanation: One of redoubtable enemies of Son Goku in Dragon Ball with an awful face. It is virtually invincible and enable to create own soldiers by laying eggs. Later he will associate with Son Goku to fight against extraterrestrial invaders.


keywords: character, pokemon
related topics: Pokemon , Ash
explanation: He is a star of Pokemon game among 151 of "poket monsters" because he is the most cute. The name of "Pokemon" comes from a combination of 2 onomatopoeias: "pika" for the sound of a lightning and "chu" for a cry of the mouse. His pokemon number is 25 and he has been offered by professor Oak to Ash.


keywords: character, dragon ball
related topics: Dragon Ball
explanation: Boss of a small group of gangsters who fight against Son Goku with robots at the early episode of "Dragon Ball". He looks for dragon balls to become taller.


keywords: general
related topics: Hentai
explanation: Indirect manner to say "pornographic" in Japanese. It derives from the initial letter of "Hentai".

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