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Learning Japanese language and characters

Welcome to our Japanese forum!You can discuss here everything related to Japanese language and Japan such as "How to write my name in Japanese", English-Japanese translation, "finding a pen pal or business partner", "tourism guide in Japan", Japanese culture and history, Japanese manga and anime etc.

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Katakana and Hiragana input
JAPENESE ALPHABET (thread closed)
How to write my name in japanese? (thread closed)
Traduction for two words
Will free light japanese help me read japanese?
Traduction for words please
For ppl that can read Jap so they help out ppl that can't!
I need the character for "sexy"!!!!!
In DIRE need of translations or two phrases (Eng->Kanji)
I would like to see a picture of the character 'dance'
Help me please
Wedding, union.
Countries in Japanese Character Font
Question about the placement of symbols
Traduct 1 word please : kuroto
Large Numbers
How to write my name in Japanese
Editing Japanese web pages with English Windows
Translation of kanji symbol to English
4 words
I need to know the Japanese characters for a few words
Video Clip translation - can you help?
Translating "Minamoto Yoritomo"
I need your help
Question on writting a word
Help me
Symbol for t-shirt
Babies names
Numbers.....please help
A Good Japanese Verb Conjugation site
Need symbols for the words "Thank You"
2 words
A list of particles
Help me, please
Numbers...please help
Help! Please hurry!!!
Paid express translation service (English<->Japanese)
Power and Energy Symbols
I just found this site and want to try it out
I really need help on the Japanese alphabelt
I'm in despirate need of the Characters (Kanji and Hiragana) for "MiKaDo.
I need a symbol please
My nickname in japanese
Need a japaneses character
Translation information
Question: 3 words and their symbols 'fast' 'car' and 'go' ???
Character help...
How do you say "sleepy" in japanese?
Japanese character or characters for SWORDFISH
Japanese charectors for 'Jedi' and 'Ki'
I need to know the Japanese character for wind or breeze
Need characters for
Please, help me for a little translation...
Please help translate!
Emergency Help for Christmas
Translating an English name to Kanji
"kimi" written in katakana (thread closed)
How say "i love you" ??
Question about names in Japanese, and about on-yomi
I need a couple more translations
I need a character
What does "yokatta" mean?
Need charaters for 2 words pain and love
Please help!
HOUGEN thread
Identifing a Japanese Demon
I need hiragana of the word"baby"
"ai shiteru"
Quoting in Japanese
Accents in Japanese
Help me talk in japanese
Help! Urgent.
Japanese word for war
Converting .com to
Can you help me!!
Writing japanese vertically
Japanese Characters
I need symbols for caos and serenity
Symbol for Strength
Free learning materials for JLPT Level 2 on the web
Japanese Name ?
Translation help needed.
Beading tutorial
Prounounce japanese words
Please show me theJapanese character for th word TRUTH, please
Help me!
How can I say..."little dream" and "little flower"?
Help deciphering Japanese characters
2 translations please
How do i say
Learning Japanese songs
Urgent help needed! Must find Japanese characters for "one look, one opportunity"!
"Ichigo ichie": Japanese characters for "one life, one encounter?"
phantasy Japan like world
Please teach me this phrase in Nihongo
Need japanese symbols for "goodbye and goodluck"
Translate "No Problems" in japanese please
Translate 2 words
Looking for characters....
Need to find somthing to translate english to japanes for writing letters
Two Words -Need Symbols! =D
Hobby / passion
A symbol
Translation to Romaji
Translate this pic Please!
Symbols for Honesty and Knowledge?
Symbols for the Elements.
How do you write "Honda Performance" in Japanese Characters?
Translation for Presentation Sword
"trapped"/"caged" in Japanese???
Kimi o ai shiteru - translate this pls!!!
Help with English to Japanese words
Please Translate this 4 me
School Project
Need to know how to say "blacksmith"in Japanese, please!
I really need to know the symbols and charecters!!! asap
Symbol for eternity PLZ?
Not to be rude, but i need this urgently
I would like to know how to say my name in Japanese.
Translation for "kigen"
Is this right????
A little help, please?
Someone sent me a msg in japanese and i don't understand...hope its means nothing upsetting
Need to print a phrase
I need the character for taima
Need a translation
Help with a translation!!
I need the symbol for the phrase: Grace and Love
Question about forming a "[blank] is [blank]."
I need the symbol for my girlfriend's name
"Sen no Kotoba"
I need a couple more translations
Could someone tell me about the omission of pronouns in Japanese?
Grammar point
Classifiers for numbers
Haya-kuchi kotoba
Just need a little help
Japanese Writing Help
Characters for tat
Any one know meaning of these characters?
Question about a sentence.
"HA" and "GA"
Help me!!1 Please!!1
Meaning of "lei" and "me"
A phrase that I need to know please.
Simple English to Japanese translation for school project
JAPANESE names for RADICALS (of kanji)
I need a symbol
Happy birthday? please help!
Symbol help
Help me with Japanese Proverbs about love
Japanese alphabet bis
Eye for subtlety... ?
symbol for Samurai
Japanese word for festival, Milky Way
A Question coming the whole way over from germany...
Japanese characters "Ruby" and "Weapon"
Get Well Soon in Japanese?
Phrase translation
"kimi" written in katakana bis
Need some symbols please
Writing Japanese name in Japanese
Japanese symbols????
English to Japanese Translation
Need a translation, please!!
Trying to learn Japanese...Please help
Symbol for "harmony" and "eternity"
Definition of a word.. Hmm, help?
I need help translate japanese....
Love symbols
Wondering if somone can help me out..
Please translate this
Please Help Translate This WAV
Tattoo plz help
Translation Needed - Junior High School Days
I need translation for this please
Phrase translation please.
How to write my name in Japanese bis
Kanji character for hope
Please translate a character for me
I need the character for the word FUSHINJIN
Name translation
Need a translation prz
What does this symbol mean....
Soldiers oath
Wild goose chase?
Romaji for proper nouns (e.g. ?O?? ?e???Y)
Please Identify These Tattoos
Japanese translation for "creativity"
A symbol bis
Could someone translate these things for me?
Double verb construction...
Is it Tenchi or Tenshi
Please translate this for me...
Japanese Letters for FRANCESCA
Help me pls....thanks...
Help with the translation of 'Rin'
Urgent trqanslation needed
How to type "mazda power" in japanese symbols ?
What are the characters for hate, good, evil, power, sex, ultimate, blood,and feelings or emotions
Help me please, finding the japanese characters
Name translation
Searching for kanji symbols
Calligraphy Request
How do you write Sam in kanji
Cut off man???
Need a phrase for tattoo ?? "Open the enternal door"
Hi all
Ryu ?
How to say and write "Infinity of life" ?
Need help with conjugation software
Does anyeone know what this is ?
How do you say/write the word angel in japanese?
Please I need to know this....
Romaji audio books
How do you say...
Another Translation Request
Japanese Symbols
Japanese Symbols for "No Regrets" PLZ
Translation for art
What does this mean?
Single character for "faith"
Looking for online teacher of Japanese
Japanese characters
Need to know website, where i can get japenese name symbols
Need to know the ACURRATE japenese symbols for fire, snow, trust, and honesty. please! i want to put it on a t-shirt!
Need Help with Translation
Can someone please help me with some japanese characters?
Learning with manga.
Huh Plz help me
I NEED A TRANSLATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Need A Few Thingz Plz
Please I need to know this real BAD....
My sensei is leaving
Please why wont anyone here help me...........
Name transulation tried to find on my own and been seerching for hours
"kimi" written in katakana bis2
Um...could someone help me?
How do you say...
How do you say and write.........?
How do i write "YOUR AWSOME!" in japanese??
How do you say and write.........?
Kanji smbol
Name in an Ideogram?
Bonji symbols
Hey how do u write english letters..
Teaching English in Japan
Kanji please
Torii Gate question
Japanese Sentence Translation
I need some help with the KANJI symbol for "strength", I am confused?
How to write the names of my sons?
Help please, I am still confused about the Kanji character for the meaning of "strength"?
Can somebody tell me what this Kanji symbols mean?
Please help me learn the language
Ganmi kanji * Pls help
Whats this
Love is Pain
Translation for a gift !
How do you write G.M.S.K.E.E
Allow me to introduce myself...
Bonji understanding/ library
Would like some short phrases translated into Japanese
Help me please????
Please translate a word for me.
Help please ...
Japanese translation
Looking for characters of Misery, agony
Help with translating WW2 Caricature
Symbol for "Sensei"
Whats my name in Japanese??
I need to know the Japanese characters for a few words 2
Please!!! A desparately needed translation!
How do u say "if only you knew" in japanese?
Japanese Learning Books
New Year Greetings..please help
Please translate
Please Help-translate to romanji
Need help with translation
Song Title Translations Please
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
Please Help Translate This WAV
I need help translating this!!!!!!!!!
Translation Help Please
Help please!
Translation request
MARU ???
Translating a letter..
Follow your destiny
Question (not translations)
Translation Pls
Need Japanese Symbols for Speed, Power, Quality, Reiliability, Performance
My name in Kanji or Katakana?
Some jap help
"the man who walks alone" in kanji
"Diego" in Japanese
Need Symbols + Tattoo Question
Learn Japanese online
Help translating a certain phrase
Hi! A translation would be much appreciated!
Need help translating a japanese song..
The japanese symbol for "FATE" or "DESTINY" please!!!
Just Some fast trans of words please
Two word translations, won't take long please please help
How to say my Screename
Sarcasm: ???÷?\??
Lust in Kanji
Another english-speaker seeking help
Hey this forum is sweet, plz help
How to write my name in Japanese
How to say my name in japanese
How do you write the japanese word angel in english?
Question about names
Need a translation for a tattoo
My name
Tattoo plz help bis
Translation bis
MLM In asia (japan)
2 Questions?
Japanese name
Does somebody know Kenshin Himura or Sanosuk??
Verification Request
Kanji characters for "eternal love"
Happy birthday
Can some1 please help me???
PLEASE help translate this for me XDD!>?!>!
Japanese proverb
The U and the I
Some European names in Hiragana
Sabijiko Biiru
What would "owl" be in Romanji?
My name in Japanese
Kanji needed for manga
"mobile" in japanese
Good sites to start to learn Japanese?
What this mean?
Could someone help me please................
One more question please...........................
Need something translated from english to japanese
Trans for tattoo
You demo
Irregular kanji?
Name in Japanese
Translate to english anyone?
Tattoo Characters - Hope & Peace
Tekken 4 Yoshimitsu - need translations
Define: "sempai". Also...
Need translation@_@
How to say...
Can someone help me please?????
I need the characters for my name
Symbols bis
How say "i love you" ?? bis
Traduction for two words bis
Another translation^.^
The Japanese symbol for ice
Symbol for "torii"
Please translate this romaji to english.
Translation to english please :-)
Can anybody translate this?
I need Jap charachters for a few word please help!!!!
Need help in translating name to japanese character!
Translation of the word SPORTZONE
Bee and Pride
Anyone can read this?*
Me and my classmates need to know our names in japanese
Translation of my name
Please help
Help...please translate in nihongo
Kanji Characters
Kanji Characters
Strength or Determination
Translation: tabibito no uta
Is this Japanese? If so what does it say?
Hiragana-romaji translation/translator
Help me translate plz
English word to Kanji. Please need help.
Need help
"Twin Flame" or "Twin Flames"
I need a romaji translation!
Name Translation
Translation help
My site may be helpful for beginners
How do you say...
Can someone translate this?
Pronouncing a name
Please help wit a translation
Please help
An e-mail...
Appreciate any help
Please help
Will kanji still make sense without katakana
Need help with a few words/phrases
Please help!
Could sum1 tell me what's the difference between these? Please?
Advice on a good character plz help
Translation help needed
How do you say...?
Symbols for 'eternal love'
Symbol for "daughter"
Need some characters please.
Can someone verify this for me
Help please! chinese name in japanese
How do you say the name April in Japanese?
Calligraphy Japanese font?
'Sign It' in Japanese needed URGENT
Need a Few Kanji Words Translated plz
Translation to Kanji, pleae
Please help me with a Romanji to English translation: the song "Kaze Wo Atsumete" by Happy End
To anyody whu can read japanese, and others whu want to noe
Please tell me how to translate in japanese
Name translation and symbol for tattoo
No Offense, But before you get help here....
Help in tanslation please
Plastic Tree
What is the symbol for demon
Please show me the characters for Blood of Life
A few words from a song...
Kanji written in succession
A translation for business
Umm, a little help?
Does it still work if i leave out a charater
Sorry to bother everyone but....
Sorry, but I need some help.
Tattoo help
Katana Bladesmith name
Translation of one word...
Kinda weird question, Kobe city patron
Japanese Chat Rooms
Japanese language learning software
Sweet kisses
Name written in hiragana?..
Kanji -> English translation
I would like the Japanese Character for the word INDESTRUCTABLE please
How to write "Yonsei" in kanji
How do I write the word
Trying to translate some mangas...
Advice on a tattoo for my daughter..
Website with names listed
TranslateRespect All Living Things
Can you translate these names?
Carpe Diem ??
Japanese or jibberish???
Need help with Kanji
I need help with a translation
Japanese is tricky!
Kanji translation help
Please help me translate this message. Thanks.
Help translate romanji please
Traduction 1 word please
My IME won't do what I want it to do...
Need this for a tatoo
2 questions
I love you
Not sure if this is a jap. symbol but...
I want a Japanese name.
Rose Vine --> japanese
Translation and a question!!!
What type of japanese is this?
Exchange students coming need help
Need some help, guys.
Have an HOUR to find this out.
Translate my name please
A question: "ai shiterun"
Translation Help
Japanese symbols???? bis
Need help with a few words/phrases bis
I need the character for "sexy"!!!!! bis
What does it mean "?a" ???
How do you post pics on this forum?
Is this Japanese?
Translate a name to japanese
Fire wind water earth life
Need a bit of help for my project
Hi - I need some help translating what i think is a pun
English to Romanji translation needed!
I can't understand what he's saying
Okinawa symbol? three comma mon?
Japanese Translation Needed!
Help translating names english to kanji
Like the Willow
Help plz
Different wrighting style.
Need translation for "military unit"
"Perseverance", a little help please!
Can someone write Misty for me plzzzzz! =)
Traduction and writing of : ANKO
Plz help
Japanese for "uncle"
Just wondering (name translation)
Need this translated really really bad
Can my name be put in japanese?
I really need this info!!
I miss you
Need translated ASAP for my site!
Translation to romanji
English to Japanese
Tattoo help
Can some one help me?
Japanese Birthday Cards
Need help on writing 4 words
Help please with 4 words
Name translation
Vertical vs Horizonal writing
Pls help me!
Song translation request(s)?
Diferent kanjis for "city"
Help with "Honor'
Translation please
Help on this
Symbols needed please
Kanji/Romanji needed
Anyone please help
Oyako character
'I learn only to be content'
New to the language, need help
Translation request please
One Symbol
Question about foreign name translation (or, is this correct?)
I know searching would be sensible but it's making my brain spin
Hey. could i get some help?
Miau miau ----> =^-^= =(Translation please)
Pronunciation help
Pic symbols
To those looking to learn the Japanese alphabets
Ineed help
Name in kanji
Tell me if om wrong.
How to say my name in japanese
I need help translating these words in Romaji...
Weather terms translation
Help with tutorial translation
If its no bother...
In need of help
Love the life you live
Wind directions, is this correct?
Can you help with 3 characters?
Can anyone help me translate these?...PLEASE?
Location Translations
Need help to translate-Aikido, Budo and Love
Need translation from romanji to english please.
Yet another transation request :-)
One word translation
Need translation
English to romanji
HoW To SaY.......
Seek Kanji and Hiragana symbols for - master , slave
Need a few translations please.
6 Kanjis for a game modification
Please, translate...
Japanese Name? bis
How do you write movie titles
Symbol for water
Help finding kanji for "ken", not the name but...
Anyone in San Diego?
Request for English -- > Romaji Translation
Pls help translate into roma(n)ji
"Design" translated into Romanji please!
Question on writing a word bis
Can someone translate my chinese name into japanese?
Please help me translate it...
Obscure word?
Plz help me to translate this !
Need help... romaji translation. urgent!
I need to know Kylie or KNA
Is that Sentence correct ?
Looking for Serenity symbol...please...
Translating into Japanese the easy way
May I have some help with a name?
What is the translation of my name?
Speed, Timing, Flexibility
How do you say..
Need help defining these words
Could someone help me translate this please? :-)
Translation please?
Need to no word meaning
How to write the "jay" (J) in Katakana?
Jap word(s) for baseball card?
Help me get japanese symbols for my tattoo please.
Help plz very appreciated
Translating an English song to Romaji
Please help...where can I find a symbol for Serentiy?
Can someone tell me what these mean and if any chance give me the kanji symbols?
Can someone please tell me what these mean?
Need to know jap
If U want to learn nihongo from basics,
I dont want
TRANSLATION NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Help with Tattoo Idea
Name my dog
Is this the serenity symbol? link in post
Please Help With Characters For
Puni puni poemi
Conjugating verbs
Suzuki GSX R
How do you say "Can't talk right now" in japanese?
Just a few questions
Someone translate please? "Trust no one"
Can Japanese person understand written Chinese?
Japanese college
Letter in Japanese
How do you say, "Why is it that every time that I'm on you're away, or every time you're on I'm away?" in japanese?
Plz help!!! translation-Romanji
Please help me say...
Counting in Japanese
Need English and Romanji translations of Japanese song titles
Need English to Japanese translation (in Latin-/Western letters)
Gaikotsu Kiichiga
How to say "People who move" and "Cat-like men" in Japanese me out ^^ translation*
Please help! Need translation to English/Romaji
Romanji to English, please?
Translate this please
Translation help please
Please help me!!!
HELP: Japenese to Romaji only
New Interactive Online Community for Japanese Learners!
Hello, quick translation
Sexy or not
English to romaji translation please!
Kanji for 'Pong' and 'Tournament'?
Japanese sysmbols for Michael
A life's moto tattoo in Kanji
Single word translation please!!
Original translation
Hello, need someone
Come check out my site
Why do Japanese always use "~" on the computer?
Can someone tell me what this means?
Requesting Symbols
4 elements
Phrase translation
Translation help
Japanese to Romanji (and English) translation for Happy End album "Kazemachi Roman"
THE ACTION DESIGNER - translate and how to pronounce. Please help!
Do people speak engilsh in Japanese Highschools?
Can anyone help me write a Japanese letter?
Help me get better please
Romanji to English translation
Help me translate...
Please help me
How do you translate this into japanese
Translation Please!!
Romanji to english please?
Don't Forget Me
Help with translation please
Simple japanese phrases
Name Traslation
Help needed with a simple phrase in kanji
Can someone be kind enough to help me translate a word
I need romanji help...please,I'm trying to write a song in Japanese and it's not going so easy^_^
Charachter for "patient"
Characters for "patient" please
Translation please
Romanji to English help needed
The kanji symbol for 'faith'?
Name help!
Translate "Tenshi Yoi"
Please help translating to Romanji - "talker bird"
Need a translation into japanese characters please...
Could someone please tell me what this symbol means?
Elusive symbol
Honor, love, believe, light I need in kanji
Common Phrases
Poor Translation of a haiku.
Translation for Japanese Armour
What does Hagane mean?
Translation help?
Japanese product
Help me !!!URGENT!!!
Help: translation request from Italy!
Kanji for grace?
I need help on three different japanese characters? love, faith, hope.
I need translations for a Japanese Slot Machine that I bought
Need inofrmation on Textbook: Genki
Konnichi wa:-) I need help with a project.
Could anyone translate this Kanji name into Romaji please?
I need the Japanese symbol for Samuri
Please help with translation
Japanese spell of Tsunami
Free Japanese classes online
English to romanji please help ^^
Tattoo help, please?
Please ,warrior/warrior soul
Eternal Love
TATOO, Are you sure you want Tatoo in Japanese?
If you want to learn nihongo from basics
Translation please
Could someone Please give me the kanji symbols for...
I need help with a simple sentence.
Need help from someone who can speak Japanese
Need Kanji Translation
Please translate "I grew up in South Africa"
Translation please
Help with verbs please!
Help with a clip in Japanese from 2046
Can someone translate this into romanji?
Please help >_<
????????????. ???A???????l?????? An idea for a tattoo
Would you help?
Looking for japanese friends
Tattoo in Japenese saying ANDREW
Name my puppies!
Useful Japanese study page re: kanji
I need a kanji translatoion and a japanese name translation
Imasu arimasu desu
Konbanwa, watashi wa Dan.
Translate a poem
Please tell me what destiny is in japanese!
What does this mean???
Daikenkai translation
Need character translation for...
Translation of symbols to English
What are the japanese symbols for...
Romanji to english Help! ;(
Symbol or word for "marathon"
Watercolor Signature Translation, Can someone help me?
URGENT Please help me find the PERFECT word
Hey, i was just wondering....
Needed for tattoo: Kanji translation for my deceased friend's name
Onna heiki?
Someone help plz
How do you write the basic colours in romaji?
Learn Chinese from Japanese?
Sell out in japanese
How is "metal gear solid" written in japanese?
Japanese Word for "Preventative Fix by Engineering"
Help Translate
Phrase translation and FFX translation...
How can "Usagi" mean two different things?
Help to translate. Please and thank you.
Double language barrier: help with romaji->english
"beautiful soul"
English sentence to Hiragana
Roomanji Equivelent
Help, please!
New Tattoo...
Kanji translation
Learning Japanese
Calligraphic Symbol for "Desu"
Please, how do you write my name in japanese
Need to know what this says
Jimmy Neutron's Intellectual Adventure
Need help with kanji
Something I heard, wonder what it might mean.
Can someone translate my name into Kanji
Translate this bis
Need Help
Anybody up late?
Japanese Name help : Kibou
Please! I really need the japanese symbol for strum / playing an instrument!
2 symbol translation needed
Help English to Japanese Romaji
Looking for 2 charaters
"Abe-no;" what does it mean?
Scroll for Reiki Healing
Can some one tell me what the words for all the elements in Japanese are? Please?
How to use chan, kun, and san?
Watashi or Boku?
School assignment
Weird Kanji, didn't find it
Looking for translation for a tattoo
Need translator recommendation
Need Japanese symbols BAD!!!
Please can you translate for me ...........
Need a correct translation
Can someone tell me how to write, 'the final' plz?
"No More Regrets" translated
Could someone translate this for me?
Need a translation
Japanes Characters for "Erotic"
A new free japanese learning website.
Translation to romanji ^^
Romanji to english ; ;
English to romanji
Hmm... Not a "translation" question.
Grammer check
Translate lyrics to english..^^;
Help with this note
Hello...PLEASE click link
So Nice place to get what you want
Characters for "Ice" and "Fire"
My site might be helpful for you to learn basic Japanese.
Can someone show me how to write my name in characters?
Juste a beginner
Help with translation please
Help translate
Learn Japanese through RPGs
I need Help Learning
Need to know what my name means!!!
Could somebody please translate these lyrics?~
Help me
Symbol for Child or Son Or Boy
Translation of names - Chinese to Romanji
English to romanji/hiragana
Wedding bands Chaos and order
Japanese translation
A little help?:-)
"Love Me" translation + symbols
Looking for particular kanji
Need Help Translating a Song
Online mock test web site,
Help about some words in the book "hagakure"
What is the translation for "slipknot"
Simpsons or something
Use of "issen" and "jut" in large numbers
What is..
I really need help with a tattoo, please help me
Need kanji from these pictures!
Romanji to English song translation
Help with Japanese
Need help!!! to translate a word somone help me....
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