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Daddy Walrus

伴俊作 ひげおやじ
alternative words: Higeoyaji, Hige oyaji, Mr. Pompous
keywords: astroboy, character
related topics: Astroboy , Kimba the White Lion
explanation: Teacher of Astro at school and private detective at the same time, he is the most outstanding character in Astroboy after Dr. Elefun. His nickname is "Higeoyaji", composed of 2 Japanese words, "hige" (=moustache) and "oyaji" (=father). The exactly same character appears in another manga of Tezuka, Kimba the White Lion.


alternative words: Mamoru, Chiba Mamoru, Mamoru Chiba
keywords: character, sailormoon
related topics: Sailormoon , Tuxedo mask
explanation: In Sailormoon, "Tuxedo Mask" bears this name in life of a high school boy.

Detective Conan

alternative words: Meitante Conan, Meitantei Conan, Meitante Konan, Meitantei Konan
keywords: anime, manga, title
related topics: Shonen Sunday
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Manga written by Gosho Aoyama and published by a weekly magazine, "Shonen Sunday". It is an action comedy of a high school boy who had worked as a private detective and has been transformed to a young school boy because of a malicious drug. In spite of his small size, he keeps his job and is called now "Edogawa Conan" The anime series is now on air from Nihon TV/Yomiuri TV.

Disk System

keywords: machine, nintendo
related topics: Nintendo , Family Computer
explanation: Accessory allowing to use floppy disks with "Family Computer", and consequently to conceive more complex games like "Legende of Zelda", thank to a far superior memory size. At the same time, game shops offered an exchange by inscribing other games for the modest amount of 500 yens: certain advantage for school children with a small purse.

Dog of Flanders

alternative words: A Dog of Flanders
keywords: anime, title
related topics: Nippon Animation
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Adaptation to an anime of the novel written by a famous French British novelist, Marie Louise de la Ram裬 alias Ouida. It talks about the tale of a young orphan Nello who strives to become a painter in spite of the miserable life. This episode, the first TV anime series made by Nippon Animation, was aired by Fuji TV between January 1985 and December of the same year.

Donkey Kong

keywords: game, nintendo, title
related topics: Nintendo , Family Computer
explanation: After a success of the arcade version (1981), this game has been adapted for the machines, "Game & Watch" (June 1982) and "Family Computer" (July 1983) of Nintendo. For the latter, it was released at the same time as the machine itself. It consists to free a woman captured by a gorilla who moves in a building under construction. It is considered as a classic of action game.


alternative words: Dollaemon
keywords: anime, doraemon, manga, title
related topics: Fujiko Fujio , Nobita , TV Asahi , Shogakukan
related web sites: , , ,
explanation: Manga written by Fujiko F. Fujio alias Hiroshi Fujimoto. Its publication began in January 1970 in a monthly magazine for school kids, Shogaku Sannensei from Shogakukan. It tells the humorous tale of a robot sent from the future. The name of this robot, "doraemon" is a composite word of "dora" which comes from doraneko (=stary cat) and "emon" which is an old suffix of the boy, because his face looks like a cat. Manga has been adapted to a TV series and aired by TV Asahi.


alternative words: Dojin
keywords: general, manga
related topics: Doujinshi
explanation: Doujin means in Japanese "club members". They are the people who gather together to promote a certain activity, especially manga. Don't confuse with "otaku" because these are acting usually alone. The magazine published by "doujin" is called "doujinshi".


alternative words: Dojinshi, Doujin shi, Dojin shi
keywords: general, manga, publishing
related topics: Doujin
explanation: "Shi" means "magazine" in Japanese. So, "doujinshi" is a weak circulation magazine made specially for "doujin", though it may be sold to the public. There exist doujinshis for any activities but the manga doujinshis are by far the most widespred and active ones because of their commercial interest. Many famous mangaka like Clamp have begun they careers by publishing in a doujinshi before passing to a mass circulation magazine. It is a true fish-pond for young talents in Japan.

Dr. Elefun

alternative words: Dr. Ochanomizu, Ochanomizu, Daddy Walrus
keywords: astroboy, character
related topics: Astroboy
explanation: Renowned scientific and inventor of Astro (or rather who takes care of him), he treats Astro as a real son. With white hairs and big nose, he is the character who appears most frequently after Astro.

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