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Gegege no Kitaro

ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 墓場の鬼太郎
alternative words: Hakaba no Kitaro, Gegege no Kitarou, Hakaba no Kitarou
keywords: manga, title
related topics: Shigeru Mizuki , Shonen Magazine
related web sites:
explanation: Manga adventure created by Shigeru Mizuki, of a boy who was born in a tomb after the death of his mother. He forms a pair with his left eye who is in reality his late father. It shows the complexity and the depth of manga art: you can make manga quite attractive only with good pictures but no serious scenario. Initially, it was published for rental books with the name of "Hakaba no Kitaro", i.e. Kitaro of tomb. When Shonen Magazine took the right to publish in 1966, its name has been changed.

Gendo Ikari

alternative words: Gendo, Ikari Gendo
keywords: character, evangelion
related topics: Evangelion
explanation: Father of Shinji and president of Nerv, an organism responsible for fighting against attacks of "Angels" in Evangelion. He has a chilly character and for that reason the relationship with his son is conflicting.

Genma Saotome

alternative words: Saotome Genma
keywords: character, ranma 1/2
related topics: Ranma 1/2 , Ranma Saotome
explanation: Father of Ranma and instructor of a gym of karate. By a curse, he turns into a great panda if he sprays himself with waters. Then unable to speak, he uses a placard to explain. he becomes normal thanks to hot waters.


ジャイアン 剛田武
alternative words: Goda Takeshi, Takeshi Goda, Gouda Takeshi, Takeshi Gouda
keywords: character, doraemon
related topics: Doraemon
explanation: Classmate of Nobita in Doraemon. Nobita is always bothered by him because he is very strong. He is a good baseball player but wants to become a singer.


alternative words: Ironman 28, Iron man no 28, Tetsuji 28 go
keywords: anime, manga, title
related topics: Mitsuteru Yokoyama , Astroboy
related web sites: ,
explanation: During WWII, 2 Japanese scientists had been working to create a super robot to oppose Americans. The project is finished after the war, so, a son of one of the scientists, Shotaro Kaneda alias Jimmy Sparks, uses it to fight against evil powers. The robot is remotely controlled, contrary to Astroboy, published at the same epoch and who owns intelligence. Manga was published between 1956 and 66 on a monthly magazine, Shonen while anime version was aired between Oct. 1963 and Nov. 65


alternative words: Ginyu, Ginyuu team
keywords: character, dragon ball
related topics: Dragon Ball , Freezer
explanation: Space warriors, under the order of Freezer in Dragon Ball. They are 5 and all of them are very redoubtable.

Go Nagai

alternative words: Nagai Go, Gou Nagai, Nagai Gou
keywords: author, manga
related topics: UFO robot Grendizer
related web sites:
explanation: Born on September 6, 1945 at Wajima on the shore of Japan Sea, he is one the most genius mangakas in Japanese post-war period: already in 70s he had begun to handle the subjects, considered taboo at that epoch, like sex, violence, outrageous gags. He is also an excellent science fiction writer such as "UFO robot Grendizer". Otherwise, we can quote as his main works, "Harenchi Gakuen" and "Devil Man".


五代裕作 五代
alternative words: Yusaku Godai, Godai Yusake
keywords: character, maison ikkoku
related topics: Maison Ikkoku
explanation: Main character in an anime series "Maison Ikkoku". An unfortunate and clumsy young man, when he met Kyoko, his life changed suddenly. "Go" of "Godai" means "five" in Japanese because he occupies the room 5 of a dormitory.


keywords: monster, movie
related topics: Eiji Tsuburaya , Mothra , King ghidrah
related web sites: , ,
explanation: Famous Japanese monster film directed by Eiji Tsuburaya and produced by Toho company. The first appeared in November 1954 and until now 24 films have been released. Godzilla is a lizard monster who has born after a nuclear experiment at Bikini atoll. Because of its hit, Godzilla had to fight against different monsters such as King kong, Mothra (butterfly monster), King ghidrah (3 headed flying dragon) etc. Moreover in 1998, an American Godzilla film was released without counting anime version.

Gran Turismo

keywords: game, sony, title
related topics: Sony , Play Station
related web sites:
explanation: Video game on a race simulation (rally), developed by Sony for its machine, Play Station. Released in December 1997 in Japan and May 1998 for else where, it succeeded immediately to rally the fans of car races by its perfect realism such as movement of a suspension. The number of available cars, about one hundreds, is also a strong point of this game.

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