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keywords: company, game
related topics: Nobunaga no Yabo , Sangokushi
related web sites:
explanation: Publisher of video games founded at Ashikaga City in July 1978 and employs about 450 persons. It is well known to be a company specialized in historical simulation (war games), like "Sangokushi" (simulation of a Chinese civil war around the 3th century) and "Nobunaga no Yabo" (simulation of a Japanese civil war around 16th century). There exist also versions for personal computers like Windows and Mac.


alternative words: Younger, Kouhai
keywords: general
related topics: Senpai
explanation: Those who are in lower classes of the same school or those who are still studying in the school, compared with those who have already finished the studies.


keywords: company, game
related topics: Tokimeki Memorial , Yugioh , Metal Gear Solid
related web sites:
explanation: Maker of arcade machines and video games founded in March 1969. Its flagship products are " Tokimeki Memorial" (girl hunt game) and "Yugioh" (RPG, a little like Pokemon but for elder consumers). It employs about 2000 persons, including subsidiaries, and owns a proper chain of game centers.

Kosuke Fujishima

alternative words: Kousuke Fujishima, Fujishima Kosuke, Fujishima Kousuke
keywords: author, manga
related topics: Ah! Goddess
explanation: Born July 7, 1964, this Japanese mangaka began his career in a weekly magazine, "Shukan Morning" with "Making be free". As his main works, we can quote "Taiho Shichauzo" (I will arrest you) and "Ah! Goddess".


alternative words: Krilin, Kulilin
keywords: character, dragon ball
related topics: Dragon Ball
explanation: One of the oldest friends of Son Goku in Dragon Ball. Bald and small, prayers of Shorinji kenpo (one of Chinese karate schools) are written down on his head. He can emit dazzling light from his head to blind his enemies.


音無響子 響子
alternative words: Kyoko Otonashi, Otonashi Kyoko
keywords: character, maison ikkoku
related topics: Maison Ikkoku
explanation: Partner of the main character in an anime series, "Maison Ikkoku". After the death of her husband, she has inherited a dormitory, which is also the title of this anime, to become its manager. When Godai met her first time, he felt immediately in love with her. There us a pun in her name as well as in other names because Kyoko means "child of echo" while Otonashi means "without son" in Japanese.

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